Case Studies

Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Crawl Space Near Lake Waterproofed in Clay Township, MI

Monday, December 21st, 2020 by Aubree Stamper


These excited new homeowners had just bought a beautiful house on the water in Clay Township. But their inspector urged them to install drainage and sump pumps in the crawl space as well as encapsulate it. The crawl space was very wet with puddles of water scattered throughout. Homes near a lake have a much higher risk of water seeping into their crawl spaces. 

A wet crawl space, especially one with as much water as this one, can cause many problems. First of all, the home will smell musty and feel damp because of all the moisture below. Worst of all, the wood in the crawl space can grow mold and rot. This will then cause structural damage and even health problems for the homeowners. 


To solve this problem, HomeSpec installed a complete encapsulation and waterproofing system. 

Our crew installed the SmartPipe perimeter drainage system connected to a powerful sump pump and battery backup pump. This can pump out thousands of gallons of water every hour to ensure it stays away from the home - preventing flooding.

Then we insulated and encapsulated the crawl space with the SilverGlo and CleanSpace systems. This helps prevent mold growth and helps direct the water to the drainage system. Most importantly - it seals off the home from the outside. Finally, we created a new access to the crawl space since the old one was too small, and installed a new Everlast door. 

Project Summary

Project Manager: Ben Gabowitz

Lead Foreman: Jon Lont

Lead Foreman: Jon Davis