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Push Pier Underpinning For Settlement, Foundation Leveling, Sinking Foundation Repair
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2022 Angi Super Service Award
Westland, Michigan, November 21st, 2022–HomeSpec Basementfix is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angi... [Read more]
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Your Basement Waterproofing Experts in Livonia, MI

Do you have water in your basement? There’s no need to panic. While water in your basement is a serious problem, the local experts at HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can help you get rid of this problem for good.

As part of the Basement Systems network, we have access to a wide range of quality solutions that have proven effective at keeping basements dry throughout the country. Some of our solutions include:

  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Doorway drainage systems
  • Sump pumps
  • Waterproof wall & floor products
  • Wall & floor crack repair
  • Replacement windows
  • Water heater flood protection
  • Frozen discharge line prevention

If you have water in your basement then don’t wait and risk the problem getting worse. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Livonia, MI!

Foundation Repair Professionals in Livonia, MI

A healthy foundation is key to a healthy home and issues with your foundation can quickly have long-lasting and serious repercussions. If you notice any signs of damage to your foundation then it is imperative you have repairs done right away. Some issues to look out for include:

  • Bowing walls
  • Wall cracks
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Floor cracks
  • Uneven floors
  • Sagging crawl spaces
  • Foundation settlement
  • Expansive soils
  • And more

At HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair we have over 25 years of experience helping homeowners with a wide range of problems including the foundation issues noted above. Give us a call and one of our highly trained team members can inspect your home, identify the source of the issue, and help you choose the most effective solution for your home. We offer a variety of proven solutions including pier systems, crawl space support posts, spray concrete, & wall repair systems.

Crawl Space Repair Professionals

Your crawl space might often go ignored, but issues with it can spread throughout the home. Many crawl spaces are vented, which makes them perfect for mold & pests, as well as a source of drafts. This can hurt your indoor air quality, cause cold spots on the floor, and also lower the energy efficiency of your home in general.

At HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair we offer a wide range of crawl space solutions designed to help prevent and combat these problems including:

  • Crawl space encapsulation
  • Crawl space dehumidification
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Crawl space drainage
  • Crawl space support jacks
  • And more

Don’t let your crawl space continue to detract from the rest of your home. Turn it into an asset instead and create a healthier home in Livonia, MI.

Concrete Leveling Specialists

Over time concrete can sink due to the soil beneath it shifting or washing away, leaving voids. You’ve likely seen this before with sidewalks where some concrete slabs may be higher or lower than others. This can cause issues with drainage and also creates a tripping hazard.

While the solution to these issues is often mudjacking or slabjacking, these methods take a while to cure and can have other issues. Luckily there is an alternative available in the form of PolyLevel®. This concrete leveling solution involves injecting a specialized polyurethane foam beneath the slab which expands to fill the voids left behind by shifting soil, leveling out the concrete once more.

Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free estimate for any of our services in Livonia, MI!

Job Stories From Livonia, MI
Homeowners in Livonia, MI Worried About the Potential for Black Mold have WaterGuard and TripleSafe Installed to Waterproof Their Basement

A homeowner in Livonia, MI had been experiencing water seeping in where the floor and wall met, causing them great concern. To exacerbate matters, their daughter had discovered a small crack on the basement floor and expressed worries about the potential growth of black mold. Determined to address these problems promptly, the homeowner sought our assistance.

Upon receiving a call from the homeowner, our Project Manager made arrangements to visit the property. His primary goal was to diagnose the root cause of the water infiltration issue and provide a lasting solution. After assessing the homeowners basement, he determined the source of the water infiltration was hydrostatic pressure. This pressure had been forcing the water into the basement through the vulnerable joint between the floor and the wall. Realizing the urgency of the situation and the homeowner's concern about mold growth, he devised a comprehensive solution to tackle their problem once and for all. He recommended they have the WaterGuard Drainage System installed as well as the TripleSafe Sump Pump for added protection.

When our crew arrived and began the work, they carefully excavated a shallow trench along the perimeter of the basement's interior walls, then they placed the specially engineered WaterGuard drainage channel into the trench, securely attaching it to the foundation walls. Our crew made sure the WaterGuard system was sloped towards a designated collection point, where they would later install a sump pump to discharge the captured water. To address the homeowners concerns about mold, they installed the TripleSafe Sump Pump, a powerful pumping system capable of handling high volumes of water. The TripleSafe Sump Pump consists of three separate pumps, each with a unique function. The primary pump discharges the water collected by the WaterGuard system, while the secondary pump acts as a reliable backup in case of power outages or primary pump failure. Additionally, the third pump is equipped with a battery backup system, guaranteeing continuous operation even during power outages.

With both systems successfully installed, the homeowner was relieved to learn they no longer had to worry about black mold growth or water damage affecting their health or the home.

Family with Finished Basement has their Leaking Basement Problems Solved with the WaterGuard in Livonia, MI

A Family in Livonia, MI who loved their basement and was deeply concerned about water damage and mold, had decided to address the issue of water entering the basement around the chimney when it rains once and for all. They wanted to ensure the long-term protection and preservation of their space so they reached out to us for a consultation.

To solve this problem and provide a permanent solution, our Project Manager recommended the WaterGuard Drainage System. This system is specifically designed to channel water away from the basement and prevent it from seeping through the walls and foundation. 

When our crew arrived to install the drainage system, they began by carefully inspecting the area around the chimney to identify the source of water intrusion.Then they excavated a small trench along the perimeter of the affected area, ensuring that it slopes downward to allow proper water flow. This system consists of a specialized drainage channel made of high-quality materials that remain hidden beneath the basement floor, providing an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution. 

By implementing the WaterGuard Drainage System, we addressed this homeowner's concern and provided them with peace of mind knowing their basement was protected. This solution not only safeguards the basement from potential water damage and mold growth but also preserves the homeowner's love for their basement space.

Homeowner in Livonia, MI Has Basement Bathroom Leak Fixed With The WaterGuard Drainage System

A homeowner in Livonia, MI had always prided themselves in their ability to handle most of the household repairs on their own. So when they noticed water pooling on the floor of the basement bathroom, they immediately sprang into action. At first, they thought it might be a leaky sink or toilet, so they removed both fixtures and carefully inspected the pipes beneath them. But even after hours of investigation, they couldn't seem to pinpoint the source of the problem. Frustrated and worried about the damage the water could be causing, they decided to seek professional help. They started by reaching out to a few different contractors in the area, but none of them seemed to be able to provide a clear solution. Some suggested they replace the entire plumbing system in the basement, while others recommended expensive excavation work to repair the foundation. Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, the homeowner stumbled upon our company's website. After reading through some of our case studies and reviews, they decided to give us a call and see if we could provide a viable solution.

When our Project Manager arrived at the home, he immediately got to work inspecting the basement and the bathroom. During the inspection he made sure to pay close attention to any areas where water seemed to be pooling or seeping in. After carefully examining all of the plumbing fixtures and pipes, he noticed that the water was actually coming in through a small crack in the foundation wall. After explaining his findings to the homeowner, he recommended installing our WaterGuard Drainage System and CleanSpace Wall to prevent any further leaks from forming. The WaterGuard system would effectively capture any water that entered the basement and channel it into a sump pump, which would then pump the water outside of the house. The CleanSpace Wall would act as a vapor barrier, preventing any moisture from seeping through the walls and causing further damage.

Our crew got to work immediately, carefully installing the drainage system and CleanSpace wall. The entire process took just a few days, and they made sure to clean up after themselves and leave the basement in better condition than they had found it. When they finished installing the systems, they made sure to show the homeowner how to maintain the WaterGuard system to ensure that it continued working efficiently. 

The homeowner was relieved that they no longer had to worry about water leaking anywhere in their basement. They made sure to thank us for our hard work and professionalism and promised to recommend our company to anyone they knew who was experiencing similar issues.

Crawl Space in Livonia, Mi Crawl Space Drained Out and Sagging Floors Stability Restored

This homeowner in Livonia, Mi noticed their floors sagging over time and began to worry that the support beams may be failing. They feared the floor may cave in on itself if they didn’t address their foundation support concerns and had their crawl space properly examined. However, thought they were informed that they had a crawl space when they bought the house years ago, they had no idea how to access it, or go about addressing the problem in general. They needed to find a reliable foundation repair contractor that had experience with crawl spaces. After some research, they felt comfortable in reaching out to HomeSpec.


Project manager Jesse was able to find the crawl space access hidden in a closet, through his inspection of the property. There wasn't a lot of room to work with, but it was quickly confirmed that there was a large amount of standing water in the crawl space that would need to be pumped out immediately. Our crew set to work to drain out the crawl space of all the standing water, before installing the SmartJack crawl space support system to help stabilize the foundation. This system provides solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and straightness to sagging floor joists in a crawl space.

Sinking Home in Livonia, Mi Saved with PolyLevel for Concrete Leveling Needs

At first glance on the outside, a concrete leveling need wasn't readily apparent for this Livonia, Mi house. However, as its residents could tell you, the issue would become readily apparent once you stepped inside the home itself. The walls had been separating from the floors all throughout the home in various rooms and hallways. Now, where the walls would normally be flush against the floor, were instead large cracks and gaps. The reason for this drastic issue over time was the fact that the house was built on a concrete slab, which had started to sink along with the house due to the natural movement of the soil underneath. Concrete is often poured over loose, weak, or backfill soil at construction, and over time the soil can settle, shrink in dry conditions, and soften or wash away completely as water runs through cracks and joints.


Project Manager Dave was able to recognize this problem early on in his inspection due to past circumstances, helping to explain the cause by using his past experience as a clear example. Once the homeowners understood the need was primarily to have a concrete leveling specialist in the Livonia, Mi area adjust the slab reliably back to level. Dave explained how our PolyLevel system would be best utilized to give them peace of mind. PolyLevel lifts and levels concrete slabs with powerful polyurethane foam. Basically, pea-sized holes are drilled into the slab and the foam is injected to fill the void underneath. The installation technique allows the foam to expand as it cures, perfectly, lifting the slab back up into place.


After a short installation process, the homeowners noticed a drastic difference in their situation within an hour of completion, returning to them a long-lost sense of security.

Terrible Odor in Livonia, Mi Home Rectified with Crawl Space Encapsulation and Dehumidifier

This homeowner in Livonia, Mi, would constantly get an extremely strong unpleasant odor spreading throughout their entire house whenever their central air would turn on. They had a solid understanding of the contributing factors an unsecured crawl space could have in causing the problem, from having worked in home construction in the past. They also understood that even when inquiring about a crawl space dehumidifier, it was best to have the crawl space professionally inspected by a reliable contractor in the area. Unsatisfied with past service from the competition, he reached out to HomeSpec Basementfix to address the problem.                       


 Project manager Jesse explored the crawl space to confirm the homeowner's concerns and agreed that the current condition of the crawl space was the most likely culprit of the awful smell spreading through the house. While a crawl space dehumidifier could help improve their general health and quality of life, to properly address the problem at the root would require crawl space encapsulation.        


Our crew would follow the outlined plan, as agreed to by the homeowner. First, removing debris, leveling the area somewhat, and treating the worksite with proper disinfectant. Next would come the crawl space encapsulation proper via the CleanSpace system; a 20 mil-thick-liner manufactured in 7 layers consisting of a mix of both low- and high-density polyethylene blends for both durability and flexibility. With its antimicrobial additive woven into the material, it ensures no new mold growth and less pests. Our team was careful to ensure support piers were properly wrapped in the area, and sealed airtight, leaving the crawl space with a healthy vibrant white finish. Finally, the Sani-Dry Sedona crawl space dehumidifier was added in, with its "Duet" filter which efficiently removes mold spores, dust mite droppings (the number 1 allergen cause), dust and other particulates from the air with a large MERV 8 filter with carbon for the odor reduction the homeowner wanted.         


With the combination of the Dehumidifier and Encapsulation, the homeowner's immediate concerns were handled as well as futureproofed to ensure long lasting comfort.

Basement Waterproofed in Livonia, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec because his window wells would fill up with water and then leak into the basement. 

Our crew fixed this problem by adding downspout extensions so water won't be draining right by the windows. We also added covers onto the window wells. 

Basement Waterproofed in Livonia, MI - Photo 1Basement Waterproofed in Livonia, MI - Photo 2
Basement Crack Repair in Livonia, MI

The homeowner noticed discoloration in her basement. Our team found that water was leaking through a crack near the basement stairs.

The crack was injected with polyurethane and a power grid was installed to stabilize the crack. 

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