Crawl Space Drainage

People are rightly concerned about water entering their basements, but if you live over a crawl space, you rarely enter it to know if there is water intrusion. Standing water in crawl spaces creates rot in wood and rust in metal structural components. It breeds sickness and damages structure, potentially creating both an unhealthy and unsafe environment beneath your home. If you’ve ever smelled a “musty” crawl space, you know the environment of the crawl space radiates up into the house. HomeSpec BasementFix can install full perimeter drainage around your crawl space, complete with a sump system and high-tech battery back-up pump. See our Interior Basement Waterproofing page for more information. Add crawl space encapsulation to that (see below) and you have a space no longer susceptible to the effects of water and moisture.

Crawl Space Structural Repairs

Many of the Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Lansing and Toledo, OH metropolitan area homes with crawl spaces have sloping floors with highs and lows throughout their homes. One customer said, “It’s like living in a fun house!” But it wasn’t fun! Many homes have either no vapor barrier or an inadequate one, allowing moisture to radiate up from the ground. Most crawl spaces are also vented and the vents bring in warm, humid air in the summer and cold air in the winter which collides with the warm air in the crawl space, creating even more humidity. All this humidity and moisture causes steel beams and posts to rust; and wood beams, posts, joists, sill plates and band boards to rot, sag and settle. HomeSpec BasementFix’s team of experts can provide professional repairs for all of these. See our Foundation Repair page for more information. Once the structural elements are repaired, it’s important that you address all the sources of moisture with Crawl Space Encapsulation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Moisture doesn’t come only in the form of standing water in need of drainage. It comes from the ground and it comes from the air brought into a vented crawl space. Crawl Space Encapsulation is the answer to the damaging and unhealthy effects of moisture. If you are living over a crawl space with no consistent vapor barrier and no insulation, you will not only experience cold floors and high energy bills, but you are living in an often smelly, dirty, and potentially unhealthy and unsafe environment. Our EcoSeal encapsulation system addresses all of these concerns. It consists of cutting edge materials that won’t rot or decay. After we clean out your crawl space, we use premium soil saturation material and a closed cell insulating blanket on the ground with radiant barrier insulation fastened and sealed to the wall and R-30 batt insulation at the band board around the perimeter. The result is a clean, dry usable crawl space.

Why Crawl Space Insulation & Encapsulation?

I was a home inspector for 15 years and had been in thousands of crawlspaces. Having a family living over open dirt ground just never made sense to me. Even with plastic over the dirt, I could smell that crawlspace smell as soon as I walked in the house…and so could the buyers and the agents. Musty, wet, dust and dirt has a unique odor.

​​Then on one inspection I walked in and literally had no idea the house was on a crawl until I couldn’t find the basement door. When I finally found the door to the crawl, I discovered that the crawlspace was pure white and clean. And it had no odor at all.

I usually dreaded this part of the inspection, having to go down under the house. I put on a dust mask, coveralls, an old Elmer Fudd hat with the ear flops, and gloves. I expected to get really dirty. This time I didn’t need anything. In fact, my boots left marks on the crawlspace floor because it was cleaner than me!

I really could have taken a nap down there–it was that comfortable. I crawled around and didn’t even need knee pads.

The owners were using this area like a small basement. They had storage totes, Christmas stuff, boxes of clothes, scrap books…you name it.

That’s when I saw the wisdom behind crawlspace encapsulation. Read more on this site about what crawlspace encapsulation is, the benefits and costs involved.

Craig Ceccarelli, President

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We Have Thousands of Satisfied Customers

We Have Thousands of Satisfied Customers

In our 20+ years in business, we have performed thousands of basement waterproofing and foundation repair projects in the Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Lansing and Toledo, OH areas.

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