Mold Health Issues

Health Issues & Basement Mold

A mold-damaged wall section in a wet basement

Mold spores are everywhere. With moisture, warmth, oxygen, and organic material for food, mold can grow in as little as 24-48 hours.

What's living with you in your home? If your basement is flooding or damp, you may have mold growing in your basement. Along with destroying everything it grows on, mold has the potential to cause health problems. Mold produces allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances.

Symptoms of mold exposure

How does it affect you when you've got a basement mold problem? Exposure to damp and moldy environments, including the basement, may cause various health effects or none at all. In sensitive individuals, inhaling or touching mold spores may cause a reaction. Allergic responses usually include sneezing, a runny nose, wheezing, red eyes, or skin rash. Individuals with allergies to mold or asthma may experience more severe reactions.

These may not be all the potential health effects related to mold exposure. For more detailed information, it's recommended that you contact your health professional or the state or local health department.

Prevent basement mold with expert waterproofing and moisture control

You can prevent damage to your home, expensive mold remediation, and mold-related health problems by fixing water problems, controlling moisture, and eliminating mold growth.

The best way to control mold in your basement is to maintain a dry, healthy environment. Lowering your relative humidity levels below 60% creates an environment where mold can no longer thrive. We can dry your space and help mitigate your mold problems. At HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair, we create drier, healthier, mold-resistant basements or crawl spaces. The basement drainage systems we use have been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes and include a written transferable warranty.

Don't let the water or moisture problems in your basement get worse. For expert mold prevention, contact us today to schedule a free evaluation and estimate in Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Warren or nearby.

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