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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Failed DIY Crack Repair Permanently Fixed in Oak Park, MI


Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to patch foundation cracks themselves. Or worse, they hire "professionals" to do it - who end up making the problem much worse. That's exactly what happened to this homeowner in Oak Park, Michigan. After the first repair failed and the crack continued to leak, she tried to contact the contractor who did the work, but couldn't reach him for months. Worried and scared to trust another contractor, this homeowner contacted HomeSpec. 


Our expert crack technician quickly went out to seal the crack with our patented polyurethane sealant. After the repair, you can barely tell there was ever a crack in the wall. Months later, there's still no leaks and the happy homeowner reported having a dry basement! 

Project Summary

Project Manager: Ben Gabowitz

Lead Foreman: Ryan Bonacorsi

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