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Annoying Sagging Floors Repaired in Clifford, MI

Buying a home is a stressful enough process in itself, but when you buy a home with structural issues - that's a whole different level of stress. These homeowners bought an old home in Clifford, Michigan, but there was a big problem - a foundation problem. 

The floors above the basement were sagging, which was caused by insufficient support below. There were wooden support posts and beams that were deteriorating and failing to support the weight of the home. They needed to be replaced, and more needed to be added to ensure they won't sag again over time. The experts at HomeSpec assured these homeowners that we could fix their problem permanently.

Our crew installed over a dozen new steel beams and support posts. The floors were raised back to their original position and the posts will prevent the floors from sagging in the future. This support is crucial to the structural integrity of the home - and now these homeowners don't have to worry, but instead can enjoy their new home! 

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