Basement Mold

Mold in the Basement: Causes & Prevention

Why you have basement mold & how to get rid of it for good

Rotted wood caused by mold in the Ann Arbor, MI basement

Ann Arbor, MI homes with moldy basements run the risk of wood rot and unhealthy indoor air.

Mold spores multiply and thrive in damp, dark, and warm environments. These conditions are common in Michigan basements. Mold in the basement isn’t only unattractive. It can make the home smell musty and unpleasant. Worse, mold and mildew can significantly damage your home and personal property, while allergens from mold spores and dust mite waste can lead to various reactions in sensitive individuals. You must stop mold at the source to keep it from returning.

For long-term mold prevention, you can trust HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair to eliminate water and moisture problems in the basement and prevent future mold growth. We've been fixing leaky, moldy basements since 1994. Before the problem worsens, contact us to schedule a free repair estimate!

Long-term risks of basement mold

What does it look like when you've got mold in the basement? Mold is often visible to the naked eye. Mold spores, however, are not. They move about on air currents throughout the house. Mold spores can easily migrate from the basement to the home's top floor. There are usually at least a few tell-tale signs when there's mold in the basement.

  • The first sign of mold may be a strong, musty odor. Odor-producing mold and mildew can grow on cardboard boxes, clothing, or upholstered furniture that you may have in the basement. There may also be mold stains on the walls, ceiling, or floor.
  • Rotting wood is another typical sign of a basement mold problem. Mold feeds on organic materials, including wood and paper. Over time, mold can rot wood studs, damage drywall, and carpets, and stain the walls, floor, and ceiling.
  • Mold spores can trigger health issues, especially in individuals with allergies to mold or serious respiratory problems. A third potential sign that you've got a basement mold problem is developing allergy symptoms, including a stuffy or runny nose, headache, fatigue, coughing or wheezing, and itchy or runny eyes, especially after spending time in the basement.

The best solution for basement mold: Waterproofing & moisture control

Basement sump pump and dehumidifier

We install high-quality sump pumps and dehumidifiers to dry Greater Detroit basements and prevent mold.

Before it can be treated, you need to find out what caused the mold to grow in the first place and fix the issue. Otherwise, the mold may come right back after it's removed. Whether it's an ongoing foundation leak, condensation on pipes, high humidity levels, or pre-existing mold problem, we have the experience, training, and expertise to eliminate basement mold problems at the source.

By repairing foundation leaks, preventing water intrusion, and controlling moisture, you can avoid basement mold and mildew problems. We have the products and services you need to keep your basement dry, including sump pumps and interior drainage systems, basement dehumidifiers, and crack repair solutions.

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