HomeSpec’s Exclusive Inside Drain System

Patented Water Trek Aqua Route System

Patented Water Trek Aqua Route System

HomeSpec’s exclusive method for installing a below-the-floor drain tile system beats all.

We utilize strong triple wall 4” pipe with fittings at each bend, reinforced concrete flooring, quality sump pumps, and ultra-quiet sump check valves. Each corner of the basement has a clean-out access installed for future maintenance. As an authorized Basement Technologies dealer, we can also install their patented Water Trek Aqua Route® system.

We are clean and care for you house like it’s ours. Your basement will be protected for a lifetime…and that’s our warranty!

Water Trek Aqua Route

We are an Authorized dealer for Basement Technologies. Using their patented Water Trek Aqua Route®, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on your basement staying dry.



What is an interior drainage system?

polydrain inside drain system

The most effective of the interior drainage systems is pipe installed inside the perimeter of the footing. This requires removing and replacing concrete at the slab edge. By placing the drain pipe beneath the basement floor, it drains water before it comes into the basement. Similar to an exterior system, the drainage system connects to a sump or storm sewer.

A critical component of this approach is the dimpled plastic cove placed at the base of the wall and beneath the slab edge. Dimpled cove is similar to a small egg crate and permits free drainage of the wall into the drain pipe. In low permeability soils, this system can accept rising groundwater using an aggregate layer under the slab.

Triple Wall Pipe Interior Waterproofing


4″ S&D Triple Wall Pipe

4″ S&D Triple Wall Pipe

4″ S&D Triple wall pipe is very effective in managing water beneath the floor.

We use this 4″ pipe next to the top of the footer (not on top). It has a smooth interior and is able to manage a large volume of water.

This high density polyethylene pipe is strong and large enough to manage the water from around and under the house.



Overview of drainage around house

Overview of drainage around house


A cutaway view of interior drainage

The original outside drain tile often fails, leaving homeowners with a wet basement.

With the installation of a new interior drain system, the house will have a dry basement with a lifetime warranty.



The Water Grabber system collects water from below the floor and discharges it outside and away from the house.



Sump Basin with discharge


Sump Basin with Sump Pump


Water Grabber Sump Basin with Battery Back-up Pump

We can install back-up sump systems, dual or triple sump pumps, and provide gas generators for power outages.









Optional pipe placement on top of footer

Here is Water Trek Aqua Route® shown on top of the footing (optional method of installation).

System is connected to a Water Grabber sump basin with battery back-up pump:



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