Work Requests in Ann Arbor

HomeSpec BasementFix is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Ann Arbor. Learn more about HomeSpec BasementFix's recent work requests in Ann Arbor and nearby areas!

Learn more about HomeSpec BasementFix's recent work requests in Ann Arbor, MI
Vicinity of Sequoia Parkway in Ann Arbor
Seepage in basement during high volume storms. Water seems to be coming in from the foundation underneath the deck. Deck is being removed and a patio will be put in. I want to have the basement/foundation looked at before progressing with the project.
Vicinity of Kay Pkwy in Ann Arbor
Cracks from several window wells. Active leaking has been mitigated with sump pumps but need cracks filled.
Vicinity of Baylis Drive in Ann Arbor
I would like an estimate for crawl space insulation, vapor barrier, etc. Thank you. -Andrew
Vicinity of White Oak Drive in Ann Arbor
Water seeping into basement from exterior. During recent rains left carpet damp.
Vicinity of Highlander Way W in Ann Arbor
I need a new sump pump with backup at my house.
Vicinity of Porter Rd in Ann Arbor
We have a half finished/half unfinished basement. The unfinished side has always has seasonal moisture issues and a few cracks, and the finished side had some moisture for the first time during the big rain a few weeks ago.
Vicinity of Ardmoor Ave in Ann Arbor
We have seepage through the concrete block in one corner of our basement. It is causing plaster bubbling and a few cracks in the mortar. Mostly happens during heavy rains.
Vicinity of Ivywood Dr in Ann Arbor
Water leaks into basement with heavy rain. Have sump pump and had French drain installed but still doesn't keep basement dry. Looking to see what else need to do.
Vicinity of Lone Oak Dr in Ann Arbor
We moved in last year and the sump pump runs a lot (2000 plus cycles a day). There is a constant stream coming into the sump pit, and we're wondering if there's anything that can be done to divert the water. If not, we're wondering if there's anything we can do (e.g. add another sump pit for increased redundancy or enlarge the pit).
Vicinity of Ember Way in Ann Arbor
Long horizontal cracks in the mortar of a cinderblock basement wall.
Vicinity of Wilton Ct in Ann Arbor
Fix water leaks at two places in the basement: one from the bottom of wall, another dripping from ceiling.
Vicinity of Sunset Rd. in Ann Arbor
We are most of the way through a basement remodel and we are getting water on the floor during heavy rains. We are not sure if this is a new problem or an old one as the basement was previously finished and so we may not have noticed water before. We had metal beams installed against the wall that is leaking to shore it up as it was bowed out. And we installed an egress window on that wall as well. So it's possible that either of those things could have changed something. Anyway, before putting the new floor down we need to get the water to stop coming in. Can you help? Eli
Vicinity of Barry Knoll Drive in Ann Arbor
We have water coming into the basement where the floor and walls meet.
Vicinity of Cambridge Rd in Ann Arbor
We discovered basement water intrusion and need a estimate for repair and future prevention. Thanks!
Vicinity of Linda Vista St. in Ann Arbor
We have a few masonry/concrete concerns after the winter. We need a repair on the walk from the sidewalk to the front of the house; leveling and repair of wall masonry on our foyer; and inspection of foundation crack beneath that masonry with estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Eagle Ave. in Ann Arbor
Level sidewalk from driveway to front door. Low spot with water accumulation.
Vicinity of S Maple Rd in Ann Arbor
I have a deck approximately 6 years old experiencing sinking footings on one side by approximately 3 -4 inches. It needs to be raised. I saw on your website that you may have special footings that may help raise it up. Let me know if this is something you would like to look at. Thanks! Mike
Vicinity of Miner St in Ann Arbor
I have a concrete slab garage floor that is cracked and sinking. I'd like a estimate for leveling the floor and repair. Thanks, Daphne
Vicinity of Hellner Rd in Ann Arbor
I have several cracks in my 1500 sq ft driveway approach and would like to get an estimate for resurfacing. We will be selling the house within the next couple of years.
Vicinity of Polo Fields Dr in Ann Arbor
Would like a estimate on leveling my front sidewalk. Sidewalk consists of 7 3'x5' poured slabs that have become uneven.
Vicinity of Wilton St in Ann Arbor
Hello, we have some expansion joints in need of repair/replacement between our exterior concrete (patio, driveway) and our house foundation for sure. Potentially interested in a portion of our concrete driveway being leveled as well. Looking to get the job done quickly, so please let me know if you have any open appointments to receive a estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Taylor St in Ann Arbor
Would like input on step cracks in basement foundation and slight deflection on one wall.