Why HomeSpec Treats YOUR Home Like It's Our Own

As your home repair contractor, HomeSpec strives to leave your home better than when we first arrived. At any point, our team members strive to leave you with better peace of mind and – ultimately – a better home. 

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Our customer care team works to promptly get back you to ease your home concerns. Our customers want safe homes. We often talk to homeowners concerned nothing can be done, either at all or within their budget, to help with their peace of mind. Our customer care team strives to fully understand concerns, accurately answer any questions and make sure our customers have a good first impression with our company.

Our sales team understands it’s a privilege to come to your home. They take their time to educate you on issues stemming from your basement or foundation. By fully diagnosing the problem and ensuring you are left with a estimate that same day, it empowers you to know the labor and financial scope of the work. We think empowered homeowners are able to make better decisions about what is often the largest asset they own.

Often times, homeowners have anxiety when a contractor starts work at their home. Our production crews know this. We expect them to arrive on time, communicate with you throughout the job and thoroughly clean up afterwards. 

Allow us to leave your home better than before. Contact HomeSpec today for a Free Estimate or give us a call at 1-734-729-6026


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