Telltale Signs Your Crawl Space May Be Damp

While you may pay little attention to your crawl space, that area under your house that is out of sight could be causing problems in your living space.

Even if you never step foot in your crawl space, a wet or damp crawl space will create signs in the home above. If you notice the signs, there's the chance your crawl space has water in it.

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A wet crawl space can damage your home and lead to many health issues, such as asthma and aggravated allergies. If the mold turns into rot, the structural integrity of the crawl space, and the entire home, will be put at risk. The structural support in the crawl space is crucial to the home, so it's imperative that everything stays in good condition.

Signs of a damp crawl space:

  • Doors and windows are sticking.

  • There is a musty smell in your home.

  • Hardwood floors above the crawl space are buckling or sagging.

  • There is condensation on windows.

  • There is mold on windows or other areas of the home.

  • Your energy bills are suddenly higher than usual.

A wet, dirty crawl space.

If you suspect your crawl space is damp, our inspectors can help determine the best solution for creating a clean, dry space. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate!!

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