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Before and After Pictures from Detroit
Wet, Musty Basement in Detroit, MI Gets Waterproofing Makeover

Wet, Musty Basement in Detroit, MI Gets Waterproofing Makeover

Before After
Wet, Musty Basement in Detroit, MI Gets Waterproofing Makeover Wet, Musty Basement in Detroit, MI Gets Waterproofing Makeover

Adrienne C. in Detroit, Michigan purchased this duplex only one year ago, and with all the rain this summer, realized that water was seeping in through the block walls and at the base of the floor. The walls were very discolored and clearly water damaged. She wanted a permanent solution, so HomeSpec stepped in to help.

Foreman Vernon Bryan and his crew installed 3 products 1) Foamax Wall Panels 2) WaterGuard Drainage System 3) TripleSafe Sump Pump.

The wall panels not only cover the unsightly basement walls, but they insulate the basement and help direct water into the drainage system. The drainage system (also know as French drain) installs around the perimeter of the basement below the floor to capture water before it leaks into the basement. This then deposits the water into the sump pump, where the 3 levels of pumps will funnel any amount of water away from the foundation. 

This system will keep the basement dry while also helping it look great – plus Adrienne was very thankful for the permanent fix!

Basement Professionally Waterproofed in Detroit, MI

Basement Professionally Waterproofed in Detroit, MI

Before After
Basement Professionally Waterproofed in Detroit, MI Basement Professionally Waterproofed in Detroit, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec because they were suffering from a wet basement in their old Detroit home. They had made attempts to fix the drainage, but everything failed. Water was seeping through the block foundation walls after heavy rain, causing the paint on the walls to peel. The floors would also be damp. The basement was in bad shape and the homeowners didn't want to stress about any longer. 

Our team solved this problem by completely waterproofing the basement with an interior drainage system, vapor barrier, dehumidifier, and two new sump pumps. The vapor barrier over the walls will prevent water vapor and moisture from entering the basement and instead direct it down to the drainage system. After the water drains into the drainage system, it'll be directed toward the sump pump and expelled away from the home, preventing water issues. 

Flooded Commercial Building Basement Waterproofed in Detroit, MI

Flooded Commercial Building Basement Waterproofed in Detroit, MI

Before After
Flooded Commercial Building Basement Waterproofed in Detroit, MI Flooded Commercial Building Basement Waterproofed in Detroit, MI

This commercial building in Detroit was suffering from an extremely wet basement, as you can see from the photos. The basement flooded after an old sump pump went out, so the owners called HomeSpec for help. 

Project Manager Bobby Whitus came up with a repair plan that addresses all aspects of this problem. Foreman Jon Davis and his crew installed a WaterGuard Interior Drainage System connected to a TripleSafe Sump Pump. This system collects the water and deposits it into the sump pump, where there's 3 levels of pumps for triple the protection. This then pumps the water away from the foundation. 

Our crew then installed a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier to seal the walls off from moisture, and instead directs it down into the drainage system. 

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HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Earns 2023  Angi Super Service Award
Westland, Mi, January 26, 2024 – HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is proud to announce that it has earned the... [Read more]
Qualified Remodeler's Top 500 List 2023
Westland, MI (August 9, 2023) – Qualified Remodeler, a leading publication serving remodelers and home improvement companies in the U.S.,... [Read more]
2022 Angi Super Service Award
Westland, Michigan, November 21st, 2022–HomeSpec Basementfix is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angi... [Read more]
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HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is your trusted source for the best home improvement products and services available in Greater Detroit. We offer Detroit homeowners our full range of expert services, including basement waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete repair and leveling, and crawl space repair. With over two decades of hands-on experience, our team provides engineer-designed and tested solutions for your home’s specific problems.

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Effective Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space Repairs & Encapsulation in Michigan

Musty smells, a decrease in air quality and energy efficiency, peeling paint, and mold or mildew are all signs of a wet basement. HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair will repair existing damage and find address the source of your basement water to prevent recurrence. Explore our comprehensive list of basement waterproofing solutions here:

  • Perimeter drainage systems
  • Doorway drainage systems
  • Waterproof wall and floor products
  • Wall and floor crack repairs
  • Replacement windows
  • Water heater flood protection
  • Frozen discharge line prevention
  • And more!

Leaky crawl spaces can cause harmful moisture and vapor intrusion, encouraging the growth of pest infestations and mold or mildew. Without enough support, crawl spaces can even shift or sink and cause structural damage in the upper levels of your home. HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair addresses and prevents these issues with proven-effective crawl space solutions, including:

  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Crawl Space Drainage
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Structural Repair

Foundation Repair, Concrete Leveling, & Concrete Repair Services

Foundation damage can occur as a result of soil washout, freezing temperatures, and seismic activity. Because your whole home rests on your foundation, any damage can endanger the structural integrity of your home and will often get worse if left untreated. Call us at HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair to address foundation damage when you spot the telltale signs: foundation cracks, bowing basement walls, and foundation leaks.

Expert Foundation Repair Services Offered in Detroit

  • Foundation piers - to stabilize your foundation against settlement with minimal disturbance to your home. Comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Foundation wall repair - to fix cracks, correct bowing or tilting walls, and add reliable support to keep your foundation walls stable.
  • Crawl space support posts - using the SmartJack® crawl space support system to provide support for sagging/undersized beams, restore stability, and correct sagging floor joists.

We provide Michigan homeowners with complete concrete repair and concrete sealing, which can be applied to new and old concrete for lasting protection. Inside and out, from concrete floors to driveways and sidewalks, we repair all kinds of concrete slabs. For concrete levling, we use only the best mudjacking alternative in the industry: the PolyLevel system. With a precise applicator, adjustable flow, and 24-hour cure time, PolyLevel is a lightweight and durable solution for concrete leveling across Detroit.

Press Releases From Detroit
Award reflects company's consistent level of customer service.
Award reflects company's consistent level of customer service.... [Read more]
HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair proudly announce their entry onto the Top 500 List from Qualified Remodeler again in 2023.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Detroit, MI
Homeowners with Sagging Floors Has SmartJack Installed to Combat Sagging Floors

Imagine discovering that your floors are slowly sinking – not a pleasant thought for any homeowner. That's exactly what happened to a homeowner in Detroit, MI, who planned to stay in their house for a very long time. They noticed that the floors on the first floor were starting to slope down, and it was causing them some worry. 


A homeowner who loved their house, began to notice a problem – their first-floor floors were starting to sink a little. It wasn't causing big issues like cracked walls or doors that wouldn't open properly yet, but the homeowner wanted to take care of it before things got worse. They also had big plans to renovate the first floor, but knew they couldn't do that until the floors were fixed.


To understand the homeowners situation, we need to know more about the house. The home had a block foundation, an unfinished basement, and, apart from the sagging floors, there were no obvious signs of trouble. Even though the basement wasn't finished, it turned out to be the key to solving this homeowners problem.


The homeowner wanted a solution that would not only fix the immediate issue but also make sure their home stayed in good shape for many years. Their plans to spruce up the first floor were closely tied to this commitment.


The homeowner started looking for a solution to their sagging floor problem, and they found us at HomeSpec. After our Project Manager arrived to complete the inspection, he recommended the SmartJack on Footing. This was just what the homeowner needed. It could fix their sagging floors without tearing the house apart or costing a fortune.


SmartJack on Footing is a set of strong metal columns that are installed under the problematic areas of the house. These columns are adjusted to lift and support the sagging floors, making them level again. What's great about SmartJack on Footing is that it gets the job done quickly and without causing a lot of disruption to the home.


After the SmartJack on Footing was installed, the homeowner saw a big change in their home. The floors were level again, and the first floor was stable. This not only solved the immediate problem but also allowed them to start the floor renovation project they had been dreaming of.


Returning Customer in Detroit, MI has Driveway Leveled with NexusPro and PolyLevel

In Detroit, MI a returning customer found herself grappling with an increasingly frustrating problem - her driveway. Having previously experienced the impressive results of PolyLeveling a few years ago, thanks to the expertise of our Project Manager Justin Deese, this homeowner decided it was time to once again call upon our trusted team to address her driveway woes. Their driveway, once a smooth and inviting path, had fallen victim to the passage of time and the relentless wind and rain. It had become marred with uneven slabs and unsightly cracks, leading to an unappealing appearance and a constant discomfort whenever she drove over the area. The situation was exacerbated by the unsettling rocking sensation she felt as her tires crossed over the misaligned slabs. Seeking a solution that combined durability, aesthetics, and safety, they turned to us who had previously proven our ability to transform her living space.


With a clear understanding of the challenge at hand, our crew arrived equipped with a plan that involved the application of PolyLevel, and the NexusPro Crack Repair. These products were chosen with the homeowners specific requirements in mind, promising a transformative solution that would not only restore her driveway's structural integrity but also its visual appeal.


Our crew started the restoration process by addressing the uneven slabs using PolyLevel, a cutting-edge polyurethane foam. This material is renowned for its lightweight yet incredibly strong properties, making it ideal for lifting and leveling sunken concrete surfaces. Our crew drilled small holes into the affected slabs and injected the expanding foam beneath them. As the foam expanded, it gently raised the slabs to their original position, eradicating the unsettling rocking sensation that had been plaguing Valesta. PolyLevel's ability to provide a stable foundation and prevent future settling ensured a lasting solution to the unevenness that had plagued her driveway. However, our crew didn't stop there. To tackle the unsightly cracks that had formed over time, they employed NexusPro Crack Repair. This formula is designed to seal cracks with unmatched flexibility and durability. Our crew began by cleaning out the cracks, ensuring a clean surface for optimal adhesion. Then, they skillfully applied the NexusPro solution, which not only sealed the cracks effectively but also provided a smooth, uniform appearance that enhanced the driveway's visual appeal.


In the end, the homeowners journey from frustration to contentment was a testament to the transformative capabilities of PolyLevel and NexusPro Crack Repair, and the commitment of our crew to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations. With a driveway now as smooth and inviting as the day it was first laid, the homeowner could once again take pride in her home's exterior, knowing that she had entrusted her space to a team that understood her needs and had the tools to deliver exceptional results.


Couple in Detroit, MI with Persistent Leaks in their Basement has WaterGuard Installed

A couple in Detroit, MI were tired of the water pooling relentlessly where their old sump pump once stood, and despite having a secondary drain, it seemed to be struggling to cope with the continuous flow. The couple noticed that during heavy rainfall, water even began to seep through the walls, causing them to worry that the soil might be expanding and exacerbating the issue. Determined to find a solution and protect their beloved home from water damage, they asked around for the best waterproofing companies nearby, this led them to scheduling a free inspection with us to assess the damage and provide a custom solution for them.


When one of our experienced Project MAnagers arrived at the home, they immediately took note of the large puddles along the basement floor and this was a clear sign of a drainage  problem in their basement. After inspecting the rest of the foundation, he recommended the WaterGuard Drainage System to redirect water away from the basement, preventing it from pooling in large puddles. 


During the installation process, our crew began by excavating a trench around the perimeter of the basement and clearing out any debris. The WaterGuard sits above the foundation footing which made it ideal for this couple because it would cause minimal disruption to their basement. The WaterGuard was then carefully installed into the trench, ensuring it would remain free from clogging with dirt or debris. Once secured in place, our crew connected the WaterGuard to the homeowners' existing sump pump system, ready to direct water away from the house.


With the job completed and the superheroes of waterproofing victorious, the couple could rest easy, knowing their basement was now a dry, secure haven. The WaterGuard would prevent the homeowners from having to worry about water damage in their basement while also ensuring their peace of mind.

Homeowner in Detroit, MI Fed Up of Manually Removing Puddled Water has WaterGuard and SuperSump Plus Installed in their Basement

A homeowner in Detroit, MI was facing a recurring and frustrating problem, over the years, they had noticed cracks appearing everywhere. To make matters worse, during heavy rainfall or snowmelt, water would seep through these cracks, causing leaks and creating standing water in the basement. The homeowner found themselves constantly having to manually remove the water by using a suction device to prevent it from pooling and creating a breeding ground for mold. Determined to find a solution that would solve their problem once and for all, they reached out to us.

Upon inspecting the homeowners basement, our Project Manager identified the primary sources of water intrusion: the cracks in the basement walls. To manage the water and prevent future leaks, he recommended a full waterproofing system consisting of three things: The WaterGuard Drainage System, The SuperSump Plus, and a new sump discharge system.

The first step of the project involved our crew installing the WaterGuard. This interior French drainage system is designed to sit on the foundations footing and address water infiltration. The process involved our crew carefully excavating a narrow trench along the perimeter of the basement's floor, and ensuring the trench sloped downward, directing any water towards the sump pump. Next, our crew began installing the SuperSump Plus sump pump system. The SuperSump Plus is a high-performance sump pump that's capable of pumping huge volumes of water out of the basement and towards the discharge. Finally, our crew replaced the old, worn-out discharge pipe with a more robust one. The new discharge system featured a freeze-resistant design, preventing any potential blockages or issues during the colder months.

Once the final touches were in place, the homeowner felt relieved in knowing they found a long lasting solution. The combination of WaterGuard, SuperSump Plus, and the new discharge system provided them with a comprehensive waterproofing solution that suited their needs. They no longer had to worry about mold, standing water, or the constant hassle of manually removing pooled water. 

Homeowner that wants to maintain dry basement has WaterGuard and SuperSump installed in Detroit, MI

A homeowner in Detroit, MI was facing a persistent issue with moisture in their basement. Water was seeping in from behind the walls and damaging their belongings. Concerned about the mold growth and wanting to ensure a healthy environment for their family, they decided to seek us out to address the problem.


Upon inspection, our Project Manager identified a large vertical crack in one of the basement walls as the main area where water was entering. After discussing his findings with the homeowner, he recommended they install the WaterGuard Drainage System and the SuperSump Plus.


The first step in resolving the moisture problem was for our crew to install the WaterGuard. First, they applied a layer of crushed stone to the bottom of the trench to create a stable base for the WaterGuard. The drainage channel was then securely installed along the interior edge of the basement's footing. The WaterGuard features a unique flange that extends slightly above the basement floor, allowing any water seepage to enter the channel while preventing debris from clogging the system. Once the WaterGuard was in place, our crew sealed the trench with fresh concrete, then moved on to installing the SuperSump Plus. This high-performance sump pump system is designed to handle heavy water intrusion and provide added protection against basement flooding. Our crew began by excavating a small pit in the basement floor near the lowest point, where the water naturally accumulates, then they placed the SuperSump inside, making sure the sump liner was properly sealed.


To ensure the system's functionality during power outages or in case of primary pump failure, our crew also installed a battery backup system alongside the SuperSump Plus. This backup system would automatically activate and take over pumping duties, providing continuous protection against flooding.


The Smith family was confident that the combination of WaterGuard and SuperSump Plus would prevent water intrusion and maintain a dry, mold-free environment in their basement.


Homeowner With Constant Water Leaking in Their Basement has WaterGuard Installed to Prevent Further Damage

A homeowner in Detroit, MI was constantly worried about their leaking basement. Whenever it rained heavily, water would seep into the basement, leaving a musty smell and creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. They had tried various DIY solutions, but nothing seemed to work effectively. Once their frustration had reached its peak, they decided to call in the professionals for help. After a quick online search, they were able to find us, and were more than happy to find out we offered a free consultation. 

After a thorough inspection, our Project Manager, Keith, discovered that the foundation of the house was not strong enough to support the weight of the structure. This had caused the foundation to sink and shift, creating gaps and cracks in the walls and floors. As a result, water was seeping into the basement through these gaps. He recommended the installation of the SmartJack Support System, which is designed to strengthen and stabilize the foundation of the house while also recommending the WaterGuard Drainage System and the SuperSump Plus. 

This homeowner agreed to have all three systems installed in their basement, and our crew got to work. They installed the SmartJack system first, it consists of adjustable steel columns that are installed in the basement and connected to the main beams and joists. This provides additional support and prevents further sinking and shifting of the foundation. Next, they installed the WaterGuard Drainage System, which consists of a specially designed channel that is installed around the perimeter of the basement floor, just beneath the floor slab. The channel is connected to the SuperSump system that pumps the water out of the basement and away from the house. Finally, our crew would install the SuperSump Plus Sump Pump, it includes a high-quality pump, a backup battery system, and a built-in alarm system that alerts homeowners if there is a problem. All this provided the homeowner with a reliable and powerful group of systems that works to keep the basement dry and free of musty or moldy problems.

After the installation was complete, the homeowner noticed an immediate improvement in the condition of their basement. They no longer had to worry about water seeping in during heavy rainstorms, and the musty smell was gone. They also enjoyed the added benefit of having a more stable and secure foundation thanks to the SmartJack.

Homeowner in Detroit, MI Has Their Basement Restored and Protected From Water Damage with The WaterGuard

A family in Detroit, MI was getting worried about the water leaking and collecting in puddles throughout their basement. At first, they had thought it was just a minor issue that they could fix on their own, but the problem persisted and began to cause them concern. Every time it rained, more water seeped into their basement, leaving a damp and musty smell that was difficult to ignore. This family feared that the water damage could lead to mold growth, which would be detrimental to their health in the long term. Additionally, they were worried about the long-term structural damage that could occur if the problem wasn't addressed as soon as possible. This led them to reach out and schedule an inspection with us to help find a solution to their basement leaking.

Upon learning more about the homeowner's troubles, one of our Project Managers was sent to their home to conduct a free inspection and assess the damage. The Project Manager quickly identified that the cause of the water damage was due to the lack of proper drainage systems in the basement. After discussing the homeowners concerns, he recommended the best way forward was to install the WaterGuard Drainage System, which is designed to capture water from basement walls and floors and direct it to a sump pump. The Project Manager also recommended they have the SuperSump Plus Sump Pump installed, which would work in tandem with the WaterGuard Drainage System to keep the basement dry. 

Our crew arrived promptly on the scheduled day and got to work right away. They began by excavating the perimeter of the basement floor, creating a trench for the WaterGuard Drainage System making it invisible and out of the way. The system, which included a special wall flange that directs water from the basement walls into the drain, was then covered with cement to sit flush with the basement floor. Once the WaterGuard system was installed, our crew proceeded to install the SuperSump Plus Sump Pump in the basement. The SuperSump Plus Sump Pump is a high-quality pump that can handle up to 2,280 gallons of water per hour, making it one of the most reliable pumps on the market. It also has an airtight lid, preventing odors and humidity from entering the basement. Our crew placed the pump in the designated spot, ran the discharge line out of the home, and connected it to the WaterGuard system. These two systems together would ensure this homeowners basement stayed dry and usable. 

With the installation complete, the homeowner was excited to experience the results firsthand. They no longer had to worry about water damage in their basement, and the damp smell was gone. They were also pleased with the crew's professionalism and attention to detail which led to this homeowner recommending us to their friends and family in need of similar repairs.

Family in Detroit, MI Has WaterGuard Installed to Solve Their Leaking Basement and Mold Related Health Issues

After a few months of living in their new home, this family in Detroit, MI had begun to notice water leaking all over their basement floor during heavy rainfall. The humid conditions in the basement were also causing mold-related health issues for their children and the musty odor was starting to become unbearable. The homeowners knew that they needed to do something to fix the problem before it got any worse, so they contacted HomeSpec BasementFix for a solution to their problem. 


One of our Project Managers, Ben, was sent out promptly to assess the situation. Upon further inspection, he noticed the cracks in the wall were likely the cause of the water leakage as well as the drainage system not functioning as intended. This led him to recommend the WaterGuard Drainage System and the CleanSpace Wall System be installed to waterproof the basement and keep it dry.


The installation process began when our crew arrived and started excavating a small channel around the perimeter of the basement floor. The channel was then filled with gravel and topped with a specially designed drainage system called WaterGuard. This system is designed to sit on the foundation footing and catch any water that enters the basement and redirect it to a sump pump, which pumps the water out of the house and away from the foundation. Next, our crew would install the CleanSpace Wall System, which is made of a thick, durable plastic material that completely seals the basement walls and prevents moisture from seeping through. Our crew would then install a dehumidifier to keep the humidity levels in the basement at a healthy level and prevent mold growth.


After the installation was complete, these homeowners were able to experience the benefits firsthand. Their basement was dry and free of water, and the musty odors and mold-related health issues were no longer a problem for their family. They were also pleased to learn that the installation of the WaterGuard and CleanSpace Wall Systems had increased the value of their home.


Detroit homeowner with persistently sagging floors has peace of mind restored with SmartJack

A proud homeowner in Detroit, MI who loved the character and charm of their house was beginning to notice that the floors in their home had begun to sag and the support beams in the crawl space were showing signs of stress. This was causing them a great deal of concern, as they feared that the structural integrity of the home was at risk. This led the homeowner to  reach out to our team at HomeSpec BasementFix for help.


When our Project Manager arrived, he conducted a thorough inspection of the crawl space and determined that the original joists were indeed weakened due to years of exposure to moisture and rot. Once our Project Manager finished consulting the homeowner on their concerns, he proposed a solution that involved sistering the joists and installing the SmartJack Support System. This would provide additional support and reinforcement to the existing structure, ensuring that their floors would remain level and stable for many years to come.


This homeowner was pleased with our proposal and gave us the green light to proceed with the work. Once our crew got to the property, they began clearing the debris from the crawl space to ensure a safe working environment. After this was done, they got to work, installing new joists alongside the existing ones and adding the SmartJack Support System in strategic locations throughout the crawl space. The result was a restored crawl space that was stronger and more stable than ever before.


After the job was complete, this homeowner was thrilled with the results and thanked our team for their hard work and dedication. They were grateful that the sagging floors and support beams had been restored to their original state and could now enjoy the home with peace of mind. Our team at HomeSpec BasementFix was proud to have been able to help this homeowner and make a positive difference in their life.


Detroit, MI property manager has leaking basement and mold issues solved with WaterGuard and SuperSump

A property manager from New York was in charge of a rental property here in Detroit, MI. One of their properties was experiencing a persistent problem with water in the basement. They were receiving constant complaints from tenants about water seepage, mold, and musty odors, which was affecting the living conditions and causing health issues. The owner knew they needed to take action quickly to resolve the problem and prevent further damage to the property. They did some research into the best basement waterproofing companies in Detroit and came across HomeSpec BasementFix, an ideal candidate for this project. 

After settling the logistics, we sent a Project Manager to the Property to discuss their concerns and provide a free inspection. When he arrived at the property, he quickly discovered that the water issue was due to a combination of poor grading, clogged gutters, and a faulty sump pump. He recommended the installation of the WaterGuard Drainage System and the SuperSump Plus to address their basement waterproofing needs.

Our crew immediately got to work, installing the WaterGuard Drainage System and SuperSump Plus sump pump in the basement of the property.The WaterGuard Drainage System is a state-of-the-art perimeter french drainage system that is designed to rest on the foundation footing and intercept water from the walls and floor of the basement to channel it up to the sump pump for safe removal. The SuperSump Plus sump pump is a high-capacity pump that is designed to handle large volumes of water and discharge it safely away from the property. Our crew took great care and pride to ensure that the installation was done properly and that the system was functioning correctly. Once the installation was complete, they tested the system to make sure that it was working as intended.

The property manager was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the crew, and was more than happy to leave a review. The basement was dry, and the tenants were no longer experiencing water seepage, mold, or musty odors. The living conditions in the home improved dramatically, and the tenants were much happier with the solution provided by HomeSpec BasementFix.

Homeowner Has Basement Waterproofing Done in Detroit, MI with WaterGuard and SuperSump

When this homeowner in Detroit, MI wanted to leave their house to their two sons, they wanted to first address the leaks and cracks in the basement. Not wanting to pass the problems on, they contacted HomeSpec BasementFix as the best fit for this basement waterproofing job. 

When Dave, a Project Manager with experience in basement waterproofing, was called out to the property, he noted during his inspection the hairline cracks in the wall as well as the large vertical crack on the floor that was letting water seep in. After explaining that a faulty drainage system in the basement can lead to water leaking in, he recommended the WaterGuard Drainage System to drain the water and the SuperSump Sump Pump to remove the water from the basement. Dave also recommended the CarbonArmor Wall Brace to address the cracks in the wall and to prevent them from spreading further.

The first step in fixing the basement for this homeowner was to install the WaterGuard Drainage System. WaterGuard is a french drain system that doesn't clog like traditional drains. It rests on the foundation footing and is installed around the perimeter of the basement via brackets that can be adjusted to check for clogs. The next step is to install the SuperSump Sump Pump which is specifically designed. The WaterGuard drains into the SuperSump and with the ability to pump over 2000 gal/hr, which ensures the basement stays dry. The final step in this basement repair was to install the CarbonArmor Wall Supports. CarbonArmor is designed with Carbon Fiber straps that are attached to the supports at the top of the basement in order to hold them in place. This prevents the walls from bowing inwards or cracks from spreading. 

With the drainage system successfully installed and the walls reinforced with CarbonArmor, this homeowner was pleased with the work done by our crew and finally ready to leave the house the their two sons, with their peace of mind intact. 

Leaking Basement with Signs of Mold Solved with WaterGuard Drainage System in Detroit, MI

When mold starts to show up in the basement, and water leaking through the floors and walls becomes noticeable, it sounds like the waterproofing system in the basement is no longer doing its job. When this homeowner in Detroit, MI was getting tired of moving their belongings from the basement to higher ground to prevent water damage from destroying them, she reached out to HomeSpec BasementFix to find a permanent solution that would satisfy their concerns.

Mark, who has experience in basement waterproofing, was called out to Detroit in order to further assess the situation and provide a detailed inspection of this homeowners property. After hearing the homeowners plans to remodel the basement and addressing their concerns about the mold and water damage, Mark recommended the WaterGuard Drainage System to replace the old one, and a brand new SuperSump Sump Pump to expel the water out of the area. 

Mold thrives in humid, wet environments, and that's why when this homeowner called in with health concerns, our crew had the ideal solution to prevent further damage to the property and the family. The WaterGuard Drainage System was the perfect solution for this homeowner due to specific engineering allowing it to rest on the foundation footing and collect moisture and water seeping through the walls. WaterGuard is designed to be installed around the perimeter of the basement, and then drain into a sump pump. The next step in this basement waterproofing repair was to install the SuperSump Sump Pump in order to collect and expel the water collected by the drainage system. SuperSump is capable of expelling up to 2,200 gallons of water per hour, so even under heavy stress, SuperSump ensures the basement stays dry. This complete basement waterproofing solution provided peace of mind and a visible difference this family could see once it was installed. 

With the air noticeably cleaner, and the damp basement no longer causing this homeowner any concern, they were very pleased with the professional and easy experience provided by HomeSpec BasementFix.

Moldy Basement Floors Solved with WaterGuard Drainage System and SmartSump Sump Pump in Detroit, MI

The basement plays an important role in the structure, and health of the home. That's why when this homeowner in Detroit, MI started to experience a decline in their health, they took a look at the basement, and upon further inspection, found mold growing which was causing them trouble breathing and the water leaking through the cracks was causing the mold to grow exponentially. Realizing the importance of getting their basement waterproofed, they reached out to HomeSpec BasementFix for a solution.

Mark, who has experience in basement waterproofing, was sent to the home in order to discuss this homeowner's concerns in more detail and provide a solution to their leaking basement. While discussing the leaking basement, Mark explained that insufficient draining from traditional drainage systems can cause the water to pool and overflow into the living space, which has further potential to cause more problems for the home, and in this homeowners case, the mold growing in the basement. After explaining to the Project Manager about their desire to finish the basement and turn it into an extra room for the family, Mark recommended a solution that involved installing a Waterguard Drainage System to drain the water into the SuperSump Sump Pump in order to waterproof this family’s basement.

The first step in installing the WaterGuard Drainage System is to dig a trench around the perimeter of the basement to fit the french drain system. French Drain Systems, like the WaterGuard, are unlike traditional drainage systems because they sit on the foundation footing, placing it above the “mud zone” which is where clogging from soil and debris tends to occur. The way WaterGuard is engineered plays a big role in ensuring the basement stays dry and the homeowners worries are put to rest. WaterGuard drains the water from the basement walls into the SuperSump Sump Pump, which is capable of expelling 2,200 gallons of water an hour, providing the proper drainage needed to keep this basement dry and free of mold. 

With the family noticeably feeling the effects of a waterproofed basement, and the mold eradicated, they were more than happy with the job done by HomeSpec BasementFix and excited to begin renovating the basement of their home.

Helical Pier Support System Solves Foundation Settlement in Detroit, MI

A landlord who owned a property in Detroit, MI had recently vacated a troublesome tenant and wanted to repair the damage done over the years. The foundation wall had cracked in several places, and the outside brick walls were also beginning to show signs of foundation settlement. Wanting to address the problem as soon as possible, the landlord set out to search for the best foundation repair companies nearby. This led them to HomeSpec BasementFix being the foundation repair contractor of choice for this job.

A sinking foundation is usually caused by the soil underneath the foundation losing their ability to support the weight of the home. This process happens over time and can cause long-term damage to the property and lead to a loss of value. When the soil beneath the foundation completely washes out or shifts, it creates a void that the foundation settles into, creating cracks in the walls and uneven settlement. After explaining to the homeowner what the possible solutions were, our Project Manager, who was experienced in foundation settlement repair, recommended the Helical Pier Support System in order to raise the foundation back to level and solve this homeowner's problems.

The Helical Pier Support System is designed with homeowners in mind. The helical plates welded to the shaft of the piers are screwed into the ground, acting like an anchor. After the piers are attached to the home with steel brackets, the foundation is lifted, transferring the weight of the home to newer, load bearing soils through the piers. The piers are engineered to be corrosion resistant with the galvanized steel plates and shaft, which work seamlessly to advance to deeper soils without disturbing the weaker soils above. This permanent solution is ideal for this homeowner because the Helical Pier Support System provides peace of mind without compromising the structural integrity of the home. Our crew's excellent installation and finishing process, ensures a clean installation with little to no signs of having had the work done.

With the foundation settlement repaired and the home raised back to level, the landlord was satisfied with the work done by our crew and happy to leave a review stating how professional HomeSpec BasementFix was in this repair.

Sagging Kitchen Floor Solved with SmartJack SupportSystem in Detroit, MI

A recent homeowner had plans to remodel their kitchen; the only problem was that the kitchen floor had sunk to the point where it was noticeable in the basement. Determined to finish the remodeling, they set out to look for the best foundation repair companies in Detroit, Michigan. Having consulted a friend that recently had crawl space repair done by us, they recommended HomeSpec BasementFix as a reliable contractor for the project.

A Project Manager, who specializes in foundation repair, was sent to complete a detailed inspection of the property and further discuss home improvements with the owner. During the free inspection, our Project Manager noted the sinking floors and explained that over time, due to wood rot, mold, and humid conditions, traditional supports can no longer support the floors in the living space. With the homeowners intention to remodel, and increase property value, sagging floors can take away from the home's value and cause greater damage to the living space if left unaddressed. This led our Project Manager to propose a custom solution that involved SmartJack Supports in order to bring the floors back to level and allow the homeowner to complete the renovations.

The SmartJack Support System consists of specially engineered galvanized steel rods that are capable of supporting loads up to 60,000 lbs. In addition, the corrosion-resistant support system is unlike traditional supports in the sense that it will not be damaged by the harsh conditions. In order to permanently solve this homeowners problem, the SmartJack Crawl Space support jacks are installed beneath the floors and affixed to the beams under the floor. These support jacks, which are capable of bringing the kitchen floor back to proper level, are adjustable year-round to accommodate the needs of the home over time.

With the foundation repair complete, and property value restored, the homeowner could complete the renovations to their kitchen without the fear of running into another sagging floor problem.

Sagging Kitchen Floor Lifted with Crawl Space Support Jacks in Detroit, MI

A homeowner in Detroit, MI recently inherited their home from their parents. Wanting to keep the house in the best shape possible, he started doing some renovations. While renovating the kitchen, he noticed the floor was sagging in one corner. More specifically, the void created by the sagging floor was allowing air into the living space. Putting the issue to the side for some time, he returned a few months later to find that the wall in the basement was starting to bow inwards allowing water to leak into the basement. Not wanting to cause further damage, he decided it was time to properly address the situation. The homeowner reached out to friends and family for the best crawl space repair company nearby and was referred to HomeSpec BasementFix by a family member that recently had basement waterproofing done by us. 

Elon, a Project Manager specializing in crawl space repair, was rushed to the property to perform a free detailed inspection and discuss possible solutions with the homeowner. While walking around the property, Elon noted crawl space support problems, which could be the reason for the sagging floor. Crawl spaces are notorious for being humid environments which allow musty air to flow into the living space, causing possible health issues. Weak foundation soils can cause the crawl space support posts to shift, and if the crawl space is left untreated, it can lead to this owner's home experiencing a multitude of future foundation-related problems. The most immediate issue that needed to be addressed for this homeowner was the sagging floor in the kitchen and our Project Manager recommended the SmartJack Crawl Space Support System as the best solution for this problem. 

The first step in fixing the homes problems was to clear the crawl space of any debris to secure a safe working environment. Our crew would then install durable crawl space support jacks, which would allow the floor to be raised back to its original position and the homeowner could then address the rest of the foundation repair as needed. The SmartJack Support system is an ideal solution for this situation because of its ability to support loads upwards of 60,000 lbs. This successfully raises the floor back to level with the rest of the house and provides long term peace of mind by being adjustable year-round. The SmartJack overcomes weak foundation soil issues by digging and filling a solid base for the jacks to rest on. The galvanized steel columns are corrosion resistant, preventing the humid environment from affecting their ability to support the weight of the floors above. The SmartJack system is proven to be a durable solution that is installed quickly and with minimal disruption.

With the crawl space support jacks replaced, and the kitchen floor no longer sagging, this homeowner was ready to address the rest of the foundation-related repairs. They were also pleased with how quick and easy the crew made the installation and would go on to recommend us to a neighbor in need of a crawl space repair contractor. 

Detroit, MI Foundation Restored and Basement Waterproofed

A homeowner in Detroit, Mi was growing increasingly bothered by the appearance of their unfinished basement, which they wanted to get furnished later on. Cracks along their basement walls were stained by water damage, from water leaking in. This issue stayed at the back of their mind, and kept growing slowly, until they decided it was time to properly handle this basement waterproofing problem caused by a foundation repair issue. After searching online for foundation repair contractors nearby, HomeSpec BasementFix was the best foundation repair company recommended to them. 

We sent out a project manager with experience specializing in foundation repair, to meet with the homeowners and properly discuss their concerns. During this discussion, the possibility of a crumbling foundation was brought to our attention. After completing his detailed inspection, and noticing cracks in the basement walls, our project manager understood that if these were left untouched, they would cause more water damage in the future. A weak foundation is usually the cause of cracks appearing and can happen due to a number of reasons, but over time, oversaturation of the soil can cause the foundation to sink and lose its integrity. The homeowner was recommended a solution that involved installing a SmartJack Support System to save the foundation as well as a new WaterGuard basement drainage system to address their basement waterproofing needs. 

One of the best solutions to solve a foundation support problem is with the SmartJack Support System. With the ability to support over 60,000 lbs. and level out the property; this can improve the stability of the foundation and bring any sagging floors back to level. The SmartJack Support System permanently solves the issue by using corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel while being adjustable to address the needs of the home. Smartjack is a pest-resistant, rust-resistant solution that beats the stability of traditional support methods. The next step in the process is to install the drainage pipes with our WaterGuard drainage system. Waterguard is designed to rest on top of the foundation footing; this keeps it out of the “mud zone” which is where most typical drains can clog. The WaterGuard drains the excess water into your sump pump, allowing for a smooth and trouble-free experience. The WaterGuard system is installed with minimal invasion to the footing, and all the concrete taken out to insert the system is replaced after the repair. Boasting a clean look and function to match, WaterGuard ensures the basement stays dry in all conditions. 

With the foundation of their home successfully restored to its full potential and their basement waterproofing needs met, the homeowner was more than happy to recommend HomeSpec BasementFix to friends and family based on how pleased they were with the quality of work done by our outstanding team of specialists, and we would go on to assist their uncle with a future basement waterproofing project.

Detroit, Mi Wall Stabilization and Foundation Repair

A family had only recently purchased this home in Detroit, Mi, together. However, they discovered that the house was settling and had created a large crack in the basement. The crack in the wall was horizontal with no water coming through yet; however, the house was noted to be shifting quite a bit and would require immediate inspection. Their grandparents had previous foundation repair and PolyLevel work done in Detroit by HomeSpec Basementfix and referred them to us.                  


Project manager Mark sat down with the couple to address their worries before conducting his inspection of the property. The family was originally hoping that a PolyLevel job might be possible, but the problem had evolved beyond house leveling and foundation repair; this task was more focused on structural support. Mark proposed the use of the PowerBrace Foundation Repair System. Consisting of steel I-beams that are secured to the joists above the wall with steel brackets. This system is easily adjustable, allowing for tightening of the brace to attempt to raise the wall back to its original position. This system doesn't involve any exterior excavation and installs quickly with minimal disruption to the home.                                        


 Now, with reliable wall stabilization to assist their foundation, this family could put away their fear of the house caving in on itself, and simply enjoy life. Not to mention, they even had their job discounted because of their grandparent’s referral!

Wall Stabilization in Detroit, MI

This customer bought a fixer upper home that had obvious foundation issues, including horizontal and stair-step cracks on all four walls and a bowing wall.

Our crew at HomeSpec repaired the cracks and stabilized the walls with braces to protect the structure and potentially straighten them. 

Concrete Repair in Detroit, MI

A homeowner contacted HomeSpec about repairing a crack in his garage floor.

Our crew injected the crack in the concrete with our silicone-based sealant that will never crack, bubble, or dry out even in the harshest weather conditions. 

Interior Drainage System Installed in Detroit, MI

These homeowners contacted us about water leaking from multiple areas of their basement where the wall and the floor meet.

Our crew installed an interior drainage system which funnels the water into a sump pump and prevents any future water issues.


Detroit, MI Interior Drainage System Installation

A homeowner contacted HomeSpec to help him with seeping walls after he was happy with the work we did at his father's house.

An interior drainage system, which includes a sump pump, was installed in the basement. 

Detroit, MI Interior Drainage System Installation - Photo 1
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