The Importance of Having an Insulated Home

The Importance of Having an Insulated Home - Image 1

Structural Damage

Firstly, let's address the issue of structural damage. Water is one of the biggest enemies of a home's foundation. When excess moisture builds up in the basement, it can lead to a range of problems. Over time, water can cause the foundation to crack, shift, or even collapse. By utilizing products like Brightwall, or Carbon Armor, you're essentially creating a barrier that prevents water from infiltrating the foundation and this helps ensure the structural integrity of your home remains sound.

Mold and Mildew

Next, let's talk about the issue of mold and mildew. A damp basement or crawl space provides the ideal breeding ground for mold. These fungi not only cause irreparable damage to your belongings, but also pose serious health risks to you and your family. When these mold spores become airborne, they circulate throughout the house, triggering allergies, respiratory issues, and a slew of health problems. Having products like the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier installed in your basement, or crawl space (which it was specifically designed to fit into), prevents the moisture in the air from building up and ensures the crawl space temperature is regulated and the air is dry.


For many homeowners, the basement serves as a storage area for valuable possessions, like your family heirlooms, documents, or even electronics. Water damage and mold have the potential to irreversibly ruin these items. By implementing products like the WaterGuard Drainage System, you can ensure your basement remains dry. Traditional systems tend to clog in the “mud zone” but WaterGuard is a French drain that differentiates itself from other systems by being installed above the foundation footing. Combined with a SuperSump Plus, a sump pump capable of expelling up to 2,200 gallons of water per hour, you can sleep easier at night knowing your valuables are not in danger of being destroyed. 


For the crawl space, most homeowners don't tend to pay attention to keeping it dry, until it's too late. By then, you're already experiencing the health issues associated with having a damp breeding ground for bacteria, not to mention the structural damage caused by rotting wood beams or joists. Don't fret, there's a solution for this too! The CleanSpace Encapsulation System works perfectly in crawl spaces because the puncture resistant vapor barrier encapsulates the space and prevents water from building up. Combine this with the SaniDry Sedona, and you have yourself a dry, healthy crawl space.

Property Value

Finally, let's talk about the property value of your home. Who wouldn't be excited at the opportunity to have their home jump in value? Investing in waterproofing measures not only protects your home but also increases its market value. Prospective buyers are often wary of homes with a history of water damage and you can check out our other post on it here (insert link to blog post about buying a home with water damage). By showcasing your dry and well-maintained basement, you can attract potential buyers and even command a higher selling price.


In conclusion, The benefits of basement waterproofing extend beyond preventing water damage – it increases property value, protects your belongings, and ensures the overall health of your family. Not to mention the peace of mind it provides. If you haven't considered basement waterproofing yet, it's time to give us a call and take the steps to secure your home's foundation.


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