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WaterGuard Interior System
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FlexiSpan Wall Crack Repair
Polyurethane Crack Sealing
WellDuct Window Drainage
BrightWall Waterproof Panels
ThermalDry Wall Barrier
Basement To Beautiful Pre-finishing Wall Insulation Panels
Drain Tile Installation
SuperSump Pump System
TripleSafe Pumping System
UltraSump Battery Back Up
Sanidry Dehumidifier
Aspen Air Purifier


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Push Pier Underpinning For Settlement, Foundation Leveling, Sinking Foundation Repair
Geo-lock Wall Anchors
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PowerBrace Bowed Wall Repair
CarbonArmor Fiber Wall Repair
SmartJack Crawl Space Support
Slab Pier Repair
PolyLevel Concrete Lifting
EZ Post Deck Repair
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Westland, Michigan, November 21st, 2022–HomeSpec Basementfix is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angi... [Read more]
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Keep your basement dry with quality basement waterproofing in Macomb County, MI.

Macomb County Basement Waterproofing Service Call

Our friendly professionals can help you keep your basement dry and healthy!

A wet basement is something every homeowner dreads. Not only does a wet basement lead to mold growth and other problems, but it also drastically lowers the value of your home. Luckily, a wet basement can be fixed, and HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is here to help!

One of our highly trained inspectors can investigate your basement and identify the source of the excess water. Once we’ve identified the problem, we can install the ideal solution for you and your home. As part of the Basement Systems network, we have access to a wide range of proven products and will choose the ones that best fit your needs.

With waterproofing, this often involves the use of a Triple Safe Sump Pump and a perimeter drainage system. This will continually remove unwanted water from your basement and has a state-of-the-art, battery backup system to ensure you don’t have an unpleasant surprise one day if the main pump fails or your power goes out.

Ready to get started? Contact us today and schedule a free basement waterproofing estimate in Warren, MI and free estimates all throughout Macomb County, MI!

Local Foundation Repair Experts in Macomb County

Your foundation is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your home. This means that the upkeep of your foundation is crucial, including necessary repairs that may arise. Unfortunately, foundations can be vulnerable to a wide range of issues, including:

  • Bowing walls
  • Wall cracks
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Floor cracks
  • Uneven floors
  • Sagging crawl spaces
  • Foundation settlement
  • Expansive soils
  • And more

If you notice any of these problems, don’t panic! Just call your local experts at HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair right away. With over 25 years of experience, we can investigate the problem, identify the source, and suggest the best solution for your particular issue. We offer a wide range of foundation repair solutions, including pier systems, crawl space support posts, spray concrete, and wall repair systems.

Effective Crawl Space Repair Solutions by HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

Effective Crawl Space Repairs by HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair offers long-lasting crawl space repairs to improve indoor air quality and more in Macomb County.

Your crawl space is often out of sight and out of mind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Problems with your crawl space can have wide-ranging and serious impacts on the rest of your home.

Many of these problems stem from the outdated practice of venting crawl spaces during construction. While this might sound good on paper, it winds up being a disaster. A vented crawl space means the air in the crawl space is always cold, moist, and drafty, leading to poor air quality and mold growth.

This, in turn, can lead to decreased energy efficiency for your home as cold air from your crawl space enters the home and heated air from your home dissipates into the crawl space. A dirty crawl space can also lower the quality of the air you breathe since most of the air in your home passes through the crawl space at some point, picking up mold spores and other contaminants.

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can help turn your crawl space from a detriment into an asset with unbeatable crawl space repair products and services.

Crawl Space Repair Products & Services

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Dehumidification
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Crawl Space Drainage
  • Crawl Space Support Jacks
  • And more!

Permanent Concrete Leveling Solutions in Macomb County, MI

Sinking concrete can be a serious issue for a home, leading to tripping hazards, pooling water, and more. Unfortunately, the only solution in the past has been mudjacking or slabjacking, which come with a variety of downsides, notably their long cure times. Luckily, there’s a new solution: the PolyLevel® system.

Generally, concrete sinking is due to the soil beneath the slabs washing away, shrinking, or settling. This causes unevenness and cracking. With PolyLevel®, we inject polyurethane foam beneath the slab to fill these voids, leveling out the concrete. Not only is this method highly effective, but it also cures faster than most other methods and is waterproof.

Contact us today to learn more about any of our solutions and to schedule your free estimate for any of our services in Macomb County, MI!

Job Stories From Macomb County, MI
Leaking Crack Fix in New Baltimore, MI

A homeowner said a diagonal crack in his basement wall leaked when it rained heavily.

We injected the crack with polyurethane and installed power grids to stabilize it.

Basement Waterproofed in Mount Clemens, MI

The homeowner contacted HomeSpec because she wanted to waterproof the basement of her new home. Water was leaking into the basement from several areas.

Our team waterproofed the basement and installed an interior drainage system so the homeowner could renovate the space. 

Crawl Space Joist Repair in Saint Clair Shores, MI

A homeowner contacted HomeSpec about a broken joist, as well as bowing support beams in his crawl space.

Our team replaced the broken joist. We also added a crawl space support system to restore stability. 

Crawl Space Insulation in Warren, MI

A homeowner contacted HomeSpec because his floors were cold, so he was looking to insulate his crawl space.

Our team insulated and encapsulated the crawl space to create a warmer living space in the home above.

Crack Repair in Warren, MI

A homeowner had another company repair a leaking crack from the exterior of his home. However, the crack started leaking again so he contacted us for an interior repair.

We injected the crack with polyurethane to prevent future leaking. We also repaired a rod hole. 

Wall Repair and Stabilization in Clinton Township, MI

A homeowner needed help after his attempt to repair a crack in his basement did not work. He said water was leaking in two spots.

Our team fixed the crack. We also installed a stabilization system to prevent wall movement. 

Wet Basement Repair in Sterling Heights, MI

A homeowner had water in her basement after a window well failed. 

Our team installed a new window well. We also put an interior drainage system in the basement to prevent future water issues. 

Leaking Crack Fix in Macomb, MI

A homeowner contacted us because water was getting inside his basement when it rained heavily.

Our team found a crack that was leaking, so we injected it with polyurethane. This will stop water from leaking from the crack. 

Leaking Basement Repair in Roseville, MI

A homeowner contacted us to repair a basement that had been leaking for 60 years.

Our team installed an interior drainage system and sump pump to solve the problem and prepare the home to be sold. 

Eastpointe, MI Basement Wall Fix

A homeowner contacted HomeSpec because she had cracked, leaking walls that were bowing.

Our team installed beams to stabilize the walls and an interior drainage system for water in the basement. 

Basement Wall Repair in Washington Township, MI

A homeowner contacted us after he found two cracks while doing work in his basement. Our team also discovered another crack that needed to be repaired.

We injected the three cracks with polyurethane and installed power grids on a wall to prevent future movement. 

Leaking Basement Fixed in Harrison Township, MI

A homeowner contacted us because he had water leaking into his basement from one wall.

Our team installed an interior drainage system with a sump pump to alleviate future water issues. 

PolyLeveling in Macomb, MI

A homeowner contacted us about an uneven driveway so our crew leveled it to match the nearby sidewalk by injecting polyurethane. This raised and stabilized the concrete surface.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Ray, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec about encapsulating her crawl space.

Our crew did the encapsulation, which includes stopping water intrusion, preventing moisture seepage, sealing air leaks, and conditioning the air in the crawl space.  

PolyLeveling in Richmond, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec about a cracked and sinking concrete slab that needed to be repaired.

Our crew sealed the cracks with our long-lasting silicone-based sealant that can survive even the harshest weather conditions. Then we injected our expanding PolyLevel foam under the concrete to raise it up and stabilize it. 

Crack and Rod Hole Repair in Sterling Heights, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec concerning leaking rod holes and vertical cracks in their poured basement walls (as shown in the photo). 

Our crew combated this issue by sealing the rod holes and injecting the cracks with our innovative polyurethane sealant, ensuring a waterproof seal. 

Crack and Rod Hole Repair in Sterling Heights, MI - Photo 1
Basement Waterproofed in Armada, MI

A homeowner contacted HomeSpec after getting an estimate from another company. He had water leaking in one corner of his basement when it rained and needed it repaired. 

Our crew waterproofed the basement from the exterior to prevent any more water issues in the future. 

Crack Repair in Armada, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec about repairing cracks in her basement wall. 

Our crew injected the cracks with our long-lasting polyurethane sealant to completely waterproof it and prevent it from worsening. 

Basement Waterproofed in Macomb, MI

This homeowner's parents built her home in 1998, but in recent years she has been struggling with constant water problems in the basement. 

Our crew sealed all of the cracks and rod holes in the foundation that were leaking, and stabilized the walls to prevent any more water issues. 

Street Creep Repair in Warren, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec about wall and floor cracks in their basement, and water that was seeping in.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that this distress was caused by street creep--or the lateral movement of the driveway and garage slabs pushing against the foundation wall. 

Our crew reinforced and stabilized the wall and then used the street creep system to prevent any additional movement. 

Sump Pump Installed in Macomb, MI

This homeowner was referred to us by his grandmother because she was so happy with the work we did for her. He contacted HomeSpec because his basement was flooding after heavy rain even with a sump pump.

Our crew replaced the sump pump with our powerful Zoeller pump in their existing basin to prevent the basement from flooding again. 

Crack Repaired in Center Line, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec about repairing cracks in their foundation wall.

Our crew injected the cracks with our innovative polyurethane sealant to repair and waterproof them. The sealant is flexible enough to move with the walls so it won't crack or dry out. 

Crawl Space Encapsulated and Basement Waterproofed in Harrison Twp., MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec because they wanted their crawl space encapsulated. They also had concerns about their interior drainage system and sump pump system (installed by another company), because they were still having water issues in their basement.

Upon inspection, it was found that the IDS was clogged with iron algae so we recommended it was flushed out. The homeowners only went ahead with the crawl space encapsulation and a dehumidifier at the time though.

But two years later, their pump failed and the water back-up sprayed all over their basement. They were now ready to have a new system installed by HomeSpec.

So our crew removed the old system, and installed a new interior drainage system - with a new sump pump and battery backup to ensure that wouldn't happen again. The backup keeps the pump running even if there's a loss of power.

The homeowners recently had their annual system flush and are still happy with the work that was done by HomeSpec! 

Moldy Crawl Space Repaired in Armada, MI

These older Armada homeowners were experiencing worse-than-normal allergies this spring and couldn't figure out why. Their son suspected there could be mold growing somewhere. When he inspected the crawl space, sure enough the joists were covered in mold and it was incredibly damp in there. That's when they called HomeSpec.

First, the mold had to be permanently removed. Our crew used the Mold X-2 Botanical to prevent the mold from growing back, plus it's made from an all-natural Thyme-based formula!

Our specialists highly recommended that the crawl space be repaired with a dehumidifier and an encapsulation system. The vapor barrier and dehumidifier prevent moisture from entering the crawl space and control the humidity levels at all times. This prevents mold from growing and prevents the wood from rotting. Our dehumidifiers do much more work for much less energy, which is why they're worth the investment. At least these homeowners thought so!

Fraser, MI Basement Waterproofed

A homeowner contacted us because water was seeping into his basement where the wall and floor meet. Our inspector found that the water was coming through all of the basement walls, so an interior drainage system would be the best solution to stop the problem.

Our team installed the drainage system along the perimeter of the basement. A dehumidifier was also put in the basement to control humidity levels. 

Basement Waterproofed in Fraser, MI

A homeowner contacted us for help after another company's attempt at waterproofing her basement failed. The company had installed an interior drainage system along two walls. The homeowner said the company who did the original work wasn't responsive when she started having issues with water again so she called us.

We removed the drainage system that was not properly working and installed a drainage system along the entire perimeter of the basement to alleviate the water issues. Plus, our work is backed by a warranty, so if there were future issues with our system, the homeowner could rest assured that it would be promptly fixed by us. 

Basement Wall Crack Repaired in Fraser, MI

A homeowner contacted us because he was concerned about a vertical crack in his basement wall. Our crew injected the crack.

This repair will keep the crack from leaking in the future. It will also prevent the crack from getting larger and damaging the foundation of the home.

While cracks in basement walls aren't always an imminent threat, it is important to get them checked by a trained inspector to determine if they need to be professionally repaired. 

Condensation in Crawl Space in Romeo, MI

One summer, this Romeo, Michigan homeowner felt that his home was more humid than normal. His air conditioner was working overtime trying to cool the sticky, dense air. One day he went into his crawl space for something, and witnessed a scene that shocked him - condensation had formed over all of the surfaces. It was extremely musty and wet. 

The homeowner was surprised because he thought having opening vents in his crawl space would allow air to pass through freely and keep it dry - but it did the exact opposite. This is a very common misconception. When the humid air enters the crawl space, it cools and deposits moisture. That’s when you find condensation - and eventually mold.

Our crawl space expert explained this to the homeowner after completing the inspection. The homeowner decided to have his crawl space encapsulated and a dehumidifier installed to solve this problem. The vapor barrier sealed the entire area and blocked water vapor from entering. Our powerful dehumidifier controlled the moisture in the air. The homeowner felt an immediate difference in the air quality of the home above. He was so glad he called HomeSpec!


Wet Basement Water Damage Prevented in Romeo, MI

The basement in his Romeo home flooded badly after a heavy rainfall. The power went out during the storm, and with it, the sump pump. Luckily, the basement wasn't finished and there weren't too many belongings on the ground. Too often are precious memories or things ruined by floods - including the basement itself. The homeowner was stressed and never wanted this to happen again, so she called HomeSpec. 

Our team installed a full basement waterproofing system. That includes an interior drainage system which will collect water from under the floor and from the walls and filter it into the TripleSafe sump pump. This sump is equipped with 3 pumps for triple the power and protection. It's powerful enough to pump out thousands of gallons of water an hour. She also decided to have a sump pump alarm installed to immediately alert her in case the pumps are working for any reason. This homeowner can now rest assured that her basement is dry and protected. 

Living Space Doubled in Romeo, MI Home

This Romeo, Michigan family was quickly growing. They had two children and were expecting twins, so they needed more living space. That's when they decided to finish their basement, but there was one problem - it wasn't waterproofed. They had a lot of water problems in the past and didn't want to risk it. This is when HomeSpec stepped in.

We used an interior drainage system and a sump pump to waterproof the basement. Then we installed our BrightWall panels over the walls to act as a vapor barrier and brighten up the living space. Unlike drywall, they are rigid plastic panels that are waterproof and washable!

For the flooring, the homeowners chose ThermalDry® carpeted floor tiles, which keeps your basement floor dry and warm. Made of inorganic materials, the homeowners won't have to worry about mold or rot. Since their young boys' rooms were being moved to the basement, they were worried about the kids damaging the tiles. HomeSpec assured them that individual tiles can easily be replaced. The homeowners were happy they were able to waterproof their basement and double their living space. 

Failed DIY Basement Waterproofing in New Haven, MI

This New Haven homeowner wanted to finish his basement, but he had water seeping in at several spots. He put waterproofing material on the wall (shown in photo), but it didn't work and water continued to penetrate. Many customers contact us after not being able to fix problems themselves with DIY hacks. The homeowner called HomeSpec to professionally waterproof the basement so he could finally renovate. 

Our crew installed an interior drainage system with a sump pump. This system will collect the water, funnel it into the sump pump, which will them expel the water away from the home through a discharge line. We also installed our ThermalDry wall system which creates a radiant heat barrier to keep heat inside your basement, but also works with the waterproofing system to keep the basement dry. It does this by acting as a vapor barrier and directing water down to the drainage system. 

Failed DIY Basement Waterproofing in New Haven, MI - Photo 1Failed DIY Basement Waterproofing in New Haven, MI - Photo 2
Leaking Floor Cracks Sealed in New Haven, MI

This homeowner owned his home for 30 years, but was considering selling it in the future. There was only one problem - the basement would leak. The basement floor had several cracks that would leak or be damp, especially in the spring. He also lived in an area with a high water table, so he definitely needed a waterproofing system. This is common in cities near large lakes. Without one, the water problems would only get worse and it would negatively impact the value of his home. 

So HomeSpec installed a full basement waterproofing system. The cracks were sealed, and an interior drainage system was installed around the perimeter of the foundation. A TripleSafe sump pump was installed for triple the protection - to funnel water away from the foundation and prevent flooding. The homeowner also wanted a vapor barrier installed on the walls to stop moisture and water vapor from entering the basement. This moisture is then collected by the drainage system and filtered into the sump pump. 

The New Haven homeowner is so glad his basement is now protected, and the value of his home restored. 

Damp, Musty Crawl Space Repaired in New Haven, MI

Should I ventilate my crawl space? Is it okay that my crawl space is damp? Why does my home smell musty? How do I waterproof my crawl space? Is it worth it?

These are the questions our customers often ask before coming to us, including this New Haven homeowner. Their crawl space was damp and the musty smell was spreading through out the home. They had open vents that were allowing in moisture and humidity, as well as a dirt floor that was allowing ground water and water vapor in.  

Our crawl space specialist answered all of the homeowner's questions and inspected the crawl space. We informed them that crawl spaces should be sealed and not vented, and if there's a dirt floor, a vapor barrier is needed to keep out moisture. That's why we encapsulated the crawl space with the CleanSpace system to solve this homeowner's problems. We installed the vapor barrier, a sump pump, and a dehumidifier to create a dry, clean crawl space. 

Is it worth it though? YES! A dry home with clean air and no mold, mildew, or rot compromising the safety of the home is 100% worth it. It adds value to the home, and gives the homeowner peace of mind. 

Basement Living Space Waterproofed and Repaired in Sterling Heights, MI

This homeowner in Sterling Heights, Michigan contacted HomeSpec to repair their basement which doubles as a living space. The walls would leak every time it rained, which would soak the carpet and drywall – causing expensive damage. Since the basement serves as a bedroom, living room, laundry room and storage room, the family was desperate to get the space repaired and waterproofed permanently. 

HomeSpec saved the day by installed an interior drainage system (French Drain) around the perimeter of the basement. Then a Sump Pump was installed to pump the water far away from the home. To prevent costly water damage repairs in the future, we also installed our ThermalDry® Elite Plank Flooring - a faux-wood waterproof flooring that looks great and protects the basement. Lastly, the walls were sealed with a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier to direct leaks down into the drainage system, and block vapor and moisture from entering.  

Warren, MI Basement Becomes Water Damaged After Heavy Rains

This homeowner in Warren, Michigan expressed their concerns to HomeSpec about water constantly flooding into their basement after rain. The water would slowly leak in through the joint where the floor and the walls meet until the entire basement was under an inch of water. He was sick and tired of cleaning the water up and throwing out damaged items, so he put his trust into HomeSpec. 

Luckily for him, HomeSpec permanently waterproofs basement on a daily basis. We installed a French Drain System around the perimeter of the basement to capture water seepage, and then deposit it into his new TripleSafe Sump Pump. The walls were then sealed with a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier to block moisture and water vapor leakage.

This system seals the basement tight and keeps it DRY!

Crawl Space Encapsulated To Ensure Safety in Saint Clair Shores, MI

This homeowner reached out to HomeSpec after discovering mold and moisture in their crawl space. The mold was causing health issues for their family and they were very concerned. After removing the mold, they wanted to encapsulate the crawl space to ensure this wouldn't happen again. 

HomeSpec was able to encapsulate the crawl space by sealing the walls and floor with a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. This blocks moisture and water vapor from entering. Then a SaniDry Dehumidifier was installed to drain into the sump pump. This conditions the air and makes sure the relative humidity does not surpass 55% – preventing mold growth. 

This was extremely reassuring to the homeowner who was worried about the safety of their family inside their own home. Now their crawl space is dry and healthy!

Ypsilanti, Mi Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space Encapsulation and Drainage System

An Ypsilanti, Mi homeowner bought a house in 2021 she described as:

 “…a bit of a Frankenstein situation with the original foundation from 1870, multiple additions, multiple crawl spaces, and partial Michigan basement.”

They had an initial inspection done at the time of purchase that didn’t reveal any major foundation issues, however, more recently they began noticing more and more basement cracks and chips. Wanting to be appropriately cautious they called our specialists to take a closer look.

HomeSpec’s Elon was undeterred by the situation. Sitting down and talking through the homeowners concerns before beginning a thorough investigation. The investigation process for this particular job was far more involved. The house was a two-unit property that was combined into a single unit with four different basement types total due to expansion over time. Some parts of her foundation were discovered to have been pulling away, which raised a concern about structural issues for the home. Crawlspaces were currently used for junk storage, but no basement area was useable in its current state for a living space. Elon had discovered multiple further issues throughout the different avenues he explored, the homeowner was taking in water from multiple areas and sources, there were varying pests infesting different crevices, they would need pest control, crack repair, foundation repair, and more.

Elon made sure to periodically check back in with the homeowner with status reports, and openly communicate his findings throughout the process as well as what that would mean for the owner. He proposed a solution set including encapsulating her crawlspaces and explained the need for a custom drainage system that would be plausible for her unique housing situation. There would be no possibility for a “cookie-cutter” fits all solution here. Thankfully, HomeSpec’s WaterGuard drainage system had multiple customizable configurations that could help adapt to the varying circumstances presented.

The recap of the found issues were that the basement and crawlspaces were both leaking water from varying sources, crack repair was needed, foundation repair was needed, pest control, crawlspace encapsulation, and perhaps most importantly, a proper customized drainage system throughout.

The homeowner was so impressed with Elon, and their experience working with him to understand their problem that she’d remark in a review:

“He really had his work cut out for him here and he did a great job, honestly give this man a raise! I'll definitely be calling him back in the next 6-12 months to move forward with some repairs and waterproofing.

            Note: Work Not Yet Completed

Fraser Mi, Basement Crack Repair and Foundation Damage Inspection

A Fraser, Mi homeowner was left incredibly concerned when she noticed cracks in her walls. Her main fear came from the understanding of her crawl space, and a growing concern that the foundations integrity may be compromised.                                                                        

She was in good hands with our representative, Ben. He was thorough and explained very step of the inspection process, as well as what he was looking for as possible causes as related to basement cracks, basement foundation damage, structural integrity, and factors concerning her crawl space. Thankfully, there was no water in the crawl space currently. After a thorough free inspection/estimate, Ben was able to put her worries to rest, and confirm there was no current threat to her foundation’s integrity like she feared but did recommend that it would be better to handle crack issues sooner rather than later. The homeowner felt secured and valued to the point she remarked       

“Outstanding customer service! We were very impressed by Ben's attention to detail. The way he explained everything to help us understand was so appreciated!! Ben, you made us feel like we were you're most important clients. We will definitely recommend your company and will not hesitate to contact your company in the future. Thank you for such a great experience.”

Sterling Heights, MI Hidden Basement Cracks and Rod Holes Found

A Sterling Heights, Mi homeowner had a leak from an unknown source causing regular wet basement problems. The idea of coming home constantly to water in the basement, is understandably upsetting. Try as he might, he just couldn't find the cause of the leak. He reached out to HomeSpec for help understanding his situation.


Ben Gabowitz was happy to hear out all of his concerns and conduct a thorough inspection into the cause. After removing a small amount of dry wall and running a small experiment, where he let a hose run outside for a few minutes, Ben noticed that water was flowing out from behind a stud. From there it was simple for Ben to find the rod holes causing the problem.


Rod holes are formed when the foundation of the basement was originally poured during construction of the home, metal rods were used to hold the forms together until the concrete had cured. At which point the rods were removed, leaving holes to be filled with balls of hydraulic cement. These fillings, however, are prone to wear and tear, and often can lead to leaks during rainy weather over time.


The homeowner was a bit of a handyman himself, so Ben was happy to sit down and explain in detail how best to address the situation within his own personal means.


The homeowner was struck by Ben's authenticity in handling his problem of having his basement crack and rod holes leaking water behind the walls, that he would go on to review:



I never wrote a review before but today I felt like I had to. We had a water leak in our basement that we couldn't find where it was coming from. Ben Gabowitz came just to evaluate the situation. Not only did he find the leak, he explained how to fix it and took the time to make sure I was satisfied. He was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and honest. I am definitely keeping his card for any future problems and will be giving his name to friends and family.”

Sterling Heights, Mi Basement Cracks and Rod Holes Repaired, Basement Deumidifer Installed


A longtime homeowner in Sterling Heights, Mi, had been left incredibly frustrated by what they thought were 2 cracks they sealed themselves last year, which have since turned into 3 leaking cracks. The basement water damage had devastated their carpet over time, to the point it was affecting their air quality and general health.


Looking for a reliable basement crack repair contractor near Sterling Heights to properly handle the problem once and for all. Dave, met with the homeowner and examined the previous cracks as well as the newly formed one. During his home inspection process, Dave discovered that the water leaking into the basement wasn't just caused by the cracks, but also to a couple of rod holes at a different end of the basement. Our crew got to work addressing the known cracks first. These 3 cracks were filled with a high-pressure urethane crack injection, and a carbon fiber power grid was installed in slits along the cracks to ensure they wouldn't continue to spread in the future. Next, our crew tended to the discovered leaking rod holes by first plugging the holes using hydrophobic polyurethane grout, a material that would expand and repel water. The holes were then filled with a special water stop foam injection before another application of the grout was used to ensure an air-tight seal. The entire job was neatly finished and cleaned to ensure a visually appealing repair job.


However, the job didn’t stop there. We needed to ensure the family’s long-term well-being and comfort. So, after a discussion and explaining the benefits of a basement humidifier with the homeowner, our crew finished by installing the Sanidry-Sedona basement humidifier. An incredibly powerful resource for any home and compact enough to double as a crawl space humidifier if needed. With high energy efficiency and automatic drainage, this was a set-it-and-forget-it solution that brought peace of mind to the homeowner, who was ecstatic to quickly see the health benefits.

Foundation Damage Resolved with Helical Piers and Crack Repair in Sterling Heights, MI

A family recently moved into a new home in Sterling Heights, Mi. Over the coming months, they had begun multiple renovations on the property to the best of their ability. One issue that they weren’t fully sure how to fix was the crack along the foundation floor, and the additional cracks spreading from the ground up towards the ceiling. They were due to have a glass door put in, but grew worried about how more installations could possibly affect the current damage. Understanding this was a foundation repair issue, they began searching for the best foundation repair contractor nearby. A family friend who had recent work done by us, referred them to HomeSpec Basementfix as their foundation support specialist of choice.

Once an appointment was set with the homeowners, a qualified project manager was sent out to the property. Elon, one of our foundation repair specialists, took a look at the crack in the wall and came to the conclusion that they would need immediate repair in order to prevent the crack from spreading and causing excess damage. While completing his detailed investigation of the property, Elon found a crack in the floor that may have resulted from the foundation shifting and causing damage to the floors and living space. While the homeowners expressed concern about the age of the home, Elon reassured them that this repair would restore structural integrity and put their fears to rest. 

Due to the groundwater present around the foundation of the home, even the smallest crack can cause a larger one to develop. If a larger crack develops in the wall, groundwater is likely to seep in and cause water damage on top of the current issues. The first step in providing a solution to the couple's problem would be to fill the cracks with high pressure urethane crack injection and having the crack-filled and carbon plates which prevent the crack from spreading be placed. This high pressure urethane crack injection ensures that no water leaks in through the crack. The next step in the process would be to insert a helical pier repair system. Helical Piers extend through the soil in order to reach a stable Foundation. The weight of the old Foundation is then transferred to the helical Pier by utilizing steel brackets which are affixed to the home. This successfully levels out the living space and ensures the structural integrity of the walls and the foundation remain intact. 

With the needs of the homeowners met and the repair successfully completed, our crew received wonderful reviews about their professionalism, cleanliness and timeliness. Homespec prides itself in providing a solution that will last a lifetime with quality products and quality service. 

Porch Foundation Settlement Problem Resolved in Saint Clair Shores, MI

A homeowner in Saint Clair Shores, Mi was going to be moving to Florida next year for a job transfer. However, over their time living in their current home, they noticed the porch seemed to be sinking, and both doors and windows were not closing properly, and previous inspections had suggested this was an active settlement issue. To ensure property value was maintained for when he’d sell the home, and establish a sense of security in his current living arrangements, the homeowner began looking for a foundation repair contractor nearby. They were introduced to HomeSpec Basementfix by a friend who had basement waterproofing done recently.

AJ, a foundation expert, was sent to the property to discuss the concerns with the homeowner and complete a detailed inspection of the property. While discussing the concerns with the owner, they confirmed that some of the windows and doors in the house would not close properly. AJ understood this was a settlement issue and if not dealt with correctly, could continue to cause damage to the windows, and doors as well as the foundation of the home. Foundation settlement is caused when one of the layers of the soil under the foundation fails to support the weight of the home and begins to sink. This happens over time and is not noticed immediately, which if left unaddressed, can cause the foundation of your home to structurally fail. After explaining this further to the homeowner, he also noticed cracks in foundation walls during his inspection, which led him to believe this was a long term issue that had not been dealt with before.

The first step outlined in our custom proposal for fixing this sinking foundation would be to add support systems in order to raise it back to level conditions. This is where the Helical Pier System would come in. Welded helical plates to the shaft allow it to secure the pier within the soil acting as an anchor. The Helical Pier System shifts weight from the foundation and transfers it to the pier itself, which reduces stress on the foundation. This system can be adjusted to meet the needs of the home over time, which makes it a permanent solution for foundation repair. Once the weight is transferred to the pier system, the foundation can then be lifted back to its original position. Thereby, addressing the problem and providing a lifelong solution.

After the work was completed, and the homeowners porch restored to its original position, they were pleased with the recommendation given to them and were more than happy to recommend HomeSpec BasementFix to anyone in need. 

Foundation Settlement Solved with Helical Pier Support System in Eastpointe, MI

A homeowner in Eastpointe, MI was in their backyard throwing a birthday party when they noticed the sliding glass door to get back into the house would not open properly. A common sign of foundation settlement, they set the issue aside for the time being. Once the party had ended, she went into the backyard to try and figure out why the door wouldn't open properly. After a quick walk around, she also noticed the back wall of her home had large cracks, another sign of foundation settlement. After doing some research. She decided to check her porch's level and noted that it was, in fact, slanted. Realizing this was a bigger issue than she initially thought, and with no intention of moving anytime soon, she set out to look for the best foundation repair companies nearby. HomeSpec BasementFix was selected as the home repair contractor of choice for this job.
Ben, who had experience in foundation repair, was sent to the property to discuss the homeowners' concerns in more detail and provide a free foundation inspection. After addressing the homeowner's worries and taking notes of the different types of cracks he found during the inspection, Ben looked at the porch sinking and immediately realized that this was a foundation settlement-related issue. Some of the more common signs of foundation settlement are doors not being able to open or close properly, cracks in the walls and uneven living spaces. Foundation settlement happens when one of the layers of soil under your home, typically the top layer, starts to shift, creating voids that the foundation settles into. Each layer is composed of different types of soil which have different properties that affect the ability to support the weight of the home. Typically, the soil gets more compact and stronger the deeper you go, and this is why Ben recommended our Helical Pier Support System as the best solution to homeowners' concerns.

Our Helical Pier Support System works best for this homeowners foundation repair because of its ability to stabilize the foundation from settling further and bring the porch back to its original position. When the soil gets too dry, it can cause the layers to shrink, and when it gets too wet, the top layer of soil can wash out completely, leaving a void that the foundation wants to fill. Helical Piers solve this problem with the helical plates that are welded to the shaft of the pier. These plates act as a screw and dig deep into new load bearing soils, which then act as an anchor to the ground. The first step was to expose the foundation and prepare the footing for the pier system; then the Helical Pier is adjusted to the appropriate height and advanced into the ground. This fast and effective process is capable of transferring the weight of the foundation to more competent layers of soil that will be able to support the foundation for an extended period of time. Helical Piers are a permanent solution designed with homeowners' peace of mind at the forefront of the support system.

With the porch successfully restored to its original height, the homeowner was relieved to learn that this problem was addressed before a larger foundation settlement issue caused even more headaches.

Sinking Patio Addition Solved with Helical Pier Support System in Saint Clair Shores, MI

A family in Saint Clair Shores, MI decided to add a patio to their home to increase the property value and provide some extra space to relax. After the construction and some more renovations over time, the family noticed one side of the patio was sinking. Due to the property being near water, the homeowners feared the problem could get worse. With no concrete plans to move from the home, they still wanted to address the issue as soon as possible because even if they did decide to sell the home, they wouldn't be able to sell it in good conscience knowing there was a foundation repair need. This led them to contact HomeSpec BasementFix as their foundation repair contractor of choice.

One of our Project Managers, experienced in foundation settlement repair was sent to the home to discuss the families concerns and conduct a detailed inspection. During the conversation, fears that the concrete slab would crumble were mentioned and our Project Manager explained that over time the water can cause the soil to soften or wash out completely. This leaves the foundation susceptible to settlement and can cause it to sink in order to fill the void. Understanding the urgency of their request, our project manager proposed a custom solution that involved installing our Helical Pier foundation support system. 

To solve the problem of this family's foundation settlement. Helical piers are installed to the appropriate depth and adjusted to meet the requirements of the home, in order to transfer the weight of the home to deeper, load-bearing soils. The Helical Pier Support System gets its name from the Helical plates welded to the shaft that act as an anchor, supporting the pier in strenuous conditions. Due to this, the piers won't add weight to unstable soils, providing support and long term durability. After the foundation has been lifted, the Helical Piers stabilize the foundation, preventing further settlement. This situation required our crew to address the root cause of the problem and the Helical Pier Support System was more than capable of providing a permanent below ground solution. 

After the homeowners' fears had been put to rest, the foundation restored, and the family pleased with the professional work done by our crew, they were more than happy to leave a review and recommend HomeSpec BasementFix to neighbors in need of home repair.

Sagging Floors and Bowing Walls Solved with SmatJack and CarbonArmor Support Systems in Harrison, MI

A homeowner in Harrison, MI was planning on finishing and renovating their basement in order to make it a primary place for the family to spend time. She realized that wouldn't be possible until she addressed the bowing wall, sagging floors and cracks in her ceiling. While speaking to a friend that recently had basement waterproofing done by us, they recommended HomeSpec BasementFix as the best foundation repair contractor nearby. 

Dave, a Project Manager experienced in foundation repair, was sent to the property to provide a free inspection and discuss the problems with the homeowner. While addressing the concerns, it was brought to his attention that the floor was sloping and the crawl space support posts needed to be looked at. While completing his inspection, Dave explained that bowing walls are the result of hydrostatic pressure. When expanding soils push up against the walls causing it to bow inwards, over time, this results in severe damage to the structural integrity of the foundation and can lower the value of the property. Our project manager proposed a custom solution for this homeowner by recommending our SmartJack Support System to address the sagging floors and our Carbon Armor Wall Support System to solve the bowing walls.

The first step in solving this homeowners foundation repair problem was to bring the floors back to level with our SmartJack Support System. Traditional wooden crawl space support posts are subject to high humidity, aside from the wood rot, wooden support posts can sag, causing the floors above to sink. SmartJack solves this by stabilizing the crawl space beams and floor joists. The SmartJack is made of zinc-plated galvanized steel to resist corrosion and eliminate the threat of floor failure by preventing mold, moisture and wood rot. This solution was ideal for the homeowner because its permanent nature allows it to be adjusted year-round to meet the needs of the home. The SmartJack Support System is proven to support loads of more than 60,000 lbs. Giving the homeowner peace of mind when it comes to leveling out the floor. The next step in this project was to install our Carbon Armor Wall Support System. Under stress, foundation walls can begin to crack or bow-in. Our Carbon Armor solution prevents this from happening by using carbon fiber-reinforced polymers to prevent the wall from leaning in and moving further inward. With our exclusive ArmorLock brackets, the straps are adhered with a high strength yet flexible epoxy to contour to the bowing basement walls. These Carbon Armor straps work well for this homeowner because they can easily be painted over to provide minimal disruption when renovating her basement. With same day installation, the Carbon Armor wall is a permanent solution to stabilize block foundation walls. 

With the homeowner ready to renovate her basement and her fears put to rest, she was pleased to receive a referral discount and recommend HomeSpec BasementFix to neighbors in need of repair. 

Sinking Foundation Solved with Helical Piers and PowerBrace Wall support in Chesterfield, MI

While approaching their home in Chesterfield, MI, the homeowner noticed that something didn't look right. After a closer look, they realized the home was sinking from left to right. The homeowner thought back to when they had an inspection from HomeSpec 10 years ago, and decided not to address their foundation repair problems at that time. Now the issues had compiled to the point it could no longer be avoided, including a severely sinking foundation. They decided to reach back out to HomeSpec BasementFix again, this time, with the intention of having this issue fully resolved once and for all.

Project Manager Mark, who had experience with foundation settlement repair, was sent to the home to provide an inspection, free of charge. While discussing concerns with the homeowner, it was brought to our attention that the back wall was showing signs of tipping. After explaining to the homeowner that weak foundation soils can be washed out completely by rain or shrink due to dry conditions, the weight of the foundation can no longer be structurally supported and this is what causes it to sink and settle. This movement of soil from the surface can cause the foundation to sink into the void left by the soil, and eventually fail. The homeowner, having not realized the gravity of the situation, requested that our project manager come up with a solution as soon as possible. This is what led Mark to propose a custom solution that involved our Helical Pier Support System to raise the foundation and our PowerBrace Wall Support System to bring structural integrity back into the walls. 

The first step in this foundation repair was for our crew to install the Helical Support System. Helical plates are welded to the galvanized steel piers which act as a screw and dig deep into the ground. Helical piers permanently stabilize the foundation from further settlement and in this case, raise it back to level. The piers are advanced to the appropriate depth without disturbing the weaker unstable soils, allowing the weight of the foundation to be transferred, through the piers, to more capable load bearing soil. Combined with the steel brackets that attach to the home, helical piers present a permanent solution to prevent this homeowners foundation from sinking. The next step in this foundation settlement repair was for our crew to install the PowerBrace Wall Support System. The PowerBrace stops the wall from tilting by installing steel beams that are secured to the beams above using brackets. The PowerBrace is a minimally invasive solution that is adjustable to meet the needs of the home over time. 

With the home successfully leveled and the foundation wall supported, this homeowner was relieved to have HomeSpec BasementFix provide an excellent solution to their problems. 

Bowing Walls Solved with CarbonArmor Wall Support System in Armada, MI
On a cold day in Armada, MI a homeowner was spending time in their basement when their eyes began to wander over the walls. Noticing the cracks, they set the problem aside for a later date and continued to enjoy their recently purchased home. One day, while rearranging the layout of the basement, they noticed one of the walls was no longer straight; some of them had begun to bow inwards. Realizing it was time to address the problem, they set out to search for basement foundation repair companies nearby. After extensive research, and consulting family, HomeSpec BasementFix was recommended as the best foundation repair contractor for this job. 

Mark, our Project Manager who specializes in foundation repair, was called out to the home to perform a free inspection and further address the concerns of the homeowner. After noting the poured concrete walls in the basement, Mark explained that expansive soils, which is the buildup of hydrostatic pressure due to the excess moisture, was most likely the cause of the walls bowing inwards and cracking. Foundation failure was one of the concerns brought to our attention, which led to Mark proposing our CarbonArmor Wall Support System to stop the bowing and the SmartJack Crawl Space Support System to prevent the floors from sagging. 

In order to solve the bowing walls, our CarbonArmor Wall Support System uses carbon fiber-reinforced polymers to contour to the walls of the foundation. CarbonArmor is many times stronger than steel, combined with our ArmorLock brackets; it prevents the wall from leaning in at the top and moving further inward. With quick, same day installation, CarbonArmor is an effective solution to prevent the walls from bowing inwards. The next thing our crew did in this foundation repair was install the SmartJack Support System. With traditional support posts being susceptible to wood rot, mold and pests, they can often fail, causing the floors in the living space to sag. This is uncomfortable to live with, and the SmartJack solves this by creating a base of engineered fill to provide a solid base for the support jacks to rest on. The galvanized steel columns are corrosion resistant and capable of supporting loads up to 60,000 lbs. Heavy duty threading in the rods allows for year-round adjustment to the needs of the home, making this support system an ideal solution for this repair. 

With the wall protected from the outside pressure, and preventative measures taken with the support jacks, this homeowner was pleased with the work done by our crew and happy to have their peace of mind restored. 


Sinking Patio Foundation Solved with Helical Pier Support System in Chesterfield, MI

Adding a patio to the home can increase its property value, which is exactly what this family in Chesterfield, MI, had in mind when they built it. Unfortunately, not long after its construction, they began to notice how it slanted too much to one side. Not wanting to have their home lose value, they came to the conclusion that it was time to address the root of the problem. After a search for foundation repair nearby, they were directed to HomeSpec BasementFix as the foundation repair contractors best fit for this job.

Ted, our Project Manager, who had prior experience with sinking foundations, was called out to do a free inspection of the property and address the homeowners concerns in more detail. Ted explained to the owners that over time, the soils beneath the patio can shift, causing a void that the concrete foundation sinks into. This can be due to many reasons, such as too much moisture causing soils to wash out completely, or if the soil is too dry, it can crumble under the weight. Understanding the need for the homeowners to restore property value and return the patio to its original condition, Ted laid out a solution for the family that involved the Helical Pier Support System to add structural integrity back into the foundation.

The Helical Pier Support System gets its name from the helical plates welded to the shaft of the pier. These plates act as a screw, digging deeper into more competent load bearing soils in order to transfer the weight of the foundation from the weaker soil. Helical Piers are an ideal solution for this foundation repair because its permanent nature anchors the foundation to the newer load bearing soils, allowing for the structural integrity to remain intact. Due to the specifically designed helical plates, advancing the piers deeper into the ground does not add weight to weaker soils, allowing it to reach bedrock if needed without compromising the strength or integrity of the support system. 

The Helical Pier Support System provided results the family could see firsthand and were more than happy to recommend HomeSpec BasementFix to friends in need of foundation repair.

Separating Porch Solved with Helical Pier Support System in Saint Clair Shores, MI

A homeowner in Saint Clair Shores, MI had built a porch to increase the property's value and give the family some extra living space. However, after enjoying the new addition for some time, they started to notice it slowly shifting away from the house. Worried this gap was a sign of future foundation problems for the home, they consulted some friends who recently had basement waterproofing done by HomeSpec BasmentFix. This recommendation led them to contact us for foundation repair.

One of our experienced Project Managers, Sidney, was sent to the home to provide a free, detailed inspection and get eyes on the widening gap. After meeting with the homeowners and discussing their concerns in more detail, Sidney explained that new additions to the home can sometimes damage the home itself while also causing damage to the existing foundation when not installed/constructed correctly. When the soil was dug up for the new addition, this caused the untouched soil to lose some of its integrity. Because of the proximity to a large body of water, the soil underneath the foundation is prone to wash out, creating a void that the porch sinks into. When the foundation settles into the weaker soil, this creates a gap between the home and the porch, which if left unaddressed, can lead to further foundation problems. With the homeowners fully informed of the situation, Sidney proposed a custom solution that involved our Helical Pier support system to bring the porch back to level with the rest of the house and close the gap.

The Helical Pier Support System is an ideal solution for this family’s sinking porch because it provides long term peace of mind and stability for the home. Helical Piers work by digging out the soil around the foundation and then screwing the helical plates that are welded to the shaft of the piers to reach load-bearing soils, or even bedrock. This stability allows the weight of the foundation to be transferred to the newer soils through the piers without disrupting the weaker soils above. The proven solution addresses the root cause of the settlement by utilizing the foundation pier system to lift and level the addition to the rest of the house.

With the new addition restored to its original condition and the family’s fears put to rest, they were excited to receive a referral discount from HomeSpec BasementFix.

Homeowner has Sagging Floors Fixed with SmartJack Support System in Warren, MI

After recently purchasing their new home in Warren, MI, this family was experiencing a soft spot in the middle of their hallway get progressively worse. After doing some digging into the possible causes, they came to the conclusion that the previous homeowners had water damage that was not properly addressed. More specifically, the water damage to the support posts was causing the mold in the crawlspace to affect the air quality in the home. Wanting to permanently fix the issue, and retain the property's value when it comes time to sell, they reached out to HomeSpec BasementFix for a solution.

Sagging floors in a home can be annoying to live with, and combined with the mold in the air, it becomes a problem that can quickly compound into other issues for this family. When Zach, one of our experienced Project Managers, was introduced to the homeowners, he immediately noticed the toll this was taking on them. Wanting to solve this as soon as possible for the family so they could return to their normal lives, Zach recommended The SmartJack Support System to raise the floor back to its original level, and the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to purify and keep the mold out of the crawl space for good. 

When the support posts under the floors of your home can no longer support the weight of the daily traffic over them, they begin to weaken and sag. Water damage speeds this process up and introduces mold into the air, which leads to many adverse health problems. The SmartJack Support System is ideal for this family because the corrosion-resistant steel jacks are placed on a base of engineered fill in order to support the floors above without the fear of them sinking. The next step in this crawl space repair was to install the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to keep the crawl space dry and the air coming through fresh. 

After the support posts were replaced, and the air coming into the home noticeably fresher, these homeowners were pleased to have a weight taken off their shoulders and ready to enjoy the new floors. 

New Homeowners Uneven Floors Solved with SmartJack Support System in EastePointe, MI

Having the floors leveled in your home can bring a variety of benefits, both practical and aesthetic. One of the most obvious benefits is that it can improve the overall safety and functionality of your home. So when this homeowner in Eastpointe, MI was experiencing uneven floors and tripping hazards, they looked for possible solutions that would make it less difficult to move furniture or appliances around. Additionally, they reached out to HomeSpec BasementFix to work on this project. 

Uneven floors can cause gaps or cracks in the flooring, which can allow drafts to enter your home. This can lead to increased heating and cooling costs as your HVAC system works harder to maintain a consistent temperature. By leveling the floors, you can help to seal these gaps and reduce drafts, which can help to lower your energy bills. When one of our experienced Project Managers explained this to the homeowner after providing a detailed inspection, they recommended the SmartJack Support System to take care of this homeowner's uneven floors. 

The SmartJack Support System is a solution that can be used to level this homeowners floors and provide quality of life improvements. The system is designed to support and level sagging or settling floors, which can cause unevenness and structural issues. The SmartJack is installed in crawl spaces and uses adjustable steel support jacks capable of lifting over 60000 lbs. to lift and level the floors. This process can help to improve the overall safety and functionality of the home by eliminating tripping hazards, making it easier to move around while ensuring that doors open and close properly. Additionally, the SmartJack Support System can help to improve the energy efficiency of the home by sealing gaps and cracks caused by uneven floors. Lastly, having our crew install the SmartJack Support System can increase the value of the home by making it more attractive to potential buyers, and reducing the need for costly repairs or renovations.

Homeowner in Clinton Township, MI with Leaking basement and Cracks in the Wall has Their Problem Solved with Carbon Fiber Power Grid

A homeowner in Clinton Township, MI was experiencing a major problem with their basement - water was seeping in and causing damage to the belongings and the structure of their home. This homeowner was frustrated and didn't know what to do. But, they were determined to find a solution. After doing some research, they came across our company, HomeSpec BasementFix, which specializes in basement waterproofing and foundation repair.

Once the homeowner had called us for help and we scheduled a visit to the home, one of our Project Managers began the free inspection. He noticed that there were several cracks in the basement floor that were allowing water to seep in. Our Project Manager discussed the problem with the homeowner and recommended sealing the cracks with High Powered Urethane Crack Injection, which would prevent water from entering the basement. During the inspection, he also noticed that the walls in the basement were bowing, which was causing further structural damage. To solve this issue, he recommended installing The Carbon Fiber Power Grid, which would reinforce the walls and prevent further bowing.

Our crew got to work and first cleaned the cracks to ensure a proper bond. Then, they injected the High Powered Urethane Crack Sealant into the cracks, which quickly filled the cracks, creating an airtight and waterproof barrier. Our crew would then monitor the cracks and make sure the urethane had completely cured before moving on to the walls. The next step was for our crew to carefully cut the carbon fiber sheets to size and then attach them to the wall using a strong epoxy adhesive. The carbon fiber sheets were then tensioned to provide additional support to the walls, effectively preventing further bowing.

This homeowner was thrilled with the results. Not only was their basement dry and protected from water damage, but the bowing walls were now reinforced and they felt confident that they could finally finish remodeling the basement. The homeowner thanked our crew for their hard work and was grateful for the solutions that they provided to solve the problem and allow them to keep their peace of mind.

Homeowner in Shelby Township has foundation repaired and crawl space encapsulated with CleanSpace

A family in Shelby Township, MI was facing a major problem that affected their health and was causing them stress for some time. Their crawl space had a persistent mold problem that was causing allergies and respiratory issues. To make matters worse, the foundation was sinking, which was causing cracks in the walls and floor of the home. These homeowners were at their wit's end and didn't know what to do, so they reached out to HomeSpec BasementFix for help. 

Once our Project Manager had arrived at the home and had noted during his detailed inspection that the mold problem in the crawl space was due to high humidity levels and poor ventilation and the sinking foundation, on the other hand, was due to poor soil conditions and lack of proper support. To solve these problems, our Project Manager recommended a two-step approach. First, our crew would use the Helical Pier Support System to raise the foundation and stabilize the structure of the home, then they would encapsulate the crawl space using the CleanSpace System and the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier. 

The first step in this project was to install the helical pier support posts. This involved installing steel piers into deeper, load bearing soil to provide a strong and permanent support for the foundation. Next, our crew would encapsulate the crawl space with the CleanSpace Encapsulation Liner. CleanSpace is a heavy-duty liner that would be installed on the floor and walls of the crawl space to prevent moisture and mold from entering the space. Lastly, the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier would be installed to control the humidity levels and ensure a dry and healthy environment.

Once our crew had completed the job, the crawl space was clean and dry, and there was no more mold or dampness. The foundation had been raised and stabilized, and there were no more cracks in the walls and floors.

This family was overjoyed and grateful for the work our crew had done. They were finally able to breathe easy and live in the home without fear of the mold affecting their health. The Helical Pier Support System and CleanSpace encapsulation had transformed this home, making it a safe and healthy place for the family.

Homeowner in Shelby Township, MI completes Renovations with SmartJack, SaniDry and CleanSpace Systems

This homeowner in Shelby Township, MI had just gotten the idea to make some renovations to their home. However, before they could begin the process they needed to address the sagging floors in the living room and bedrooms. After having a few contractors take a look, they found out that the support posts in the crawl space were damaged, causing the floors to settle and sag. They were getting increasingly worried that the problem would only get worse, and didn't know how to fix it. That's when they heard about HomeSpec BasementFix and reached out to us for a solution.

A Project Manager, who had experience in crawl space repair, was sent to the house to assess the crawl space and propose a solution. During the inspection, the Project Manager noted how the support posts were damaged and needed to be replaced. They explained to the homeowner the many benefits of installing the SmartJack Support System and how it would provide a permanent solution to their sagging floors. He also recommended the crawl space be encapsulated with the CleanSpace System as well as the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to prevent any further damage to the area and ensure long lasting support for the support jacks.

When the Project manager and the homeowner agreed on a date for the repair, the next step was to send out our crew of skilled technicians. They first removed the damaged support posts and installed the SmartJack Support System in its place. The SmartJack system is designed to be easily adjustable, so our crew was able to precisely level the floor joists and provide the necessary support. They also encapsulated the crawl space with CleanSpace, a vapor barrier that would keep out moisture and reduce the risk of mold growth. Finally, the crew would install the SaniDry Sedona, a high-performance dehumidifier, to further protect this homeowner's crawl space. The SaniDry Sedona would keep the air in the crawl space dry, reducing the risk of mold and other moisture-related problems.

After the project was completed, the homeowner immediately noticed the floors were level and no longer sagged. They were also impressed with the clean and well-sealed crawl space, which was now protected from moisture and other environmental problems.

Macomb, MI Homeowner has WaterGuard and High Pressure Crack Injection Installed to Create A Safe Space for Their Children

A concerned homeowner in Macomb, MI was starting to notice that the cracks in their basement floor were getting bigger and more jagged with each passing day. This was becoming a safety hazard for their family as their child had already injured themselves on one of the jagged edges. The homeowner knew that they needed to take action and find a solution to this problem before it got any worse. This led the homeowner to reach out to us at HomeSpec BasementFix for help.

Once we had assigned a Project Manager to assess the home and provide a solution to the family’s problem, the Project Manager was sent to the home to conduct a thorough inspection of the basement. He found that some of the cracks in the floor were not only growing but also leaking water, which was causing additional damage to the foundation walls. The Project Manager proposed a custom solution that involved the installation of the WaterGuard Drainage System to drain the water, High Powered Urethane Crack Injection to seal the cracks, and the Carbon Fiber Power Grid to prevent further damage to the basement walls.

On the day of the installation, our crew arrived at the homeowner's house on time and began by preparing the area for the installation. They first used a jackhammer to remove a section of the basement floor around the perimeter of the basement walls, creating a trench for the WaterGuard Drainage System to rest in. The WaterGuard is specifically designed to catch any water that may seep into the basement and direct it to a sump pump to be pumped out of the house. Next, the High Powered Urethane Crack Injection was used to fill the cracks in the basement floor. Our crew used a special high-pressure injection gun to force the urethane foam into the cracks, sealing them from the inside out. The foam expands and hardens, creating a waterproof seal that prevents any water from seeping through the cracks. Finally, the Carbon Fiber Power Grid was installed to reinforce the basement walls and prevent further damage. The grid was cut to size and placed onto the walls, then secured with an epoxy adhesive. The carbon fiber is incredibly strong and is designed to prevent any further cracking or bowing of the walls. Once the installation was complete, the crew cleaned up the work area, leaving the basement looking cleaner than when they arrived. Our Project Manager conducted a final inspection of the work, ensuring that everything was done to the highest standards.

The homeowner was more than happy to experience the benefits of the installation firsthand. They were impressed with how efficiently the crew worked, and they appreciated the professionalism and knowledge of the Project Manager. Most importantly, the homeowner was happy to have a safe and dry basement that their child could play in.

Homeowner in Sterling Heights, MI has Large Puddle in their Basement drained with the TripleSafe Sump Pump System

A homeowner in Sterling Heights, MI had noticed that a large puddle in their basement was not draining. This concerned them about the potential damage this would cause to their property, and their belongings they had been storing in the basement. After some contemplation and research, they decided to seek the assistance of HomeSpec BasementFix.

The first thing we did was assign a Project manager to assess the property and maintain open contact with the homeowner to discuss their concerns. When the time came for the free inspection, our Project Manager found that the current sump pump in the basement was allowing water to leak into the space, which was causing the pooling that the homeowner had noticed. The Project Manager recommended installing the TripleSafe Sump Pump, a high-quality and reliable sump pump system that is specifically designed to handle high water volume and prevent basements from flooding. The TripleSafe Sump Pump system is equipped with three pumps, which provide multiple layers of protection against water intrusion. The first pump is designed to handle normal levels of water, while the second pump kicks in if the first pump fails or cannot keep up with the volume of water. The third pump is a battery backup system that provides an additional layer of protection in the event of a power outage. After the Project Manager explained the capabilities of the TripleSafe Sump Pump system to the homeowner, emphasizing how it would help drain the water away and prevent further damage to the walls and belongings in the basement, This homeowner was ready to set a date for installation.

Once our crew was dispatched to the homeowner's property to install the TripleSafe Sump Pump system, they began by digging a hole in the basement floor to create a sump pit, which would house the pump. Then, they installed the TripleSafe Sump Pump system, which included a primary pump, a secondary pump, and a battery backup system. Our crew ensured that the system was installed correctly, with all necessary piping and electrical connections in place to provide this homeowner with the peace of mind they needed. They also tested the system to ensure that it was functioning correctly and that the water was being properly drained away from the property.

Once the installation was complete, our crew cleaned up the area and left the basement looking better than it had before. The homeowner was thankful for the quick work and happy to have finally found a solution to the water leaking in their basement.

Homeowner in Eastpointe, MI Has Their Belongings Saved From Water Damage By Installing the WaterGuard and BrightWall Systems

A homeowner in Eastpointe, MI had been in the same house for several years, and after noticing a large crack in their basement wall growing over the years, they were ready to address the problem head on. The water was causing several problems for the homeowner, including damage to their belongings and the potential for mold growth. After doing some research, they decided to reach out to us for their basement waterproofing needs.

After discussing the issue with the homeowner and completing his inspection, our Project Manager recommended the installation of a WaterGuard Drainage System and the BrightWall wall restoration system. Both systems would work together to keep their basement dry and prevent any more water from leaking or pooling around their belongings.

First, our crew excavated a small trench around the perimeter of the basement floor where the WaterGuard Drainage System was to be installed. Then they installed the WaterGuard Drainage System and connected it to the sump pump system. Next, they installed the BrightWall panels on the walls of the basement using mechanical fasteners which kept it stable and created a waterproof barrier.

The installation process took a few days to complete, but the benefits for the homeowner were immediately noticeable. The WaterGuard Drainage System effectively collected the water that was seeping through the walls, preventing any further damage to their belongings. The sump pump system ensured that the collected water was pumped out of the basement, preventing any potential flooding, and The BrightWall panels prevented any moisture from seeping through the walls, improving the overall air quality of the basement.

Homeowner with Bowing Wall has PowerBrace Installed to Save Basement Wall in Shelby Township, MI

A homeowner who lived in Shelby Township, MI had big plans for a house flip. Eager to complete the renovations and move to a warmer climate, they had been diligently working on the property before putting it up for sale. However, during the renovation process, they noticed a concerning issue in the basement—a wall that was bowing inward. Recognizing the importance of addressing this problem with a professional, they contacted us for the project.


When the homeowner reached out to us, they explained that despite the bowing wall, they had not experienced any water intrusion in the basement. Additionally, the homeowner mentioned that they had previously installed French drains in the backyard to divert water away from the house. While this measure helped prevent water from entering the basement, it did not address the structural issue causing the bowing wall.


Based on a thorough assessment of the basement, our Project Manager recommended they have us install the PowerBrace Load-Bearing System.


The PowerBrace system is designed to stabilize and potentially straighten bowing or buckling basement walls. It's made of strong steel I-beams that are installed vertically along the affected wall, anchoring the basement floor to the floor joists above. These beams provide structural support and help prevent further inward movement of the wall. With each beam in place, our crew made sure to tighten them gradually to provide enough support and correct the bowing.


With this essential improvement in place, the homeowner could confidently proceed with their house flip, knowing that whoever bought the house after them would enjoy a secure basement.

Homeowner in Center Line, MI with Leaking Bathroom has WaterGuard and Carbon Armor Installed in Their Basement to Prevent Further Damage

A homeowner in Center Line, MI was noticing a problem in their basement bathroom, and increasingly it was beginning to cause them concern. The rest of the basement was unfinished, providing ample space for damage if the issue was left unaddressed. Determined to find a fix, they reached out to their neighbor, who had previously experienced a similar problem and recommended us as the best fit for the project. 


During the initial consultation with the homeowner, they explained to our Project Manager that although the bathroom was finished with drywall, the issue had become more severe as the water had managed to seep beneath the floor. They were certain there was a vertical crack behind the bathroom wall, which was likely contributing to the water leakage. To address their concerns, our Project Manager came up with a comprehensive solution for this homeowner that involved installing the WaterGuard Drainage System and the Carbon Armor Wall System. 


The first step was to address the source of the water infiltration. Our crew began by excavating a narrow trench along the perimeter of the basement, directly adjacent to the leaking bathroom. This trench allowed them to install the WaterGuard at an angle that would drain the collected water through a channel directly to the sump pump. Once the WaterGuard was in place, they turned their attention to reinforcing the foundation walls. To address the crack behind the wall, our crew installed the Carbon Armor wall system. This consisted of

applying the Carbon Armor strips directly onto the cracked area, securing them with a high-strength epoxy. The carbon fiber provides immense structural support, further reinforcing the existing structure. 


Once the Project was complete, the homeowner was grateful to have their peace of mind restored and a dry bathroom in their basement.

Sterling Heights, MI Homeowners have WaterGuard, CleanSpace, EverLast Restoration and SaniDry XP Installed to Combat Mold Growth

A Family in Sterling Heights, MI was looking to create a safe and healthy environment for the children in their home. However, there was one persistent issue that continued to worry them immensely- water seeping in through the basement walls. Their main concern was the potential for mold growth due to the constant water flow creating a damp environment. They wanted their children to grow up in a healthy environment, and the thought of leaving behind a home that could foster mold-related health risks troubled them. To make matters worse,​​ they also felt a sense of disappointment and frustration towards the builders who constructed their home, as they believed the builders had neglected taking proper waterproofing measures to ensure their safety. After extensive research and reading numerous positive reviews, they contacted us to help solve their basement waterproofing needs.


Upon scheduling the appointment, we sent a Project Manager with experience in basement waterproofing to assess the situation and propose a custom solution tailored to the homeowners needs. He understood the family’s concerns and explained that the potential consequences of leaving the issue unaddressed could lead to more trouble down the line.

To tackle the water infiltration at the source, he recommended the WaterGuard Drainage System. Next, he turned his attention to the basement walls, where he recommended the EverLast Wall Restoration and the CleanSpace Wall. Finally, to complete the basement waterproofing project he recommended they install the SaniDry XP. 


With this plan in place, our crew began their work. To install the WaterGuard System, they excavated a narrow trench along the perimeter of the basement, this allowed the WaterGuard pipes to fit flush with the wall and sit on top of the foundation footing. They also made sure to dig the trench at a slope so the water would naturally flow towards the sump pump. Next came the installation of the basement wall systems, The EverLast is designed to restore the walls by covering the existing damage and the CleanSpace is installed over it to create a vapor barrier that prevents moisture from entering the space and thereby reducing the risk of mold growth. Finally to address the air quality and add an extra layer of protection against mold, our crew installed the SaniDry XP. This dehumidifier would ensure the family’s basement remains dry and the air was at an optimum humidity level. 


Upon completion of the project, the homeowner was happy to have taken a proactive step towards securing a healthy future for their children. This project had not only restored their peace of mind, but it solved their immediate concerns and also laid the foundation for a worry-free future

Homeowner in Chesterfield, MI has Helical Piers Installed around New Addition and Garage to Combat Sinking and Foundation Settlement

A homeowner in Chesterfield, MI was growing more and more distressed as each day passed. They had recently added an addition to the garage, which was built on a concrete slab and it was beginning to sink. This was causing cracks on the walls and uneven floors inside the home. Determined to save their home and the new addition, they reached out to us for a solution that would put their mind at ease.


Upon arrival, our experienced Project Manager conducted a thorough inspection, utilizing his tools and expertise to assess the foundation's stability. Once he had completed the free inspection and discussed his findings with the homeowner, he recommended the installation of the Helical Pier Support System for the foundation. 


The helical pier is a foundation support system designed to provide deep foundation support for residential structures. It consists of a steel shaft with helical plates along its length, resembling large screws. This is where it gets its name from. The first step is to prepare the surrounding area, ensuring there is clear access to the foundation. Next, our crew begins the installation process for the helical piers, they excavate the area around the addition, making sure the holes are precisely positioned in locations where the load-bearing capacity of the soil is optimal. Once the holes are ready, the helical piers are hydraulically driven into the ground, deep beneath the unstable soil layers until they reach more stable, load bearing soil. The helical plates on the piers create a strong anchor, securely holding the foundation in place. This installation method offers several advantages: it minimizes disturbance to the surrounding landscape, provides immediate load-bearing support, and eliminates the need for curing time. With the helical piers securely in place, our crew attaches heavy-duty steel brackets to the foundation's base. These brackets serve as connectors between the piers and the structure, effectively transferring the load from the sinking foundation to the stable piers beneath the ground.


Upon completing the installation, our crew conducted a final inspection to ensure the helical piers are properly aligned and capable of withstanding the structure's weight. Satisfied with their work, the homeowner thanks them for the peace of mind they restored.

Elderly Couple In Saint Clair Shoes, MI Has Exterior Waterproofing and Curtain Drain Installed

An aging couple in Saint Clair Shores, MI had been living in their charming house for decades. Over the years, they've cherished countless memories within its walls. However, recently, their home has been facing a distressing issue - water infiltrating through the chimney cleanout. The situation has become increasingly worrisome, as a crack has manifested at the base of the chimney, exacerbating their concerns. The couple's frustration had grown to a point where they realized they needed to make a change, having to constantly battle the persistent water intrusion was no longer ideal for them. The process of cleaning up the water and constantly changing soaked towels has become a cumbersome chore. As they've aged, they find it difficult to manage this ongoing task, and the stress of having to constantly check the situation has taken a toll on their peace of mind. The looming fear of the problem escalating into something more severe has cast a cloud of unease over their otherwise normal days. Twenty years ago, they had the side of their home excavated and treated to combat a similar issue. The passage of time has seen those efforts wane in efficacy, leaving the couple with a sense of urgency to address the current predicament.


Understanding the gravity of their situation, our team at HomeSpec stepped in to offer a comprehensive solution that would restore the couples comfort and tranquility. Through our professional expertise, we recommended a multi-faceted approach combining exterior waterproofing and the installation of a curtain drain.


To tackle the exterior waterproofing, our crew embarked on the waterproofing process with precision. They assessed the couples home, identifying vulnerable points and potential entryways for water. Our selected waterproofing products were applied to the exterior surface of the house. These specialized products create an impermeable barrier that repels water, ensuring that moisture does not infiltrate the home's structure. By sealing off the porous surfaces, we assured the couple that their home would be guarded against the intrusion of water. Recognizing the importance of directing water away from the house, we devised a solution tailored to the couples specific needs. Our crew installed a curtain drain system. This involved the placement of a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel along the perimeter of the house. This drain system redirects excess water away from the foundation, preventing it from seeping into the ground and potentially causing harm to the structure. By effectively managing the water flow, we ensured that the couples home would remain dry and secure.


As we concluded the project, we took the time to explain the features and benefits of our chosen products to the elderly couple. We emphasized that the combination of exterior waterproofing and a curtain drain not only addresses their current concerns but also serves as a lasting solution that aligns with their desire for lasting peace of mind.


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