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Concrete Driveway PolyLeveled & Repaired in Westland, MI

This homeowner in Westland, Michigan contacted HomeSpec to repair a driveway slab and some garage slabs that were cracked and sinking. 

Foreman Devin Parker used the PolyLevel method to repair the concrete. The high-density rigid foam is first injected below the slab through smalls holes. As it expands, the slab is lifted and leveled. This material is stable and strong, and environmentally safe. 

The homeowner was able to use his driveway and garage again that same day, and was happy to find a permanent solution for his concrete issues! 

Westland, Michigan Sinking Concrete Slabs Get Leveled

This clear safety hazard of shifting, settling, and sinking concrete slabs would be leveled and sealed using a combination of PolyLevel to inject a powerful versatile polyurethane foam underneath to lift the slabs back into place, and NexusPro joint sealant to reliably seal in the gaps with UV resistant and weatherproof material.

Sinking Garage Floor PolyLeveled in Oakland, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec to have their concrete garage floor repaired - it was sinking so bad that there were large gaps between the floor and the wall. It was quite unsightly!

Our crew used PolyLevel to permanently raise the slabs back into place. We also sealed all of the joints with our NexusPro joint sealant - leaving the garage floor looking brand new. The sealant protects the concrete from soil compaction and washout to prevent more sinking! See more photos here.

Sinking Concrete Porch PolyLeveled in Hartland, MI

The porch on this Hartland home was sinking and pulling away from the foundation - and it was quite unsightly. So the homeowners contacted the professionals here at HomeSpec. 

Thankfully, our PolyLevel system quickly and permanently solves problems like this. The PolyLevel foam just had to be injected underneath the concrete, then it expanded and filled in the gaps caused by soil erosion and shrinkage. As it expanded, the porch was raised up back into its original position. 

Concrete Walkway PolyLeveled To Sell Home in Goodrich, MI

This Goodrich homeowner was working on the curb appeal of his home before putting it on the market. He knew how important curb appeal is when it comes to selling a home - it attracts the attention of home buyers and adds value. But the walkway slabs leading to the porch were lopsided with messy weeds growing in-between the cracks. The concrete need some TLC! 

HomeSpec came to the rescue with our innovative PolyLevel system. The slabs were leveled, sealed, and ready to go the same day. The joints were also sealed to prevent weeds from growing again. The homeowner was happy he hired the right contractors to complete his concrete job!

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