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WaterGuard Interior System
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Polyurethane Crack Sealing
WellDuct Window Drainage
BrightWall Waterproof Panels
ThermalDry Wall Barrier
Basement To Beautiful Pre-finishing Wall Insulation Panels
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SuperSump Pump System
TripleSafe Pumping System
UltraSump Battery Back Up
Sanidry Dehumidifier
Aspen Air Purifier


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Push Pier Underpinning For Settlement, Foundation Leveling, Sinking Foundation Repair
Geo-lock Wall Anchors
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PowerBrace Bowed Wall Repair
CarbonArmor Fiber Wall Repair
SmartJack Crawl Space Support
Slab Pier Repair
PolyLevel Concrete Lifting
EZ Post Deck Repair
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2022 Angi Super Service Award
Westland, Michigan, November 21st, 2022–HomeSpec Basementfix is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angi... [Read more]
Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2022
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Keep your basement dry with quality basement waterproofing in Monroe County, MI.

Monroe County Basement Waterproofing Service Call

Our friendly professionals can help you keep your basement dry and healthy!

A wet basement is something every homeowner dreads. Not only does a wet basement lead to mold growth and other problems, but it also drastically lowers the value of your home. Luckily, a wet basement can be fixed, and HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is here to help!

One of our highly trained inspectors can investigate your basement and identify the source of the excess water. Once we’ve identified the problem, we can install the ideal solution for you and your home. As part of the Basement Systems network, we have access to a wide range of proven products and will choose the ones that best fit your needs.

With waterproofing, this often involves the use of a Triple Safe Sump Pump and a perimeter drainage system. This will continually remove unwanted water from your basement and has a state-of-the-art, battery backup system to ensure you don’t have an unpleasant surprise one day if the main pump fails or your power goes out.

Ready to get started? Contact us today and schedule a free basement waterproofing estimate in Monroe County, MI!

Local Foundation Repair Experts in Monroe County

Your foundation is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your home. This means that the upkeep of your foundation is crucial, including necessary repairs that may arise. Unfortunately, foundations can be vulnerable to a wide range of issues, including:

  • Bowing walls
  • Wall cracks
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Floor cracks
  • Uneven floors
  • Sagging crawl spaces
  • Foundation settlement
  • Expansive soils
  • And more

If you notice any of these problems, don’t panic! Just call your local experts at HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair right away. With over 25 years of experience, we can investigate the problem, identify the source, and suggest the best solution for your particular issue. We offer a wide range of foundation repair solutions, including pier systems, crawl space support posts, spray concrete, and wall repair systems.

Effective Crawl Space Repair Solutions by HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

Effective Crawl Space Repairs by HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair offers long-lasting crawl space repairs to improve indoor air quality and more in Monroe County.

Your crawl space is often out of sight and out of mind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Problems with your crawl space can have wide-ranging and serious impacts on the rest of your home.

Many of these problems stem from the outdated practice of venting crawl spaces during construction. While this might sound good on paper, it winds up being a disaster. A vented crawl space means the air in the crawl space is always cold, moist, and drafty, leading to poor air quality and mold growth.

This, in turn, can lead to decreased energy efficiency for your home as cold air from your crawl space enters the home and heated air from your home dissipates into the crawl space. A dirty crawl space can also lower the quality of the air you breathe since most of the air in your home passes through the crawl space at some point, picking up mold spores and other contaminants.

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can help turn your crawl space from a detriment into an asset with unbeatable crawl space repair products and services.

Crawl Space Repair Products & Services

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Crawl Space Dehumidification
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Crawl Space Drainage
  • Crawl Space Support Jacks
  • And more!

Permanent Concrete Leveling Solutions in Monroe County, MI

Sinking concrete can be a serious issue for a home, leading to tripping hazards, pooling water, and more. Unfortunately, the only solution in the past has been mudjacking or slabjacking, which come with a variety of downsides, notably their long cure times. Luckily, there’s a new solution: the PolyLevel® system.

Generally, concrete sinking is due to the soil beneath the slabs washing away, shrinking, or settling. This causes unevenness and cracking. With PolyLevel®, we inject polyurethane foam beneath the slab to fill these voids, leveling out the concrete. Not only is this method highly effective, but it also cures faster than most other methods and is waterproof.

Contact us today to learn more about any of our solutions and to schedule your free estimate for any of our services in Monroe County, MI!

Job Stories From Monroe County, MI
Interior Drainage Installation in Dundee, MI

A homeowner contacted HomeSpec because he had water seeping into his basement. He said he had an interior drainage system that was installed by another company years ago, but that system failed.

Our team installed a new drainage system to the home's existing sump pump. 

Interior Drainage Installation in Dundee, MI - Photo 1
Leaking Basement Solution in Monroe, MI

Our team was contacted to do work in a basement where water was leaking inside from two places.

We installed an interior drainage system, which included a sump pump. A dehumidifier was also put in the basement to help reduce moisture. 

PolyLeveling in Lambertville, MI

A homeowner contacted us about their 20-year-old concrete porch sinking and pulling away from the home. 

Our crew repaired several cracks in the porch and then used the PolyLevel system to fix the sinkingA polyurethane foam was injected beneath the concrete, rising and leveling it. 

Helical Piers Installed in Milan, MI

A customer inherited a home from his grandmother and while fixing it up, he discovered that water was seeping into the basement and a corner of the crawl space was sinking. 

We encapsulated his crawl space to fix the water issues, and then installed helical piers which stabilized the foundation.

Interior Drainage System Installed in Ida, MI

This homeowner had another company fix two bowing walls in his basement a few years ago, but then discovered water seeping in at five different areas. The basement also had a damp musty smell. 

HomeSpec solved this problem by installing an interior drainage system, which collects the water and funnels it away from the foundation, preventing future water issues. 

Wall Stabilization in Milan, MI

These customers were renovating a campground lodge built in 1979 and in the walkout basement they found inward dislocation of the concrete blocks and several cracks in the mortar. 

Our crew repaired the cracks with our silicone-based joint sealant and stabilized the walls with wall anchors and a brace system to prevent any further damage and potentially straighten the wall. 

Wall Stabilization in Milan, MI - Photo 1Wall Stabilization in Milan, MI - Photo 2
Basement Professionally Waterproofed in Temperance, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec because water was leaking into their basement every time it rained or snow melted. 

We solved this problem by installing an interior drainage system with a sump pump. This means that when water comes in from the walls or ground, it will drain into the drainage system instead of leaking into the basement and causing damage. Then the sump pump will expel the water away from the home. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Ida, MI

These homeowners were suffering from a wet crawl space that was making their entire home feel damp and musty. 

To solve this problem, HomeSpec encapsulated and waterproofed their crawl space. With a dehumidifier to control the moisture and a sump pump to funnel water away from the foundation, the homeowners will no longer have to worry about their crawl space. 

Basement Waterproofed in Dundee, MI

Water was leaking into this homeowner's basement where the floor and the wall meet. 

To fix this problem, HomeSpec installed an interior drainage system. This system goes around the perimeter of the basement and collects any water coming in. Then the water is funneled away from the foundation to prevent flooding. 

Interior Drainage System and Sump Pump Installed in Carleton, MI

Water was flooding into this homeowner's basement so HomeSpec installed an interior drainage system and a sump pump to solve the problem. 

Drainage System Installation in Newport, MI

A man who had owned his home for 30 years contacted us for help when he saw his basement was leaking. Water was getting into his home from a seam of a wall where an attached garage was connected above ground.

The home already had a sump pump, but that wasn't going to help with the water leaking through the wall. Our crew installed an interior drainage system that led to the existing sump pump. This solution provided the homeowner with peace of mind that his basement would stay dry in the future. 

Basement Repaired in Newport, MI

A homeowner reached out to HomeSpec because she had a wall that was bowing in her basement. It was also discovered that her sump pump was not working and there was water in the basement,

Our team was able to fix both her foundation problem and the water issue. We installed straps to stabilize the wall. We also installed an interior drainage system.

Wet Basement Repaired in Newport, MI

A homeowner contacted us after she dealt with water issues in her basement for years. She said she had cracks filled 15 years prior, but they began to leak, so she decided to permanently solve the problem.

Our crew installed an interior drainage system with a sump pump. Together, these will prevent future water issues in the basement.

After years of dealing with a wet basement and failed attempts to fix it, the homeowner can rest assured that she won't have to worry about it again. 

Interior Drainage System Installed in Lambertville, MI

These homeowners had dealt with a wet basement for way too many years. It was getting worse over time, and a musty smell started to become present through out the home. They eventually wanted to finish their basement to add extra living space, since their family was growing. They knew they had to waterproof their basement first - that's where HomeSpec comes in.

Our project manager concluded that this basement needed an interior drainage system to connect to their sump pump. The perimeter drainage system will collect the water and filter it into the sump pump, which will then pump it away from the home through the discharge line. Several months after the job was completed, the homeowners reported no more water issues and were ready for HomeSpec to finish their basement! 

Our crew installed BrightWall wall panels to not only brighten the look of the basement, but also connect to the drainage system and prevent water issues. Then they installed our ThermalDry® basement floor tiles. These are low-maintenance, and also help your floor feel warmer. The homeowners were finally able to fully utilize their basement, and have enough room for their growing family! 

Crawl Space Waterproofed in Lambertville, MI

This crawl space experienced a lot of water issues which led to problems like mold, musty smells, a muddy floor, and damaged insulation. The homeowners dealt with this problem for years, and finally it flooded so bad that both of their old sump pumps died. They already had to tear out their vapor barrier because of damage from previous flooding. It was obvious that these homeowners needed a permanent solution. 

Thankfully, they called HomeSpec. After an inspection, their project manager designed a custom solution to defeat this wet crawl space. The answer was to install a perimeter drainage system that connects to two new sump pumps, and then encapsulate the entire crawl space. With our powerful sump pumps able to discharge thousands of gallons of water an hour, and a vapor barrier preventing moisture from entering, the crawl space is now completely waterproofed. These homeowners are so happy that they don't have to worry about it anymore! It's now out of sight, and out of mind. 

Crawl Space Waterproofed in Lambertville, MI - Photo 1Crawl Space Waterproofed in Lambertville, MI - Photo 2
Critters Found in Crawl Space in Petersburg, MI

These Petersburg homeowners found something horrific when they looked inside their crawl space. They had been smelling weird smells, and hearing odd noises coming from under their home, so they decided to investigate. Not only did they find dead animals, but live ones too - a family of opossums. They had snuck in through a damaged vent, and made it their home. 

After this shocking discovery, the homeowners decided they wanted their crawl space encapsulated - so they called HomeSpec. Our crew installed a vapor barrier over the dirt floor and the walls, and then covered the vents. This was done after another company removed the animals of course! As much as these critters need a home, your home needs to be protected as well. Now these homeowners can rest assured that nothing is getting into their crawl space.


Egress Window & Well Installed in Petersburg, MI

The window wells and egress windows on this Petersburg home were very old and not properly draining water. They had no cover, and water was leaking through the window into the basement after storms. The homeowners called HomeSpec to have them replaced. 

Our crew removed the old wells and windows, and replaced them with ours. Our window well comes with a cover to prevent water seepage and protect from the elements. We also installed drainage in the well, so it won’t flood and leak into the basement. It looks so much better now!


High-Humidity Levels in Petersburg, MI Basement

This Petersburg, Michigan basement was very humid in the summer. Humidity is not good for organic materials, like wood, which is abundant in a basement. High moisture levels lead to condensation, mold, and rot. This basement was experiencing all 3. The floor joists were beginning to rot, which endangers the structural integrity of the home. Mold was growing behind the drywall, which meant mold spores were floating around the entire home too. 

Our team suggested installing one of our powerful, efficient dehumidifiers to solve this problem - the SaniDry Sedona. It removes up to 95 pints of water from the air PER DAY. And on top of that, it costs less to run than others on the market. After a few weeks with the Sedona, the homeowners felt like they had a brand new basement!


Wet Crawl Space Encapsulated in Erie, MI

These homeowners were suffering from a typical wet crawl space - a musty smell protruded from below the home, and the mold that resulted from the high-humidity was causing health concerns. There was almost always puddles of water in the crawl space, and the ground was always muddy. 

HomeSpec solved this problem by waterproofing and encapsulating the crawl space after treating the mold. A drainage system was installed and connected to a sump pump to control the water and prevent flooding. A powerful dehumidifier was installed to control the moisture in the air. A vapor barrier was installed over the ground and walls to seal the crawl space and prevent water vapor from entering. 

The crawl space is now dry with healthy, clean air circulating throughout. The smells were eliminated and the mold won't be able to grow again. 

Basement Waterproofed in Luna Pier, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec to waterproof their constantly leaking basement. 

Water was seeping in at the joint where the floor and the wall meet. To solve this problem, we proposed installing a perimeter drainage system below the floor. This would collect the water and prevent it from leaking into the basement. This was connected to a powerful sump pump to dispose of the water and funnel it far away from the home. 

The homeowners are very pleased with their dry, healthy basement. No more leaks! 

Wet Water Damaged Crawl Space Gets Waterproofed in Palmyra, MI

These Palmyra, Michigan residents had a huge problem - their crawl space was always wet. With it always being wet and muddy, awful smells often accompanied it. They installed a makeshift vapor barrier as an attempt to keep water out. But then after a heavy rainfall, the old sump pump failed and the crawl space flooded - ruining the vapor barrier. 

HomeSpec designed a custom solution to prevent this crawl space from flooding again, and to eliminate any odors coming from it. We installed a perimeter drainage system that connects to a new sump pump, much more powerful and long-lasting than the previous one. We also sealed the walls and ground off with our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. This blocks humidity, water, and water vapor from infiltrating and instead directs it to the drain and sump pump. 

Now these homeowners have peace of mind with their dry, healthy crawl space. 

Humid Crawl Space Dehumidified in La Salle, MI


Vapor Barrier Seals Basement Walls in Ottawa Lake, MI


Old Leaky Basement Windows Replaced in South Rockwood, MI


Wet, Nasty Crawl Space Waterproofed & Encapsulated in Azalia, MI

These Azalia, Michigan homeowners reached out to HomeSpec because they discovered water in their crawl space. 

The crawl space was extremely wet and muddy, with very high humidity. The musty smell could even be smelled throughout their entire home. The moisture was starting to wreak havoc on the wooden joists, so something needed to be done. 

HomeSpec solved their problem by encapsulating the crawl space by sealing off the walls and floor with a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. A sump pump was also installed to collect and expel water away from the foundation. To control the humidity, a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to maintain a healthy 55% relative humidity, ultimately preventing mold and condensation. 

Now, the crawl space is not only dry, but clean and healthy too. 

Milan, Mi Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair For Bowing Walls

A family in Milan, Mi had noticed their basement walls increasingly bowing over time, leaving crevices open for water to get through and run down their walls. This was a quickly compounding problem cause for concern regarding both water damage and structural/foundation support. To let this problem continue, would have been to put the health and safety of their families at risk. Realizing the urgency, they contacted HomeSpec to investigate and offer long-term solutions.                                            


Dave Kingsley sat down with the homeowners to discuss their concerns in depth. After hearing their point of view and developing an understanding of what they wanted, Dave began a thorough basement inspection to detail the problem and determine the base steps towards a proper solution. He outlined that the best way to handle these problems was to tackle the bowing wall first, add additional support to stabilize and repair the foundation walls, as well as integrate a new drainage system to divert possible leaks from the walls.                                            


The best combination for this job was determined to be the use of Carbon Armor and WaterGuard. The crew would begin by installing the CarbonArmor system. This is the ideal, non-invasive solution to permanently stabilize block foundation walls. Using carbon fiber-reinforced polymers that are many times stronger than steel, yet flexible enough to contour to bowing basement walls. This system prevents the wall from leaning in at the top and moving further inward, with straps adhered with powerful epoxy resin.                                


WaterGuard is a customizable piping system engineered specifically to solve basement water problems without worry of clogging. WaterGuard has a special wall flange that creates space between the floor and wall, allowing wall seepage to drain away seamlessly to the designated basin, where the crew would reinstall the functional sump pump.            

The combination of these two systems helped to waterproof this family's basement as well as permanently stabilize their foundation walls.

Crawl Space and Foundation Supported to Level Floors in Petersburg, Mi

A family in Petersburg, Mi recently purchased a new home in the area. It was a beautiful home near a good school district for their kids; they truly believed they could settle down here for the foreseeable future. The only problem was that their floor was settling before they were. The family best described the situation as the floors felt as though they were dipping. This created an understandable concern if foundation repair was needed, or if something was wrong with crawl space. They really wanted to ensure a safe long-term home for their family, so they searched for contractors specializing in foundation and crawlspace repair near Petersburg, and found HomeSpec to be the most respectable choice.


HomeSpec's Jesse Frailey drove out to discuss concerns with the family; the "dipping" floors became readily apparent to Jesse as well. His investigation commenced, taking him to an outside access for the crawl space; there wasn't any water in the area, which was a relief because it meant no crawlspace waterproofing would be needed. However, sagging joists were noted and needed to be addressed immediately.


To that end, our crew introduced the SmartJack reinforcement system to the crawlspace. The SmartJack® system is a foundation repair product that provides a permanent solution to these problems. The SmartJack® is installed by attaching steel support beams to the floor joists and a sturdy base at the floor. Once all posts are installed, they are adjusted to raise the floors to a level position. With the SmartJacks being easily adjusted at any point, if the homeowner requires it, they help ensure a permanent solution to foundation and structural problems.


This family was able to literally reclaim the sense of balance stolen from them, thanks to HomeSpec.

Sagging Floors and Leaking Basement Solved with SmartJack Support System and SmartSump Sump Pump




A brother and sister duo in Monroe, MI had recently acquired their parents home and were looking to renovate the basement into an extra living space for the family. They had previously noted some of the floors in the home were sagging, which led them to believe they would need to contact a crawl space repair contractor before starting any renovations. A neighbor who recently had basement waterproofing done recommended HomeSpec BasementFix as the best option for crawl space repairs.

Jesse, who had solved a number of crawl space repair problems, was called to the property to provide a free detailed inspection and review the homeowners concerns. Sagging floors can be attributed to a failing crawl space support system a majority of the time. A humid crawl space can lead traditional wooden supports to rot and when these supports fail, the floors begin to sag, causing uncomfortable living conditions for the family. During the inspection, Jesse also observed puddles in the crawl space, which led them to believe there was also a crawl space waterproofing problem that needed to be solved to prevent future possible damage as well. This led our Project Manager to propose a custom solution for these homeowners that involved the SmartJack Support System to raise the floors and a SmartSump Sump Pump to drain the water away from the crawl space.

In order to address the sagging floors, our crew would have to enter the 3 foot high crawl space and install the crawl space support jacks. The SmartJack Support System is engineered with galvanized steel rods to prevent moisture in the crawl space from causing damage to the support jacks. The adjustable nature of the SmartJack allows it to be adjusted year-round to meet the needs of the home as they see fit. With the ability to support over 60,000 lbs., the SmartJack support system is an ideal solution for this home's sagging floors. The next problem addressed in this repair was the sump pump drainage system in the crawlspace. The SmartSump Sump Pump is specifically designed for crawl spaces and is capable of pumping 2,500 gallons of water per hour to provide all the protection these homeowners need from leaks and floods.

With the floors raised back to level, and the crawl space leaks addressed, the brother and sister were ready to begin their renovations, knowing they had found an effective solution to their problems with HomeSpec BasementFix.

Basement Wall Cracks and Sagging Floors Solved with SmartJack Support System in South Rockwood, MI

Remodeling a home has many benefits, including, increasing the property value, improving the quality of life for the homeowners and even retaining peace of mind knowing the home is in good shape. That's exactly what these homeowners in South Rockwood, MI had in mind when they renovated their property a few years ago. The amount of time and money put into renovating the home was in jeopardy when they had begun to notice the drywall splitting in the center of their home. Not wanting to waste any time and risk further damage, these homeowners decided they needed to address the problem head-on. After consulting with friends and family about possible causes of splitting drywall, they were recommended to HomeSpec BasementFix, by a friend who recently had basement waterproofing done, as one of the best foundation repair companies nearby. 

Our Project Manager, who understood the homeowners situation and had experience in foundation repair, was sent to the South Rockwood property to provide a free detailed inspection. When discussing the homeowners concerns, it was brought to our attention that the crawl space was damp and had been showing signs of mold. Understanding this to be a weakened support post-issue, our project manager recommended the SmartJack Support System to restore integrity to the crawl space and level out the floors, preventing any further cracks from forming in the walls. 

Over time, due to humid conditions in the crawl space, traditional wooden support joists can be subject to mold, pest damage, and wood rot. This failing structural support system can cause long term damage and create future concerns for the homeowner. The SmartJack Support System solves this structural integrity problem by installing a base of crushed gravel to support the jacks and prevent them from sinking into the soil, and galvanized steel beams that are adjustable year-round to prevent mold, and pest damage. The SmartJack Support System is capable of supporting loads of up to 60,000 lbs., ensuring these homeowners retain long term peace of mind with this ideal solution.

With the crawl space successfully supported and the homeowners thankful the money and effort they put into the renovations didn't go to waste over a failing support system, they were more than happy to receive a small referral discount from HomeSpec BasementFix for the services provided.
Basement Flooding and Wall Cracks Solved with SuperSump Sump Pump and CarbonFiber PowerGrid in Monroe, MI

A homeowner with an unfinished basement in Monroe, MI was using the space as extra storage for their home, when water first started leaking through the large vertical crack in the wall, the homeowner just started moving the valuable items to higher ground. Eventually it got to the point where the basement water was beginning to seep into all the belongings from below and the homeowner was ready to address the problem once and for all. After doing some research into the best basement waterproofing contractors nearby, this homeowner contacted HomeSpec BasementFix for the repair.


Dave, a Project Manager with experience in basement waterproofing, was called to Monroe in order to further understand this homeowner's concerns and perform a free, detailed inspection. While talking with the homeowner, it was brought to the attention of our Project Manager that they feared the cracks could continue to spread if left unattended and cause more water leaks, damaging all the belongings and causing a multitude of future problems for the house. During his inspection, our Project Manager also noted how the floors above were uneven and this could be a sign of the water damage causing the support beams to become weakened. Dave understood the struggle of this homeowner and recommended the CarbonFiber PowerGrid in addition to a High Pressure Urethane Crack injection to fill the crack, a SuperSump Sump Pump to solve the water flooding the basement and the SmartJack support System to bring the floors back to level. 


The first thing our crew had to address during the basement waterproofing project was the bucking walls and the large crack. To solve this successfully our crew would begin by installing a CarbonFiber PowerGrid consisting of digging slits along the cracks and filling them with carbon-fiber plates to prevent any further spread. The next step in installing this basement waterproofing system was to seal the crack with High Powered Urethane Crack Injection and install the SuperSump Sump Pump. The SuperSump is a sump pump capable of expelling up to 2,200 gallons of water, ensuring this homeowner's basement was kept dry and protected from flooding in the future. Lastly, the SmartJack support System was installed to bring structural integrity back to the water damaged floors that had begin to sag, with the ability to support loads over 60,000 lbs., the Smartjack is more than capable of bringing this homeowner's floors back to level and preventing them from sagging again. 


With the basement waterproofing system completely installed and the walls prevented from bowing or buckling, this homeowner had the option to finish the basement with their fear of a future flooding problem put to rest.


Monroe, MI homeowner has basement waterproofed with WaterGuard

A homeowner in Monroe, MI had been experiencing wet spots in the corners of their basement for several months. They noticed that the problem was getting worse and were concerned about the potential for further damage to the home and their belongings. After doing some research online, they came across HomeSpec BasementFix and reached out to us for help. 

Our team scheduled an appointment to send out a Project manager that would inspect the basement and assess the problem. Once he arrived at the property, he immediately noticed the wet spots on the basement floor. After conducting a thorough inspection of the basement, he identified the source of the problem as a clogged drainage system. Our project manager explained the issue to the homeowner and recommended we install the WaterGuard Drainage System. The homeowner was pleased with the recommendation and agreed to the installation. 

The WaterGuard Drainage System is a reliable and efficient solution to basement water problems. It is a french drainage system designed to sit on the foundation footing and capture water before it reaches the basement floor and redirect it to a sump pump for proper discharge. Our crew installed the system along the perimeter of the basement, hidden in the concrete joint, so it does not detract from the appearance of the basement. Once it was properly sealed and secured, they tested the system to ensure it was functioning correctly and that no water was entering the basement. This homeowner was very impressed with the workmanship and the attention to detail shown by our crew.

After the installation was complete, the homeowner no longer had to worry about the wet spots in the basement. The WaterGuard Drainage System was working efficiently, capturing water before it reached the basement floor and redirecting it to the sump pump for proper discharge. They were very satisfied with the results and grateful for the solution provided by our crew.

Homeowner With Leaking Foundation Walls has their Problem Solved with the WaterGuard Drainage system in Dundee, MI

A homeowner in Dundee, MI had been noticing water leaking in the corners of their basement, causing damage to their belongings and interrupting their peace of mind. The homeowner was quite concerned and knew that they needed to take action to address the issue before it got worse and caused further issues down the line. This led them to do some research of their own and contact HomeSpec BasementFix to help with this project.

Once the homeowner had contacted us we immediately connected them with a Project Manager who specializes in basement waterproofing. The Project Manager asked the homeowner some questions about the issue and scheduled a time to assess and inspect the property, free of charge. During the assessment, our Project Manager found that the cracks in their foundation walls were allowing water to leak into the basement. The Project Manager explained to the homeowner that the water could cause serious damage to the foundation if left unchecked. Our Project Manager then proposed a solution that involved installing the WaterGuard Drainage System to drain the water away from the walls and the SuperSump Plus to pump the water outside the basement and prevent further damage to the walls and their belongings. The Project Manager explained how the WaterGuard system is designed to collect water from the basement walls and floors and then redirect it to the sump pump, while the SuperSump Plus is a high-performance sump pump system that is specifically designed to handle the amount of water in the basement.

On the day of installation, our crew arrived on time and set to work right away. They first removed any damaged items and debris from the basement, making sure to keep the area clean and safe. Next, our crew began to install the WaterGuard Drainage System. They first excavated a small trench around the perimeter of the basement, which allowed them to place the WaterGuard System in place. Once the WaterGuard system was installed, the crew began to work on the SuperSump Plus installation. They first dug a hole in the basement floor and placed the SuperSump Plus in the hole. The crew then connected the sump pump to the WaterGuard System, ensuring that the water would be effectively pumped out of the basement.Then our crew made sure to connect the system to the SuperSump Plus, ensuring that the water would be pumped out of the basement and away from the property. After the systems were installed, the crew tested everything to make sure that the systems were working properly. They also made sure that the basement was clean and free of debris before leaving the property.

The homeowner was very happy with our crews work and felt confident that the systems would effectively prevent any future water damage. Thanks to the Project Manager and our crew, the homeowner could rest assured that their belongings and property were safe from any further damage caused by water leaks in the basement.

Homeowner Experiencing Drainage Problems in Their Basement has WaterGuard Installed in South Rockwood, MI

A homeowner in South Rockwood, MI was getting increasingly concerned with their home when they began to see water seeping into their unfinished basement. They feared that the water would cause damage to their foundation, create mold, and lower the air quality of their home if this issue was left unaddressed. They were also worried about the high cost of repairs if the damage was taken care of in a timely manner. After reaching out to us for a solution, we appointed a Project Manager to help solve their problem.

When our Project Manager arrived at the property to perform the detailed inspection, he had discovered cracks along the wall of the basement that converged where the floor meets the wall, allowing water to leak through the foundation. In order to successfully stop the leaking, he proposed a solution that involved the installation of the WaterGuard Drainage System and the SuperSump Sump Pump, which would collect the water that was leaking from the walls and drain away from the house.

Our crew arrived at the property once a date and time were set for the installation. They started by breaking out a section of the concrete floor around the perimeter of the basement to install the WaterGuard Drainage System. The WaterGuard Drainage System is a patented, sub-floor system designed to capture water seepage from walls and floors. It is made of high-density polyethylene which is also installed in a bed of drainage stone along the foundation walls, and covered with cement to ensure that it is flush with the basement floor. Then, our crew started on connecting the WaterGuard Drainage System to the SuperSump Plus, a powerful sump pump system that is equipped with a reliable cast iron pump, a WaterWatch alarm system, and a battery backup system to ensure that it continues to function even when the power goes out.

The homeowner was grateful that our crew could restore their peace of mind at home with the excellent work they did and was happy to leave a review stating how efficient, clean and knowledgeable our crew was.

Homeowner in Aging Home Has their Basement Updated With the CarbonArmor, PowerBrace and WaterGuard Support Systems in Monroe, MI

A homeowner in Monroe, MI had been living in their house for over a decade, due to  the age of the home, they were noticing how the walls in their basement were bowing inward, and they also saw some cracks of various sizes appearing on the walls. This was leading to water damage whenever it rained and the homeowner knew that it was  time he contacted us to prevent further damage.

After we scheduled this homeowners inspection, one of our Project Managers was sent to the residence to further discuss this homeowners concerns. The first thing he recommended to the homeowner was that we install the PowerBrace Wall Support System and the CarbonArmor Support System to address the bowing walls and prevent further movement. Next, to address the water damage, he recommended the WaterGuard Drainage System and the SuperSump Plus Sump Pump.

The PowerBrace Wall Support System is a patented, steel I-beam system designed to stabilize and straighten bowing basement walls. It can support loads up to 100,000 pounds, making it an ideal solution for this homeowners problem. Our crew set to work on installing the PowerBrace system along the basement walls to provide the necessary support and prevent any further bowing or movement. While some of the crew worked on the PowerBrace System, the rest were making sure to install the CarbonArmor Support System. It is a unique solution that uses fiber-reinforced polymers to stabilize and strengthen basement walls. The system is ideal for addressing wall cracks, which was one of the problems they were facing in their basement. Our crew made sure to install the CarbonArmor strips along the cracked walls, creating a strong bond that prevents any further cracking and strengthens the wall. Finally, our crew would set to work on installing the WaterGuard Drainage System and SuperSump Sump Pump  to solve their waterproofing problem. The WaterGuard system is a patented, interior drainage system that collects water from the basement walls and floors and directs it to the SuperSump Plus Sump Pump for removal. These two systems ensure the basement remains dry and safe.

In the end, the homeowner was delighted with the work the our repair crew did in their basement. The PowerBrace Wall Support System, CarbonArmor Support System, WaterGuard Drainage System, and SuperSump Plus Sump Pump provided a comprehensive solution that addressed all the problems they were facing and allowed them to sleep comfortably at night knowing the basement would remain dry.

Crack in Basement Causing Homeowner in Monroe, MI Problems has WaterGuard Installed to Prevent Future Damage

A concerned homeowner in Monroe, MI had been experiencing water seepage in their basement through a crack in the floor whenever it rained, over the years it had been slowly growing and more water was leaking in. This homeowner, having put it off for too long, was becoming increasingly frustrated and worried about the potential damage that the leak could cause to their property. That's when a neighbor recommended us as the best basement waterproofing company for the job.

To start, we sent out one of our skilled Project Managers to assess the situation and provide a solution that would fix this homeowners problem once and for all. After examining the basement, and conducting a thorough inspection, he determined that the best course of action for this project would be to install the WaterGuard Drainage System and the TripleSafe Sump Pump.

When our crew arrived on the date of install, they began by excavating a perimeter trench around the basement foundation to install the WaterGuard Drainage System. This french drain system collects water that seeps into the basement and directs it to the TripleSafe Sump Pump which then relocates the water away from the home. The WaterGuard Drainage System is designed to be installed discreetly under the floor, and on top of the foundation footing, ensuring that it does not detract from the appearance of the basement. Once the WaterGuard Drainage System was installed, our crew then moved on to installing the TripleSafe Sump Pump. This pump is specifically designed to handle high volumes of water and comes equipped with three powerful pumps to ensure that water is removed from the basement quickly and efficiently. The TripleSafe Sump Pump also comes with a battery backup system, ensuring that the pump continues to function even during power outages which makes this an ideal solution for the homeowner.

After the installation was complete, we were able to solve the homeowner's problem quickly and efficiently, which they were thankful for. The homeowner was pleased with the work done by us and relieved to know that their basement would remain dry and free from water damage in the future.

Homeowner In Monroe, MI has Musty Odors and Mold Growth Prevented By Installing the TripleSafe Sump Pump and SaniDry Sedona Air Filter

A homeowner in Monroe, MI had contacted us and explained how they had not changed their sump pump in over 23 years, they had never experienced any problems with their sump pump, so they never thought about replacing it. However, recently they noticed some moisture and dampness in the basement, and realized that something was not right. They were also noticing a musty smell and some mold growth, which they were sure was not there before. Wanting to address the issue immediately, they reached out to us for a solution. 

When our Project Manager arrived at the home and had conducted his thorough inspection of the basement, he identified that the sump pump had finally failed, and it was the reason for the moisture and musty smell. He also noted how the mold growth was due to the high humidity levels in this homeowners basement. After discussing possible solutions, he settled on recommending three systems to address their basement waterproofing issues: the TripleSafe Sump Pump, the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, and the CleanSpace SilverGlo insulation. These systems would ensure the basement remained moisture and mold free for years to come. 

Our crew began by removing the old sump pump system and installing the TripleSafe Sump Pump. They also installed a new discharge line and a battery backup system to ensure that the system would function even during a power outage. Our crew then installed the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier and connected it to a drain line to ensure that the water would be removed from the basement. The SaniDry Sedona is a high-capacity dehumidifier that can remove up to 100 pints of water a day. It also has a built-in air filtration system that can remove mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens from the air. Finally, our crew installed the CleanSpace SilverGlo insulation system on the walls and floor of the crawlspace to create a barrier made of layers of foam insulation and a layer of reflective foil to prevent heat loss and moisture buildup.

After the installation was complete, this homeowner was able to enjoy a dry, comfortable basement without the worry of mold or musty odors affecting their health in any way.

Homeowner in Milan, MI with Persistent Moisture Problems in their Crawl Space has SaniDry Sedona Installed Along With SilverGlo Encapsulation

A homeowner in Milan, MI was facing a frustrating and worrisome situation. They had discovered persistent moisture in the crawl space, which was gradually seeping into their basement. The presence of moisture not only posed a threat to the structural integrity of the home but also gave rise to health concerns for the family due to the potential for mold growth. Determined to address this issue promptly, the homeowner sought the assistance of us.


During the inspection, our Project Manager carefully examined the homeowners crawl space and basement, paying close attention for any signs of moisture intrusion and mold growth. Ater the inspection, he discussed his findings with the homeowner, he explained that he discovered a lack of ventilation and proper insulation were causing the moisture problem. The damp environment in the crawl space was seeping into the basement, creating a breeding ground for mold. After making sure the homeowner was satisfied with the inspection, he proposed a two-fold solution: installing the Sanidry - Sedona Dehumidifier and the SilverGlo Crawl Space Insulation System.


When our crew arrived at the home, they began by installing the Sanidry Sedona. This dehumidification system would remove excess moisture from the air, preventing condensation and dampness from forming. Equipped with an energy-efficient dehumidifier, the Sanidry Sedona system promised to eliminate any moisture in the air and prevent mold from forming in their crawl space. In the next phase of the installation, our crew focused on the crawl space insulation system. The SilverGlo insulation panels were specifically designed for crawl spaces, featuring built-in insulation and radiant barriers that provide better insulation, reducing heat loss and preventing moisture intrusion. 


With the installation of the Sanidry Sedona and SilverGlo Panels complete, The homeowner who once had a crawl space plagued by moisture and the potential for mold growth, was now able to rest easy knowing their worries had been taken care of.


Homeowner with LakeHouse in Newport, MI has Foundation Lifted with Helical Pier Support System

A homeowner in Newport, MI with a lakeside home for over 20 years had been facing challenges with flooding due to heavy rainfall and rising water levels. The situation had taken a toll on their home, as water had been pouring into their crawlspace, creating a significant problem and concern for mold and musty odors. THis constant flooding of the crawl space led the home's foundation to sink in certain areas and cause damage to the structure of the home. In an effort to combat the water intrusion, they had installed pumps that have been quite effective in keeping most of the water out. However, this didn't last very long because the water levels kept rising above the pumps' capabilities. Wanting to explore additional solutions to fortify their home's protection, they reached out to us for a comprehensive inspection.


When our Project Manager arrived at the home, they had noticed that the water intrusion was beginning to affect certain areas of their foundation. This led them to conclude that the best possible solution for this homeowner would be to have the Helical Pier Support System installed in order to combat the sinking structure.


So, what exactly are 3" Helical Piers, and how do they work? These piers are engineered with large helical plates that resemble screws. When installed beneath the home's foundation, they penetrate into deeper stable soil layers, anchoring the structure securely and preventing it from settling or shifting during floods or any other heavy rainfall. These piers are particularly well-suited for properties like this homeowners property, as they provided excellent load-bearing capabilities and are ideal for stabilizing structures on uneven terrain.


Our crew started the process by assessing the locations where the Helical Piers should be placed. Once identified, they excavated around the perimeter of the home to gain access to the foundation's base. With precision, they insert the Helical Piers into the ground, gradually advancing them deep into the soil until they reach the stable bedrock or load-bearing layers. As they advance the piers, the helical plates create a strong and secure grip within the ground, giving this home the much-needed support to withstand the forces of flooding. The installation process was quick, ensuring minimal disruption to their living space and daily activities. To further enhance the ventilation of the crawlspace and mitigate any moisture-related issues, our crew also encapsulated the crawl space. This would ensure proper air circulation, preventing the buildup of humidity and mold growth.


As our crew wrapped up the installation, the homeowner could see their lakeside home now fortified against the threat of flooding, providing them with the peace of mind they deserve.

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