Foundation repair can sound expensive. At HomeSpec Advanced Basement, we focus on providing low-cost, permanent methods to basement structural problems. Take a look at some of our solutions. We also have custom solutions designed by our staff engineers and specialists.
Cracks in walls can mean different things. Settlement, bowing and concrete shrinkage are a few of the most common causes for cracking.
This is a stair step crack commonly found on block walls. One of our experts can help determine if this is a concern and what, if any, corrective action is needed.
To the left we see a basement wall that is leaning inward from the top. Use of a simple level shows the wall is out of plumb. Notice the gap between the wall and the level.
Above is a repaired wall using Fortress Carbon / Kevlar Straps. You can barely see the repair once it's painted over.
The two photos to the left show a poured concrete wall leaning inward. This is the second wall this house had installed. Both the first and now the second replacement wall installed by the builder pushed inward and are leaning.
Below are two photos of our method for steel beams being installed to stop a bowed and leaning wall. The beams go below the floor and are anchored to the house framing at the top.
We are a Fortress Stabilzation Systems Authorized Installer
This photo shows a bulging wall and is cause for concern and repair.
Fortress Carbon / Kevlar straps anchored to the wall (before painting)
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We Can Save You Money on Foundation Repair 
Installed Wall Anchors to repair a bowed basement wall.
The Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System
Adjustable steel beam support plates can straighten a bowed or leaning basement wall.

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The "Stabilizer" is installed every 4-6 ft. along foundation