Managing Water from the Exterior


Overview of exterior water management

Many people often think that the only solution to basement water problems is from the outside. Ultimately, everyone needs to think in terms of water management around their houses. Water can often be managed best from the inside. However, it is still advisable to take steps to manage water away from a house from the outside. And sometimes, exterior water management is the best or only solution. When and if the need arises, HomeSpec is ready to correct water problems from the outside. This is the most intrusive form of waterproofing but can provide a dry basement for many years.

Outside work is harder to estimate and does not fall under our flat rate pricing policy. We offer to conduct a free evaluation of your specific conditions and needs and provide you with a complete plan to solve water problems forever.


Services we offer:

  • Outside drain tile replacement
  • Waterproofing membranes
  • French Drains
  • Underground downspouts
  • Yard drains and swales
  • Outside soil injection and solidification
  • Condo complex drainage solutions

Your HomeSpec representative can help decide what solution will work best and fit your budget.

Exterior Waterproofing

Replacing Footer Drains (exterior drain tile)


Facts To Consider

Exterior footer_drain_pipe_275x445Consider a normal ranch style house with an attached two car garage…. If the house + the garage = 30 feet by 66 feet, you have 2,380 square feet of roof standing by to catch rain drops. With this size roof, a total accumulation of 1 inch of rain will produce 1,483 gallons of water.

Imagine what the total would be on a storm of ½ to 1 inch per hour!

This water runs down your roof, into the gutters, down the down spouts and begins to enter the soil only 2 feet away from your foundation. That’s roughly 70,000 gallons of rain near your foundation every year. The chances are your foundation will eventually lose the battle, because your gutters and downspouts will send out hundreds of gallons of water during a small storm.

Splash blocks will only serve to absorb and spread the energy of the falling water. With plastic drain lines you can successfully capture and move all the water to a more suitable place on your property, instead of directly in front of your home’s foundation.

HomeSpec offers several solutions for you. We have completed many French Drain Systems and Downspout Drainage Systems underground. We have the machinery and know how to successfully end your water problems.

A French Drain System

Sometimes a French Drain System in the yard is the best way to move water away from a house. This can be done using drainage pipe or even a dry bed (swale) that takes water as a conduit away from the home.

French Drain System_1 French Drain System_2


Downspout Extensions

Due to the excessive amount of rain coming from an average roof, downspouts should be extended away from the house. This prevents dumping water right next to the house and allowing it to stay near the foundation (and often coming into the basement or crawl space).

Although there are many products such as splash blocks, above-ground downspout extensions, “roll up” style extenders, etc., the best way to move the water away from a house is by burying a 4″ pipe underground as a downspout extension and taking it 15-20′ away from the house to a Bubbler Pot (small catch basin) in the yard.

Traditional methods of extending gutter downspouts are usually unsightly, present trip factors or just don’t move the water far enough from the house.


Unsightly Downspout Extensions


Trip Factor

HomeSpec extends Gutter Downspouts underground with 4″ pipe, ended at a small catch basin (“Bubbler Pot”).


Mark the lines and dig neatly


Lay out the pipes

downspout-05 - Compressed

Install a transition piece


Check the pitch


Attach the pipes


Pitch pipe away from house



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