Crawl Space Encapsulation

Most homeowners care deeply about the health and safety of their homes. We clean our homes, improve them, decorate them and live in them. However, most homeowners with crawl spaces ignore that room of the house. Crawl spaces are the greatest source of moisture, dust and dirt, and potential damage to your home. Moisture promotes mold, dust mites, wood rot and rust. When these come, the crawl space is an unhealthy and unsafe part of your home. And an unhealthy and unsafe crawl space makes the entire house a potential health hazard and safety concern. When you add to the mix soil gases and rodent infestation, you quickly realize that crawl spaces need just as much, if not more attention than the rest of the house.

HomeSpec BasementFix has the answer: Crawl Space Encapsulation. Many years ago, authorities debated between vented and unvented crawl spaces. Today, the debate is between vented or conditioned crawl spaces. A conditioned space seals it off completely from sources of moisture, soil gases and pests. A conditioned space is insulated with no gaps and can allow for minimal heat or A/C to come into the crawl space because it’s not being wasted. A conditioned space gives control to your heating and air conditioning energy consumption. A conditioned space is much like a basement which is sealed and has temperature and humidity control. A conditioned space is an encapsulated space.

HomeSpec BasementFix uses the highest quality materials, installed by our own professional crews to make sure the crawl space is fully encapsulated. See for yourself what goes into our total crawl space insulation and encapsulation system once we’ve cleaned and evened it out:


  1. Soil Separation Material on the Ground
  • 100 mil total system thickness
  • Prevents liner from “sticking” to soil
  • Enhances water drainage beneath liner
  • 100% polypropylene fibers – won’t rot or decay
  • Cushions floor – protects liner, hands and knees


  1. Premium closed cell insulating blanket as floor liner
  • 100% pure virgin resins
  • Seals out moisture and soil gases
  • 99% pure aluminum backing
  • Antimicrobial – Won’t support mold growth
  • Class A / Class 1 fire rated
  • Nylon reinforced – won’t rip, rot or decay
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty


  1. Closed cell Radiant barrier insulation, fastened and sealed to the walls
  • Class A / Class 1 fire rated
  • Insulates wall – reduces energy costs
  • Won’t support mold growth
  • Seals out water vapor and radon gas
  • 99% pure aluminum backing
  • No nesting support for pest and rodents


  1. R-30 batt insulation at the band board
  • Insulates at band board area, between joists
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • SCS certified for home indoor air quality
  • Over 9″ thick for maximum coverage


We can even custom build a new high density polyethylene door to make sure there are no gaps where you enter the space.

Once your crawl space is insulated and encapsulated, you will also have a large, clean potential storage space!

Call the Crawl Space Encapsulation Experts

Entrust your crawl space to the experts employees at HomeSpec BasementFix. We hire them, train them and oversee them to ensure to our customers that all of our installations meet our high standards of excellence. We have over 20 years of experience with awesome customer reviews, earning us high praise from the likes of Home Advisor, Angie’s List and Qualified Remodeler magazine.

Do you have cold floors in the winter? High energy bills? Poor air quality? Musty smells? Does someone in your household have allergies or asthma? Call HomeSpec BasementFix today or complete the online form to learn how we can transform your crawl space from a nightmare to a comfortable, clean and dry storage space. One of our certified professional inspectors will go through the crawl space and discuss with you what we find, then give a no-obligation repair plan.

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We Have Thousands of Satisfied Customers

We Have Thousands of Satisfied Customers

In our 20+ years in business, we have performed thousands of basement waterproofing and foundation repair projects in the Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Lansing and Toledo, OH areas.

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