Installing a Basement Sump Pump? Make Sure It Has an Alarm

A power outage or tripped circuit can cause your sump pump to stop working. The pump could come unplugged or an especially heavy rain could overwhelm it.

In all of these instances, your basement or crawl space is at risk of flooding. If you don't know that the pump isn't working, you'll find out the hard way – when there is water in your home.

A battery-operated pump alarm alerts you when water is rising and the pump hasn't started working. This allows you to figure out what the problem is, potentially preventing the flooding that would have occurred had you not known the pump was not working properly.

This is a great way to protect your basement from the costly damage of flooding and prevent any issues from occurring. If you don't have a sump pump at all, it's worth looking into! Sump pumps funnel water away from your basement and discharges it.

They work especially well in keeping your basement, or crawl space, dry when connected to a perimeter drainage system. This will collect the water from around the perimeter of the basement, coming from either the walls or under the floor, and deposit it into the sump pump which will then expel the water far away from the foundation. 

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