Work Requests in Detroit

HomeSpec BasementFix is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Detroit. Learn more about HomeSpec BasementFix's recent work requests in Detroit and nearby areas!

Learn more about HomeSpec BasementFix's recent work requests in Detroit, MI
Vicinity of Teppert St in Detroit
Water leaks into my basement whenever it rain or snow.
Vicinity of American in Detroit
Basement foundation, cracks thru walls , house shifted
Vicinity of Fenelon in Detroit
There water leak8ng through the wall in the basement. The previous homeowner built a cement reservoir to collect the water instead of fixing the problem.
Vicinity of Vaughan in Detroit
Waterproof basement
Vicinity of Dale in Detroit
Kitchen floor is uneven.
Vicinity of Chalmers in Detroit
I would like to know how to repair the foundation in our basement
Vicinity of Cambridge in Detroit
Wall cracks
Vicinity of Bringard in Detroit
Water seeking into my basement every time it rains or snows
Vicinity of in Detroit
Bowing back wall and missing bricks in the lower corner area of the basement
Vicinity of Diversey in Detroit
Cracked and basement wall tilting
Vicinity of Fielding in Detroit
Front and side area leaks when it rains and my base get flooded
Vicinity of Oakman Blvd in Detroit
Water on floor when heavy rains.
Vicinity of Gilchrist in Detroit
Leaky floor and moisture on the basement walls.
Vicinity of Faust Ave. in Detroit
I have some wetness from two little places in the basement. From a wall to the floor. This area is known for basement flooding.
Vicinity of Mansfield St in Detroit
Water is coming in the basement on driveway side and back of the house.
Vicinity of Biltmore in Detroit
Basement Waterproofing and repair.
Vicinity of State Fair in Detroit
Water coming in through the basement chimney shoot door.
Vicinity of Pierson St in Detroit
My driveway holds up to 5 cars and it's cracked, uneven due to settling and in need of a face lift.
Vicinity of Philip in Detroit
1st time home buyer
Vicinity of Montrose in Detroit
Need basement repairs
Vicinity of Whitcomb in Detroit
Basement wall leaking with heavy rain
Vicinity of Archdale in Detroit
When ever it rains all around the basement floor is wet close to base
Vicinity of Greenview Road in Detroit
I got about 4 joist to repair that are sagging at the end at the back of the house. The band joist is damaged in the basement in some parts.
Vicinity of Greenview in Detroit
Water behind basement concrete walls