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Warren, MI Driveway Lifted and Leveled

A homeowner in Warren, MI has lived in their house for the last 20 years. Throughout that time, some of the concrete slabs from their driveway and patio have been sinking and moving. They suspect this is due to the weight of having a trailer parked there. The homeowner knew they wanted to make sure their garage, driveway, and patio were even. So, they reached out to HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair for a free inspection and estimate. 

Yann, a project manager for HomeSpec went out to the Warren, MI household and took a detailed account of the concrete throughout the property. He shared with the homeowner that the best solution for lifting the concrete slabs would be to use PolyLevel® Injection Foam. After the area was leveled then the PolyLevel foreman would seal the joints using NexusPro sealant. This would protect the driveway and patio from the elements and provide a clean aesthetic. The homeowner agreed to this plan and scheduled a crew to install the products. The team was led by a foreman named Fred. Once the crew was done, they made sure the homeowner was happy with the final result.

Concrete Driveway PolyLeveled & Repaired in Westland, MI

This homeowner in Westland, Michigan contacted HomeSpec to repair a driveway slab and some garage slabs that were cracked and sinking. 

Foreman Devin Parker used the PolyLevel method to repair the concrete. The high-density rigid foam is first injected below the slab through smalls holes. As it expands, the slab is lifted and leveled. This material is stable and strong, and environmentally safe. 

The homeowner was able to use his driveway and garage again that same day, and was happy to find a permanent solution for his concrete issues! 

Westland, Michigan Sinking Concrete Slabs Get Leveled

This clear safety hazard of shifting, settling, and sinking concrete slabs would be leveled and sealed using a combination of PolyLevel to inject a powerful versatile polyurethane foam underneath to lift the slabs back into place, and NexusPro joint sealant to reliably seal in the gaps with UV resistant and weatherproof material.

Southfield, MI Sidewalk Leveled, Sealed, and Protected

These Southfield, MI homeowners were concerned about their sidewalk and driveway beginning to sink. Because of this sinking, they experienced pooling water which turns into a sheet of ice during the winter months. This couple has worked with HomeSpec Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in the past. The previous year, they had installed a sump pump in their home to address worries of water entering their basement. Their concern became about the pooling water overworking the sump pump they had installed. So, they called HomeSpec back out to see what could be done.

Elon, one of HomeSpec’s project managers, went out to the home and inspected all of the concrete on the property. He shared a plan with the couple to lift and protect the sidewalk and driveway. To evenly lift the concrete, a skilled foreman and their crew would use PolyLevel® Injection Foam. Then, they would seal the joints using NexusPro sealant. Lastly, they would apply SealantPro, a protective layer, to prevent water, oil, and gasoline from damaging the concrete. Additional suggestions included installing TrenchDrain™ Grated Draining Pipe. The homeowners agreed to these plans and scheduled HomeSpec to do the work. The teams were led by the foremen named Fred and Rick.

Sinking Garage Floor PolyLeveled in Oakland, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec to have their concrete garage floor repaired - it was sinking so bad that there were large gaps between the floor and the wall. It was quite unsightly!

Our crew used PolyLevel to permanently raise the slabs back into place. We also sealed all of the joints with our NexusPro joint sealant - leaving the garage floor looking brand new. The sealant protects the concrete from soil compaction and washout to prevent more sinking! See more photos here.

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