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Westland, MI (August 9, 2023) – Qualified Remodeler, a leading publication serving remodelers and home improvement companies in the U.S.,... [Read more]
2022 Angi Super Service Award
Westland, Michigan, November 21st, 2022–HomeSpec Basementfix is proud to announce that it has earned the home service industry’s coveted Angi... [Read more]
Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2022
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Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, & Concrete Leveling in Saint Clair County, MI

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Expert Foundation & Concrete Repair in Saint Clair County

Foundation Crack Repair

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair can fix stair step cracks in your Saint Clair County foundation.

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair is Saint Clair County’s top home improvement contractor with more than two decades of industry experience and quality customer service under our belt. We offer Saint Clair County homeowners exceptional foundation stabilization and concrete repair services and industry-leading products.

Services Offered in Saint Clair County & Nearby

  • Foundation Repair
  • Concrete Repair
  • Concrete Leveling

The products we use are engineer-designed and tested for proven effectiveness and durability against Michigan’s harsh climate. Get started today with a free, no-obligation estimate in Saint Clair County and nearby. Click below to fill out our online form!

Saint Clair County’s Leading Foundation Repair Contractor

A damaged foundation can’t properly support your home and should be addressed at the first sign of trouble: bowing walls, cracked walls or floors, tilted chimneys, sloping floors, and pooling water, just to name a few. While foundation problems are unavoidable, we want to make the repair process as stress-free as possible for you. Our team of highly trained foundation repair experts will safely restore the strength of your home’s foundation with our tried and proven solutions:

  • Foundation piers — to stabilize your foundation against settlement with minimal disturbance to your home. Comes with a 25-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Foundation wall repair — to fix cracks, correct bowing or tilting walls, and add reliable support to keep your foundation walls stable.
  • Crawl space support posts — using the SmartJack® crawl space support system to provide support for sagging or undersized beams, restore stability, and correct sagging floor joists.

Concrete Repair & Leveling Professional Serving Saint Clair County

Leveling Uneven Concrete in Saint Clair County

Our team uses PolyLevel® to level sinking concrete in Saint Clair County.

HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair also offers complete concrete repair services that restore and protect concrete inside and outside of your Saint Clair County home, including concrete driveways and sidewalks. Our innovative concrete sealant permanently bonds with one application to protect new and old concrete against UV rays and moisture for long-lasting protection.

If you have sloping concrete floors in your home, we will restore them with the PolyLevel concrete leveling system, a faster and longer-lasting alternative to mudjacking. PolyLevel cures in as little as 24 hours, adds very little weight as it lifts, and is far less messy than traditional mudjacking, making it ideal to use on interior slabs.

Want to say goodbye to sinking and uneven concrete? Contact HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair today at 1-844-386-0455 or simply click below to schedule a free concrete leveling estimate in Saint Clair County!

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These excited new homeowners had just bought a beautiful house on the water in Clay Township. But their inspector urged them to install drainage and...
Job Stories From Saint Clair County, MI
Crawl Space Encapsulated in Goodells, MI

A homeowner contacted us looking for a permanent solution to a wet crawl space. While there wasn't water in the crawl space when they contacted our team, they said it has been an issue.

Our crew encapsulated the crawl space and added an interior drainage system. 

Crawl Space Encapsulated in Goodells, MI - Photo 1
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Casco, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec because his crawl space was damp, moldy, and making his house smell musty. 

Our crew encapsulated the crawl space to solve this issue. That involves covering it with a vapor barrier and sealing off the area from water and air leaks. 

Crawl Space Access Installed in Algonac, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec because the access to his crawl space was located inside a closet in his home, but he wanted an access door outside of the home instead.

Our crew solved this problem by installing our crawl space access well. This doesn't let in water, pests or debris, has the ability to lock, is immune to mold problems, and no maintenance is required! 

Crawl Space Access Installed in Algonac, MI - Photo 1
Pests & Water Problems in Crawl Space in Yale, MI

Animals like opossums and even skunks were constantly getting into this homeowner's crawl space through small openings that weren't sealed. Water would also get into the crawl space, causing damage to the insulation and the wood. The homeowner contacted HomeSpec to see what we could do for him. 

Our crawl space specialist assured the homeowner that we can restore the value of his home with crawl space encapsulation. Not only will it seal the crawl off from the outside to deter pests and water, but it will protect what's inside. The vapor barrier prevents water vapor from coming up through the ground into the crawl space, and then into the home. The dehumidifier control the moisture levels to prevent mold and mildew. 

Vapor Barrier Installed in Basement in Yale, MI

This Yale homeowner is a previous customer of HomeSpec and contacted us again to have a vapor barrier installed into the basement walls to go along with the interior drainage system they had installed the year prior. They were getting ready to sell their 60-year-old home, so they wanted to make sure the basement was completely waterproofed and taken care of. 

Our crew installed the CleanSpace vapor barrier, which pairs perfectly with the drainage system. The liner will block water vapor from entering the basement, and instead direct it down into the drain. The drain will then filter the water into the sump pump, which pumps the water away from the home. With the bright white appearance, it adds a clean look to the basement. The next homeowners will be happy with the 25-year warranty too!

Home Near Lake Suffering From Wet Basement in Casco, MI

This Casco home is very close to Lake St. Clair and the area experiences a high water table. This means the water in the ground is above the level of below-grade spaces in the area - so many people there deal with wet basements and crawl spaces. (The same goes for homes near rivers and marshes, or areas with heavy rainfall.) The difference is, this homeowner called HomeSpec to solve their water problems. 

Our team installed an interior drainage system, sump pump, vapor barrier, and dehumidifier. These 4 things are the pillars of a dry basement. The anti-microbial vapor barrier holds back water vapor from passing through the walls and directs it to the drainage system. The drainage system is installed around the perimeter of the foundation on top of the footer. It collects water from under the floor, but also from the walls. The water is then deposited into the sump pump, which then funnels the water away from the home through the discharge line. The dehumidifier will filter the air and control the moisture to prevent humidity and mold. 


Water Seepage in Port Huron, MI Basement

Considering Port Huron borders the St. Clair River, the Black River, and Lake Huron, it's safe to say the area is a hot bed for wet basements and crawl spaces. That's why this homeowner contacted HomeSpec - the water table near his home was higher than normal and water was seeping into his basement through the cove joint (where the floor and the wall meet). 

It's very common for water to leak through this joint. A very small gap is left between the floor and the wall when the basement is built - so when the groundwater level rises and the soil swells with water, hydrostatic pressure forces water though the gap. 

The best way to relieve the hydrostatic pressure and prevent water seepage is to install an interior drainage system around the foundation perimeter. That's how HomeSpec solved this homeowner's problem. The drainage system was also connected to a brand new TripleSafe sump pump to expel the water up and away from the home. 


Casco, MI Crawl Space Encapsulated & Waterproofed

The crawl space under this Casco home flooded after a heavy storm knocked out both of the sump pumps. The city is near a lot of water, so the neighbors have also dealt with this problem. They all recommended HomeSpec to these homeowners.

We replaced the outdated sump pumps with TripleSafe sump pumps. These have 3 powerful pumps to ensure a flood doesn't occur, no matter the amount of water. We also installed a SmartPipe perimeter drainage system for the crawl space. Then the crawl space was encapsulated to seal it. This creates a vapor barrier and prevents water vapor and ground water from getting in. 

Lastly, we installed a powerful, very efficient dehumidifier to remove the moisture out of the air and ensure the humidity doesn't exceed 55%. 

Wet Basement Repaired in Fairhaven, MI

A homeowner contacted us after he noticed water pooling along the bottom of a wall in his basement. Our inspector found that several small cracks near the bottom of the wall were leaking, causing the water he saw on the floor. The homeowner said he knew the cracks were there, but he had never noticed water before.

Our crews sealed the cracks. We also installed a vapor barrier to prevent future water issues. While a crack may not be leaking now, it could always become an issue in the future. 

Crumbling Foundation Fixed in Fair Haven, MI

A homeowner called us because she was ready to sell her home that had a foundation issue. The basement wall was crumbling.

Our inspector checked the wall and determined it would need to be braced in multiple areas to stabilize it. Once the wall was stabilized, the homeowner was able to sell her house and pass on a warranty to the buyers so they can rest assured that the work is always guaranteed and their home is safe. 

Read: Why You Should Fix Your Foundation Before Selling Your Home

Wet Crawl Space Waterproofed in Fair Haven, MI

Our inspector checked a crawl space under a Fair Haven house after the homeowner contacted us about a musty smell in their home. There were puddles in the dirt crawl space, leading to mildew -- what the homeowner was smelling in the house.

We installed a vapor barrier to seal the crawl space and keep it dry. We also installed a dehumidifier to keep the moisture levels down. 

Sump Pump Failed & Crawl Space Water Damaged in North Street, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec because their old sump pumps failed after a bad storm and their crawl space flooded. 

The crawl space was normally wet and musty even before it flooded, so the homeowners knew they needed encapsulation. But the flood was what really pushed them over the edge. 

HomeSpec was able to waterproof and encapsulate their crawl space to eliminate these problems. We installed two brand new sump pumps and installed a vapor barrier to seal out moisture from the ground and walls. 

Now the homeowners have a dry, healthy crawl space and are free of worry! 

Wet Crawl Space Dehumidified and Waterproofed in Harsens Island, MI

These homeowners live in Harsens Island near a canal and like many other homes in the area, their crawl space was wet and muddy at all times. Also like many other homes in the area, the crawl space was only equipped with an old sump pump that didn't always work. This led to a musty smell and humidity seeping into the home. 

HomeSpec deals with this problem on a weekly basis- the crawl space needed to be waterproofed and encapsulated. A more powerful sump pump was needed to deal with the high amounts of water. A vapor barrier was also installed to seal the walls and the ground off from moisture. Lastly, a dehumidifier was installed to control the relative humidity. 

The homeowners noticed an immediate difference in the smells of their home, as well as the temperature. They are very pleased with their dry, healthy crawl space! 

Leaky Basement Waterproofed in East China, MI

These homeowners had water constantly flowing into their basement - and they were sick of it. The walls and floors had ugly rust stains, and they were always worrying about their basement flooding during heavy rains. They finally decided to reach out for help, and called HomeSpec. 

Our professionals suggested installing an interior drainage system and a new sump pump. The homeowners were very excited about the system and agreed to the proposal! 

Now, instead and water seeping into the basement, the drainage system collects it and directs it to the sump pump, which then funnels the water away from the foundation. The homeowners also wanted the CleanSpace vapor barrier installed over the walls to seal them off from moisture and hide the unsightly stains.

The basement looks brand new, and it's finally dry and healthy!

Faux-Wood Basement Flooring Installed in Emmett, MI


Musty Smells Eliminated from Crawl Space in Allenton, MI


Old Leaky Basement Windows Replaced in South Rockwood, MI


Mold Removed from Jeddo, MI Basement


Moldy, Bug Infested Crawl Space Sealed off in Smiths Creek, MI

Sally and Jeff M. were suffering from a nasty, moldy crawl space for many years. Bugs and even critters infested the empty space below their home. The mold was the most concerning, so they contacted HomeSpec to take care of it. 

Our specialists suggested also encapsulating the crawl space to seal off the ground and the walls from moisture, bugs, and critters alike. The homeowners had never heard of this method, but were very excited to finally take care of their crawl space issues permanently. 

Our crew sealed the crawl space with a vapor barrier and installed a powerful dehumidifier to suck the moisture out of the air and prevent the mold from coming back. After covering the vents and installing an airtight door, the crawl space was good to go! The homeowners noticed an immediate change in the air quality of their home, and thanked HomeSpec for helping them. 

Egress Windows & Window Wells Installed in Fort Gratiot, MI

James and Holly F. needed egress windows installed in their finished basement so they called HomeSpec. They had a living space and a couple bedrooms down there so they needed an egress window not only to provide natural light, but to provide an escape in case of emergency. 

HomeSpec installed the windows and windows well. The wells had proper drainage so water wouldn't be able to pool in the well and leak into the basement. A clear lid was also installed over the wells to prevent water and debris from getting in. 

The homeowners are very pleased with their new basement windows! 

Sump Pump Waterproofs Columbus, MI Basement

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec because her sump pump stopped working and her basement flooded. To prevent this from happening again, HomeSpec replaced the old, outdated sump pump with a brand new TripleSafe. 

This sump pump is much more powerful and reliable, with the ability to pump out 2,000 gallons of water every hour. The water is funneled away from the home through the discharge line. 

The homeowner is very pleased with her new sump pump, and hasn't had any water issues since! 

Leaking Basement Repaired in Marine City, MI

These Marine City homeowners contacted HomeSpec because their basement was leaking after heavy rain, especially during the Spring. They were sick and tired of it and finally decided to have it repaired professionally. 

Our inspector decided that the best way to solve their problem would be with an interior drainage system connected to their sump pump. This was installed around the perimeter of the basement to collect water and deposit it into the sump pump - keeping the basement dry. 

The homeowners were very happy with the results and they are loving their dry basement! 

Cracked, Ugly Concrete Walkway Repaired in Memphis, MI

This homeowner's concrete walkway slabs were sinking and very uneven. His wife has tripped on the slabs several times, so he wanted them fixed immediately. 

HomeSpec was able to used our PolyLevel system to repair the walkway. This was done by injecting the polyurethane foam under the concrete. As it expanded, it lifted the slabs and leveled them with the rest. The joints were then sealed to prevent soil washout. 

Now the walkway is nice and even, and the homeowners don't have to worry about tripping over it any longer! 

Water Damaged Basement Gets Permanently Waterproofed in Anchorville, MI

This homeowner contacted HomeSpec to waterproof their basement. They were constantly dealing with water intrusion, and finally, the basement fully flooded. They lost many irreplaceable items, and never wanted to go through that again. 

HomeSpec protected their basement by installing a full waterproofing system. The WaterGuard drainage system collects water from the walls and floor, and then deposits it into the sump pump. The TripleSafe sump pump can funnel thousands of gallons of water away from the home every hour. And the CleanSpace Vapor Barrier seals the walls off from moisture, and instead directs the water into the drainage system.

Now this basement is dry and protected! 

Several Years of Water Damage Discovered in Saint Clair, MI Basement

Donald C. in Saint Clair, Michigan contacted HomeSpec because he discovered several years of built-up water damage in his basement, because it leaked every time it rained. Despite his efforts to prevent the water intrusion – like cleaning the gutters, extending the downspouts, covering the window wells, and correcting the grade around the foundation – it kept occurring. Donald was very worried about mold and other related problems. 

Unfortunately, these methods only help decrease the amount of water near your foundation and work to divert water away, but water can still seep inside if the basement itself is not waterproofed.

Donald wanted a long-term, permanent solution. That's why HomeSpec installed a WaterGuard Perimeter Drainage System, also known as an interior French Drain. This was connected to a powerful TripleSafe Sump Pump – it has 3 pumps for triple the protection. This system collects water from the walls and under the floor slab, and drains it into the sump pump to be expelled far away. 

Since the walls were very damaged by water, we also installed a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier to not only cover-up the unsightly walls, but to prevent moisture and vapor from seeping into the basement. It is instead directed down into the drainage system. 

Constant Sump Pump Problems Haunt Marysville, MI Homeowner

Martha L. in Marysville, Michigan contacted HomeSpec because she's had nothing but problems with her sump pumps over the years, and she needed a permanent solution. 

Martha said that she has changed her sump pump twice in the last 10 years because they keep failing. The one she has now will run non-stop without draining any water. This is why she decided to install HomeSpec's TripleSafe Sump Pump. This includes 3 pumps for 3 levels of protection. This system can expel over 2,000 gallons of water PER HOUR. With the battery back-up system connected, even a power outage couldn't stop this pump from working. 

Martha is loving her new sump pump and is ready to put her sump pump conundrums behind her!!  

Constant Sump Pump Problems Haunt Marysville, MI Homeowner - Photo 1
Water Seeping into Avoca, MI Basement At Floor/Wall Joint After Heavy Rains

Tim H. in Avoca, Michigan contacted HomeSpec because after heavy rains all weekend – he found puddles of water in his basement. Our inspector Chris Baltovich found that the water was seeping in from the joint where the floor and the wall meet. There is a gap there and this is one of the most common ways water enters basements. 

To solve this problem, HomeSpec simply had to install a discreet below-floor drain around the perimeter of the basement. We connected this to Tim's sump pump – so the drainage system can collect the water and deposit it into the sump pump, which will then direct the water away from the home. 

The sump pump discharge line was extended (and buried) farther away from the home so the water coming out of it wouldn't seep into the soil and leak back into the basement. 

Yale, Michigan Home Renovations Saved by Basement Crack Repair and Dehumidifier

A family had just bought a new home in Yale, Michigan, that they had begun renovating. During the renovation process, they discovered their unfinished basement had water leaking in through an unknown source.
HomeSpec quickly scheduled out Keith Brown to make an appearance, meeting with the family, answering questions and helping inspect the renovation process thus far.
A series of small hairline cracks were observed throughout the basement allowing water to slowly leak through. Cracks were fixed using our innovative polyurethane sealant called FlexiSpan, which not only seals the cracks but can flex dynamically along with the natural movement of the wall to ensure a long-term waterproof seal.
However, since the problem was left untreated for so long, the high humidity levels in the air became a concern going forward. High humidity being able to cause damage to stored items, wood rot, and affect indoor air quality of the entire home due to the stack effect. The stack effect relates to the fact that air flows from the bottom of a house, usually cold and damp, and flows out the top, spreading through the entirety of the house. Allowing damp air to continuously run through the house can also pose health risks, particularly when the house is undergoing changes such as renovations.
To counter this problem, Keith suggested the installation of a proper dehumidifier for the basement. After a detailed discussion, the new homeowners decided to opt for the SaniDry Sedona system, a size-efficient solution that is small enough to fit crawlspaces as well as basements, while being strong enough to dry large areas at a lower cost than other dehumidifiers on the market. The SaniDry system allows for automatic drainage - so there’s no need to empty the reservoir, and is capable of humidity sensing as well, meaning it’ll automatically shut off when desired levels are met, while filtering harmful irritants. The Sedona allows for a long-lasting, yet low maintenance solution.
With all their needs met, and concerns handled, the family was able to continue renovations and eventually fully furnish the basement into an entertainment room without further worry of water damage.

Foundation Settlement Repaired with Helical Piers in Saint Clair Shores, MI

A family in Saint Clair Shores, MI was looking to renovate their basement to use as a family room. Having just recently moved in, they wanted to add some property value, and create extra living space for their family. With no plans to move, they began by painting the walls, once they started to notice the cracks, worry set in. Having never experienced any foundation issues in the past, they consulted their neighbors for the best foundation repair companies nearby. This led them to contact HomeSpec BasementFix as the best fit for this job.

One of our foundation repair specialists, Ben, was sent to the home to discuss the homeowners concerns in more detail and provide a free inspection. After learning of the family’s plans to renovate the basement, he explained that shifting soils under the foundation, due to dry conditions or excess water, can cause the soil to shrink or wash out completely. This creates a void, allowing the foundation to sink. Ben proposed a solution for this sinking foundation repair that involved a Helical Pier support System which would further stabilize the foundation and bring it back to level. 

Our Helical Pier Support System is specifically designed to combat foundation settlement, with the helical plates welded to the shaft; they are screwed deeper into the ground to provide additional support to the foundation. Once our crew determined the appropriate depth, the next step was to advance the piers into the ground and then transfer the weight of the foundation through the piers to more competent, load-bearing soils. The Helical Pier Support System worked well for this family because the root cause of the problem was addressed and the piers provided a stress-free, permanent solution.

After the project was complete, and the foundation successfully restored to its original position, the homeowners were happy to leave a review stating how pleased they were with the quick installation and minimal disturbance done by our crew. 

Foundation Settlement in Ira, MI solved with Helical Piers and Crack Injection

A family recently purchased a home in Ira, MI and noticed the back basement wall leaking, putting the issue in the back of their mind. A few weeks later they heard a loud sound coming from the basement. More specifically, the basement floor now had a large crack running down the middle, causing the kitchen above to become unlevel and the sliding glass door to have a gap. After realizing it was time to address the situation, the family reached out to neighbors and friends for the best foundation repair companies nearby. They were referred to HomeSpec BasementFix by a neighbor who recently had basement waterproofing done by us.

Robert, who was experienced in foundation repair, was sent to the family’s home to provide a detailed inspection and discuss their concerns. After explaining that over time, hydrostatic pressure can build up around the foundation walls causing it to bow and crack, he performed his inspection. During the inspection process, Robert noted how the large crack running through the basement was likely due to foundation settlement. While settlement doesn't happen overnight, if left for long periods of time, it can cause the foundation to sink and the basement floor to develop cracks. The leaking walls were likely due to the pressure from expansive soils building up around the foundation and causing the walls to crack and let in water. Proposing a solution for this family that involved Helical Piers, High Pressure Crack Injection and PolyLevel was the best way to solve this foundation settlement problem. 

In order to solve the cracks in the basement, the first step is to lift the foundation back to its original level. When the soils below can no longer support the weight of the foundation, it causes a void that the foundation settles into. The Helical Pier Support System solves this by stabilizing the foundation from further settlement and transferring the weight of the foundation from weaker soils, to competent load bearing soils through the piers. The helical plates welded to the shaft of the pier act as a screw, advancing deeper into the ground providing structural support and peace of mind for the homeowner. The next step in this family’s foundation repair was for our crew to apply High Pressure Urethane Crack Injection to seal the cracks in the foundation wall and PolyLevel, a polyurethane foam injection, to level the concrete floors in the basement. 

With the foundation restored to its original structural integrity, this family was pleased to receive a referral discount for the foundation repair and happy to recommend HomeSpec BasementFix to friends in need of home repair. 

Basement Crack Repair and Sinking Foundation Solved with Helical Pier Support System in Marysville, MI

A homeowner recently bought a home in Marysville, MI and noticed a crack in the basement. This caused them concern, because cracks in the basement are usually signs of a settling foundation. Having the intention to remodel the home, the homeowner realized the foundation settlement would need to be addressed before taking any further steps. After contacting friends and family, they were recommended to HomeSpec BasementFix as the best foundation repair contractor nearby.

Mark, a Project Manager, who had related experience in foundation repair, was called out to Marysville to inspect the property, free of charge for the homeowners. While conducting his detailed inspection, Mark noted that the water system in the basement wasn't being diverted correctly, which led him to believe this foundation repair had more work to be done than what was initially discussed. Explaining to the homeowner that foundation settlement happens over time due to shifting soils which can no longer support the weight of the home was the first step, the second step was to propose a custom solution that solved the sinking foundation and provided crack repair and basement waterproofing so the homeowner could begin remodeling the house.

Helical Piers are specifically designed to transfer the weight of the foundation, through the piers, to stronger, load bearing soils by screwing the helical plates into the ground, acting as an anchor. The Helical Pier Support System prevents the foundation from settling further and lifts it back to level, restoring the quality of life for the homeowner and providing a permanent solution. The next step in this foundation repair and basement waterproofing process is to install our WaterGuard Drainage System to redirect the water into the SuperSump Sump Pump. Traditional drainage systems are prone to getting clogged due to the buildup of debris, which creates a backflow of water and can eventually lead to basement flooding. WaterGuard solves this by sitting above the silt and dirt that causes traditional systems to clog and paired with the SuperSump Sump Pump, which is capable of pumping up to 2,200 gallons of water per hour. Waterguard is an ideal solution for basement waterproofing.

With the foundation successfully leveled and the homeowners fears put to rest, they were happy to receive a referral discount on the repair done by HomeSpec BasementFix.



Humid Vacation Home Crawl Space Encapsulated with CleanSpace and SaniDry

Renting out properties as vacation spots is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, especially during the summer. This homeowner in particular wanted to prepare the property in order to rent it out during the summer and had decided to address the crawl space encapsulation in order to prevent the moisture from deteriorating the supports. This is what led them to do some of their own research into the best crawl space repair services nearby Clay, MI, and led them to reach out to HomeSpec BasementFix to solve their encapsulation needs. 

One of our Project Managers, who has related experience in crawl space repair services, was called out to the property to inspect the crawl space and recommend the best solution that would work for this homeowner. During the inspection, the Project Manager noted moist spots in the crawl space, which was caused by the absence of a dehumidifier. With the property being so close to the water, it was imperative that this homeowner get their crawl space encapsulated with our CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system and install a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to keep the space dry and free of any potential problems.

CleanSpace solves this homeowner's crawl space encapsulation service because the material is constructed in a way that allows it to stop water intrusion and prevent moisture from seeping into the supports, which can cause further problems for the home. The next step in the crawl space encapsulation process was to install the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. Sanidry is specifically designed to fit in crawl spaces and is the perfect solution to dry large areas. With its automatic drainage, the SaniDry gives the homeowner a worry-free experience, allowing them to focus on the more important aspects of their life. Installing the dehumidifier in the crawl space has the benefit of providing health improvements, structural safety and comfort, combined with the encapsulation; this is a permanent solution to this homeowners crawl space. 

With the crawl space encapsulated and the dehumidifier installed, the homeowners were more than happy to get back to working on the property for the upcoming months in preparation for the summer season. 

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