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2022 Angi Super Service Award
Westland, Michigan, November 21st, 2022–HomeSpec Basementfix is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angi... [Read more]
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Dependable Genesee County Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing, & Crawl Space Specialists

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Expert Foundation & Concrete Repair in Genesee County

Foundation Crack Repair

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can fix stair step cracks in your Genesee County foundation.

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is Genesee County’s top home improvement contractor with more than two decades of industry experience and quality customer service under our belt. We offer Genesee County homeowners exceptional foundation stabilization and concrete repair services and industry-leading products.

Services Offered in Genesee County & Nearby

  • Foundation Repair
  • Concrete Repair
  • Concrete Leveling

The products we use are engineer-designed and tested for proven effectiveness and durability against Michigan’s harsh climate. Get started today with a free, no-obligation estimate in Genesee County and nearby. Click below to fill out our online form!

Genesee County’s Leading Foundation Repair Contractor

A damaged foundation can’t properly support your home and should be addressed at the first sign of trouble: bowing walls, cracked walls or floors, tilted chimneys, sloping floors, and pooling water, just to name a few. While foundation problems are unavoidable, we want to make the repair process as stress-free as possible for you. Our team of highly trained foundation repair experts will safely restore the strength of your home’s foundation with our tried and proven solutions:

  • Foundation piers — to stabilize your foundation against settlement with minimal disturbance to your home. Comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Foundation wall repair — to fix cracks, correct bowing or tilting walls, and add reliable support to keep your foundation walls stable.
  • Crawl space support posts — using the SmartJack® crawl space support system to provide support for sagging or undersized beams, restore stability, and correct sagging floor joists.

Concrete Repair & Leveling Professional Serving Genesee County

Leveling Uneven Concrete in Genesee County

Our team uses PolyLevel® to level sinking concrete in Genesee County.

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair also offers complete concrete repair services that restore and protect concrete inside and outside of your Genesee County home, including concrete driveways and sidewalks. Our innovative concrete sealant permanently bonds with one application to protect new and old concrete against UV rays and moisture for long-lasting protection.

If you have sloping concrete floors in your home, we will restore them with the PolyLevel concrete leveling system, a faster and longer-lasting alternative to mudjacking. PolyLevel cures in as little as 24 hours, adds very little weight as it lifts, and is far less messy than traditional mudjacking, making it ideal to use on interior slabs.

Want to say goodbye to sinking and uneven concrete? Contact HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair today at 1-844-386-0455 or simply click below to schedule a free concrete leveling estimate in Genesee County!

Job Stories From Genesee County, MI
Basement Wall Repaired in Grand Blanc, MI

A homeowner contacted us because he had a leak in his basement wall that he said another company was unable to locate.

Our team repaired the crack and braced the wall to prevent future movement. 

Crack Repair in Goodrich, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec about a crack in their basement's foundation that was concerning them.

Our crew sealed the crack with our innovative polyurethane sealant that flexes with the natural movement of your walls, and never dries out or cracks. 

PolyLeveling in Davison, MI

This homeowner needed her driveway slabs leveled and repaired, so she called HomeSpec.

Our crew injected the cracks with our waterproof, UV-proof sealant, and then leveled the slabs with our PolyLevel system. An expanding polyurethane foam in injected underneath the concrete and raised to the desired height. 

Concrete PolyLeveled in Grand Blanc, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec to have his walkway slabs leveled. They were sinking and uneven, and people would always trip over them when walking to the porch. 

Our crew solved this problem by using our PolyLevel system. We injected our expanding polyurethane foam under the sinking slabs, which then raised and leveled them. Then we sealed the joints. The process is non-invasive and the foam is environmentally safe too! 

Concrete Leveled and Repaired in Swartz Creek, MI

This customer is in charge of the upkeep of her church, and contacted HomeSpec because the concrete walkway leading to the entrance was uneven and posed a tripping hazard. 

Our team solved this problem by using our PolyLevel system with our NexusPro joint sealant. The polyurethane foam expands after being injected under the concrete slabs, which lifts and levels them back into place. Then we sealed all of the joints with our UV and waterproof sealant. 

Sump Pump Alarm & Secondary Pump Installed in Flushing, MI

In the past, HomeSpec installed an interior drainage system for this customer as well as repairing crack and rod holes. We also installed an egress window and window well in the basement. Recently, she contacted us to install a Zoeller pump, high water alarm, and downspout extensions.

The Zoeller pump is a secondary pump in the sump basin that can pump thousands of gallons of water out an hour. The high water alarm will alert you if water has risen past the point where the pumps should have turned on. These features are necessary for sump pumps that constantly deal with high volumes of water. 

Cracks and Rod Holes Repaired in Flushing, MI

Water was leaking into this homeowner's basement, so she contacted HomeSpec.

Our team found that cracks and rod holes were the culprits, so our crew sealed them to prevent anymore leakage in the future. 

Concrete Walkway Repaired in Fenton, MI

HomeSpec used our PolyLevel system to raise and level this homeowners walkway slabs back into place. Once they were even again, the concrete looked much nicer and it was no longer a trip hazard. 

Crawl Space Encapsulated in Flint, MI

A homeowner contacted us several months after purchasing the house because he wanted to encapsulate the crawl space. Our team encapsulated the crawl space, creating a healthier living space above. 

While there was no water in the crawl space, he knew encapsulating a crawl space is a good idea. An encapsulated crawl space protects against water and moisture. It also helps keep pests out of the crawl space.

Flint, MI Basement Repaired

A homeowner needed work done in his basement because he was planning to sell the house. He originally contacted us because water was seeping into the basement. However, our inspector also found that there was foundation damage that needed to be addressed.

The water was coming through a crack so the crack was sealed. We also installed straps to stabilize the foundation. The work was backed with a transferrable warranty so the new homeowner would have the guarantee of a safe home. 

Damaged Crawl Space Fixed in Flint, MI

A homeowner contacted us because his floors were sagging. He said that a different company previously jacked up the supports in his crawl space, but the work was done incorrectly, hence the sagging.

Our crew replaced the supports with new beams made of steel to ensure the integrity of the structure. We also encapsulated the crawl space. This process included insulating the crawl space. Now the homeowner has a stable foundation and a crawl space that will not fall victim to water issues. 

Sagging Floors Repaired in Davison, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec because his floors were sagging. The main beams were rotting and damaged - they needed to be replaced immediately. The foundation of the home is no doubt the most important part - it supports the structure and holds the home up - which means its dire to quickly repair issues that arise. 

To solve this problem, our crew installed new main beams and support posts. This stabilizes the foundation and prevents the floors from sagging. Now the homeowner has a structurally sound foundation once more. 

Sagging Floors Repaired in Davison, MI - Photo 1
Large Crack Permanently Sealed in Davison, MI

This Davison homeowner had a large, vertical crack in his basement that extended from the floor to the ceiling. At first it would leak a little bit after rain, but over the years it got progressively worse. The homeowner decided to call HomeSpec after finding puddles of water on the floor near the crack, and seeing the damage the water had done to the wall. 

The crack was filled and sealed by one of our professional crack technicians here at HomeSpec. The flexible, waterproof material ensures the homeowner will not have to worry about this crack leaking again. Then it was reinforced to ensure the crack will not worsen, and so new cracks will not form. 

The process was so quick and easy, the homeowner wished he had called HomeSpec sooner. He also reported having no water in his basement even after a very wet spring! 

Cracked Concrete Patio Leveled in Genesee, MI

Everyone has that project at home that they dread tackling and constantly put it off. This homeowner had a cracked and sinking concrete patio in his backyard that needed repairs. He wanted to get it fixed for years, especially since he and his wife often hosted parties for friends and family. Weeds would grow between the cracks and the whole thing was an eyesore.  The homeowner thought that the whole patio would have to be replaced and re-poured - and cost an arm and a leg. Until he discovered HomeSpec and the PolyLevel method. 

Our concrete specialists raised and leveled the concrete with the PolyLevel system, filled the cracks and joints, and sealed the concrete with a waterproof protectant. It looked good as new! The project cost a fraction of what the homeowner predicted, and it was finished within a few hours. He was able to host a party that weekend, and everyone was impressed with how well the patio looked!

Concrete Repaired & Sealed in Burton, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec to see if we could find a solution to their concrete problems. The walkway leading to their front porch was in bad shape - slabs were cracked and sinking. It was an eyesore compared to the rest of their very beautiful front yard. HomeSpec assured them we had the perfect solution! 

Our concrete specialists were able to use the cost-saving PolyLevel system. We injected the lightweight, but very strong rigid foam under the sunken slabs to raise and level them. The foam is stable and environmentally safe too, so it won't wash out like soil does. This process is less abrasive than other methods, and the concrete can be used that same day! The entire front yard now looks great and the homeowners are very pleased with how their walkway looks! 

Patio PolyLeveled in Swartz Creek, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec because water kept leaking into his basement in the same spot. Upon inspection, we discovered that the patio attached to the back of the house was sinking and sloped towards the home. This means water was pooled at the foundation wall being directed straight down to the basement. 

To solve this problem, HomeSpec PolyLeveled the concrete patio. The slab was raised and leveled, then the joints between the patio and the house were sealed along with all of the other joints. This prevents water from getting under the concrete and washing away the soil - which is what leads to concrete sinking. The homeowner was happy because other companies said he would have to waterproof his entire basement, but by fixing the concrete, HomeSpec was able to prevent water from leaking into the basement again. 

Basement Wall Cracks Sealed in Swartz Creek, MI

This homeowner had severe cracks in their basement walls. They kept getting worse over time, to the point that some of them extended from the floor to the ceiling. The most serious part about the problem was that the cracks were heavily leaking and causing water to pool on the basement floor. 

HomeSpec repairs problems like this on a weekly basis. We repair cracks permanently with the best products and materials so they will never get worse or leak again. After sealing the cracks in this Swartz Creek basement, the homeowner reported no leaks even after a rainy spring. 

Water Seeping into Otisville, Michigan Basement At The Floor

Robert in Otisville, Michigan contacted HomeSpec because water was seeping into his basement where the floor and the wall meet. This is a very common spot for water to leak into a home, but HomeSpec had a solution for him.

HomeSpec installed a waterproofing system into the basement to prevent seepage – a perimeter drainage system connected to a sump pump. These two work together to capture water before it leaks inside, and then pump it away from the home. 

Robert is very happy with his now dry basement even after a season of heavy rains!

Water Leaking Into Finished Basement in Otisville, Michigan

Ken in Otisville, Michigan contacted HomeSpec because water was leaking into his finished basement. The carpet would be wet in several areas after heavy rains, so ken removed some carpet and drywall and found where the water was coming from – where the floor and the wall meet. 

The best way to solve this issue was to install a perimeter drainage system around the basement and connect it to a sump pump. This means water will seep into the drainage system instead of the basement, and then it will be funneled away by the sump pump. 

Ken was able to re-install the drywall and flooring over the system, and now he doesn't have to stress about ruining his finished basement! 

1883 Farmhouse in Otisville, Michigan Suffering From Water Leaks

Bill in Otisville, Michigan owns a beautiful farmhouse that was built in 1883. The only downside to this is the stone foundation is almost 140 years old – meaning it's very susceptible to water leakage and damage. 

Bill noticed that after rain storms, he would discover water leaking into his basement. He knew he needed a drainage system. 

So that's what HomeSpec did – we installed an interior drainage system and connected it to Bill's sump pump. This system installs around the perimeter of the basement and keeps things dry. Bill's basement is in much better shape now! 

Atlas, Mi Driveway Concrete Lifting

An Atlas, Mi homeowner realized they had a concrete lifting need when a single slab in their driveway began protruding outwards like a sore thumb. The contrast this slab gave against the rest of the flush driveway was becoming very unsightly in the homeowner’s opinion and they wanted it rectified as soon as possible.             


HomeSpec is able to quickly correct these situations with our PolyLevel system for concrete lifting. By drilling pea sized holes into the slab, a high-strength polyurethane foam is injected to fill the void underneath. The foam quickly cures and precisely lifts the slab back up. The entire process only takes our crew a few hours and is usually ready for use after just 15 minutes.                


The homeowner wanted a fast reliable answer for their problem, and HomeSpec happily delivered. 

Atlas, Mi Foundation Repair and Basement Wall Support

This Atlas, Mi homeowner needed our help to correct basement walls that were tilting inwards. Most of the time, a bowing wall is caused by hydrostatic pressure; when the soil around a home is saturated with water, the soil will expand and push against the foundation bowing and bending the walls. It’s important to address these situations, because left alone the wall will continue to damage and break until it fully collapses.      


Utilizing our PowerBrace system as a solution permanently stabilizes foundation walls. This system uses zinc-plated steel beams that are custom-fit for the homeowner’s basement and tightly secured against the wall with anchored brackets. The PowerBrace can also be tightened over time to eliminate any further inward movement.


The homeowner would go on to remark, how appreciative they were to feel a sense of security in their basement again.      

Atlas, Mi Sagging Floors Stabilized

A family in Atlas, Mi was growing increasingly concerned about their sagging floor. They’d report being fearful of one day falling through it all together! They knew they had a crawl space below their home but had no idea how to address the issue at hand, so they searched for a crawl space and foundation repair contractor, finding HomeSpec Basementfix.


Our inspection quickly revealed the crawl space access to be hidden in a closet within the home. Our crew would restore stability to the floor above by installing our SmartJack crawl space support system. This system can be easily adjusted at any point if the home requires it, ensuring a permanent solution to the uneven floors above!


The sense of security and comfort that comes with proper foundation support and stability is a step towards helping house feel like a home.

Clio, Mi Concrete Slabs Leveled w/ PolyLevel

A Clio, Mi resident was actually being fined by her homeowners association because the sinking concrete slabs in her driveway were “An unsightly deduction from the neighborhood property value, and a tripping hazard” as put by the letters she had received in the past.

Our crew would inject the concrete slabs in question with powerful polyurethane foam injection through tiny holes drilled into the slab. The foam would quickly expand and cure to help raise the slab back to level with the others. The PolyLevel system is a lightweight formula that adds virtually no weight to supporting soils, while also being made to not wash out or dry out, the way mudjacking does.

Clio, Mi Friend Refers Homeowner to Find Solution for Sinking Home

A Clio, Mi resident found themselves in need of foundation support and repair, as their home continued to slightly slant to one side as it sank over time. It was noticeable to the point that when their kid would place down a ball, it would just start rolling in the same direction by itself every time. A friend in the neighborhood referred them to HomeSpec because of the excellent service they received for previous foundation repair work.

Our crew helped realign and lift the home back to a level position by installing a helical pier system under the foundation along the sinking edge of the home. As a test to ensure level stability, they reenacted the ball example. The homeowner was relieved to see the ball stationary and having found themselves a reliably permanent solution Another pleasant surprise for the homeowner, was when their job was discounted from their friend's referral too!

Clio, Mi Helical Piers Used for Foundation Repair and Leveling of Garage

This homeowner in Clio, Mi needed their garage stabilized. Built on a slightly slanting hill, there was clear evidence of wash-out. The foundation was left exposed and had begun tilting slightly. It quickly needed to be leveled and provided reliable support to ensure the situation wouldn’t grow out of hand or become a severe threat for property damage.

Our crew lifted up the garage back to the desired level, with a series of spaced-out helical piers surrounding the sinking corner of the garage in question. A tried-and-true method to restore foundations; additional sections can be added to the pier until it reaches the necessary depth.

Montrose, Mi Concrete Lifting

A family in MontRose, Mi found themselves in need of proper concrete leveling services in the area, when they grew irritated with the tripping hazard that was a sunken concrete slab in their driveway.

Our crew solved this problem with an injection of powerful polyurethane foam below the slab that would lift it back into place as the foam expanded and settled. A lightweight solution that doesn't add weight to the already sinking and compromised foundation soil, while being quick enough to be rectified and usable the same day.

Montrose, Mi Porch leveled

A family in Montrose, Mi was receiving complaints from their neighbors about their sunken front porch, and they were also growing upset as the porch continued to sink in through one side. They were referred to HomeSpec by their uncle, who had previous concrete lifting done in recent years for their driveway.

We were able to help level the porch in question by using our PolyLevel system. The system consists of drilling pea-sized holes into the concrete or foundation, before injecting a powerful polyurethane foam that will expand as it cures. This will forcibly push the concrete back to level while being ready to use the same day. A more reliable and efficient solution for concrete lifting needs than traditional mudjacking, the homeowner was satisfied they made the right choice. They were also excited to see their job was actually discounted from their uncle's referral too!

Montrose, Mi Deck Foundation Repair

The back deck of this homeowner's house was sinking due to settlement issues they faced rather recently. They needed it to be properly corrected with either foundation repair, lifting or restoration efforts from a reliable contractor nearby.

HomeSpec was able to meet this need with the use of our helical piering system that we installed along the perimeter, to help lift and correct the foundation back to a level position. The helical piers get their name from the helical plates that they carry; they are also easily adjustable to find deeper foundation soils, providing a long-lasting and reliable solution for foundation repair and correction.

Mount Morris, Mi PolyLevel Solution for Concrete Lifting

This homeowner's garage consisted of concrete slabs, some of which had begun to settle over time due to unstable backfill soils. They were pulling away to the point that the floor was pulling away from the door a bit. They needed an experienced concrete leveling contractor to help provide a reliable solution.

Our crew was able to use our non-invasive PolyLevel system to help raise the concrete slabs back into position. Using the polyurethane foam underneath, through tiny drilled holes, the foam will expand and lift the concrete. The foam can reach almost maximum rigidity within 30 minutes, allowing for a quick, clean, and long-lasting solution for most concrete lifting needs. The homeowner was delighted with how smooth the entire process was, allowing them to address their issues, have their peace of mind restored, as well as their garage's utility back all on the same day.

Mount Morris, Mi Foundation Wall Repair

Bowing walls, are an unwelcome discovery for any homeowner, especially when they begin to cause cracks and leaks as well, as one homeowner in Mount Morris, Mi discovered. These situations are best addressed as soon as possible before they snowball into an entire waterproofing need.


Our crew would restore stability to their walls with our CarbonArmor system. The system includes flexible carbon fiber fabric straps that are up to 10 times stronger in tension than steel. Using high strength epoxy resin, the carbon fiber straps are bonded to the interior face of the wall. The straps will stabilize the wall. This system requires no exterior excavation, installs quickly, and won't impact future basement finishing. The cracks were sealed with high pressure urethane injections

Mount Morris, Mi Foundation repair and lifting

This family in Mount Morris, Mi found their home sinking to one side, as floors were separating from walls due to a failing foundation that needed to be lifted and leveled back into place. A very severe need that needed a skilled onctractor to implement a long-lasting reliable solution, or else the situation could continue to evolve.


Our crew would use push piers to help level the home back into place. These rugged steel push piers feature a patent-pending external sleeve that strengthens the pier at the critical tension point below the bracket. Push piers are installed next to the footings and attached with a heavy duty steel bracket. Soil is backfilled around the piers once stabilization and lifting is complete to finish the installation. 

Cold and Sagging Floors Solved with SmartJack Support System in Grand Blanc, MI

A homeowner in Grand Blanc, MI was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the cold floors present throughout the house; more specifically, they wanted to renovate one of the rooms and turn it into a bedroom. Tired of dealing with uneven cold floors, and ready to address the issue once and for all, the homeowner began to research the most likely causes of the issues. Learning more about their crawl space's affects on their home, they began to search for crawl space insulation services nearby. This led them to choose HomeSpec BasementFix as the appropriate contractor for this job.

Erik, who specializes in crawl space insulation, was sent to Grand Blanc to discuss the homeowners concerns in more detail, as well as provide a free inspection. Erik explained to the homeowner that cold floors are usually due to insufficient or failing insulation and that sagging floors are often attributed to failing support posts. When traditional wooden crawl space support posts can no longer support the weight of the home, they begin to sink into the soil below, or rot, due to the lack of insulation from the humidity. The solution to this homeowner's cold, sagging floors was to use our CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system to seal off and encapsulate the space and then insulate the crawl space with SilverGlo insulation, as well as install the SmartJack Support System to raise the floors back to level.

The first step in this crawl space repair was to encapsulate the crawl space to prevent moisture from collecting and retain the heat in order to keep the floors at a comfortable temperature to walk on. CleanSpace solves this by using a patented multi-layer polyethylene material to ensure durability and flexibility in encapsulating the crawl space. When moisture accumulates in the crawl space, it creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria which can damage the supports. Cleanspace, combined with the corrosion-resistant SmartJack Support System prevents this from occurring. SilverGlo is a special insulation material many times more reliable and effective than traditional fiberglass with its radiant barrier, installed by our crew. The adjustable SmartJack Support System is a reliable solution to bring the floors in the living space back to level with its ability to support loads of more than 60,000 lbs. and adjust to meet the needs of the home year round.

With the crawl space encapsulated, insulated and the floors raised back to level, the homeowner was glad to have a solution from HomeSpec BasementFix that allowed them to never have to worry about uneven or cold floors again.


Long Time Homeowner with Sagging Porch in Davison, MI Has Their Porch Lifted with SmartJack Support System

A long time homeowner in Davison, MI  was experiencing a sagging porch at the front of their home. They noticed that the porch had sunken over the years and was no longer level, causing it to appear uneven and unstable. This homeowner was concerned that this was a sign of a more serious problem with his home's foundation, so they began researching the best repair contractors nearby. This led them to call HomeSpec BasementFix and schedule an appointment.

Zach, a crawl space repair expert, was called out to the home to conduct  an inspection of the problematic areas. He discovered that the porch was sinking due to settlement issues in the crawl space. The crawl space beams and joists were sagging in this homeowners home which was causing the porch above to sink as well. He explained to the owner that this was a common problem that can occur due to soil movement, erosion, or other factors.

Zach proposed a solution: installing the SmartJack Support System in the crawl space. The SmartJack system is a crawl space stabilizing solution that is designed to support and level sagging or settling crawl space beams and joists. The SmartJack system is adjustable, which allows for fine-tuning and ongoing maintenance throughout the year, ensuring that the support remains effective over time. The homeowner agreed to the proposal and our crew got to work. They first cleared debris from the crawl space to access the beams and joists, then they installed the SmartJack Support System, which included a series of corrosion resistant steel support jacks that were placed under the beams and joists to provide support and stability. Our crew would proceed to adjust the jacks and level the beams and joists, ensuring that they were properly supported.

Once the installation was complete, our crew conducted a final inspection to ensure that the porch was now level and stable. The homeowner was thrilled with the results, and relieved the porch was now level and stable. The SmartJack Support System not only solved his porch settling issue, but it also prevented further foundation settling, improved structural integrity, and prevented damage to the home. This owner was happy to have the SmartJack Support System installed in their crawl space, it gave them peace of mind knowing that their home was now safe and secure. 

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