Why Your New Year's Resolution Should Include Repairing Your Home

Monday, December 28th, 2020 by Amber Ainsworth

So, 2020 is almost over. If you're like most people, you're probably hoping for a better year next year. If you're thinking about plans for 2021, you should consider repairs your home needs.

Maybe you've been putting off fixing your wet basement because you couldn't afford it. Maybe you patched up a crack in the wall yourself and assume it's fixed now. Or maybe you just don't think about your crawl space because you never see it.

Whatever your reason for not fixing your basement or crawl space before, here's why it's an investment worth making in the New Year:

Waterproofing creates a healthier home

Whether it's your basement or your crawl space, waterproofing contributes to a healthier home. Moisture underneath your house can make its way upstairs, leading to health issues and aggravated allergies.

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Also, damp basements and crawl spaces can cause mold and rotting, both below the house and in the living space above. 

Enjoy more of your home

When your basement is waterproofed, you are able to use it without fear that it will flood and ruin the things you have down there.

Waterproofed basements can increase home value and make selling easier

As mentioned above, a basement that is waterproofed has more space that can be used for storage and activities, thus increasing home value if you decide to sell.

Additionally, if you have a foundation issue, you are required to disclose it before selling your home in Michigan. If you don't disclose it, you could face penalties, including lawsuits. If you do tell a potential homebuyer about foundation issues, there is a good chance they won't want to purchase the house or will not be willing to pay asking price.

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We offer financing 

We offer financing so you can pay for repairs that you may think you cannot afford. 

Purchasing a home is an investment. While choosing to leave a problem or attempting to fix it yourself may seem like the best option, doing so can negatively affect your house and the health of your family.

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