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Helical Piers Solve Sinking Foundation Problem in Harsens Island, MI

This Harsens Island homeowner wanted to build over his old garage and renovate it, but he had a problem. The interior and exterior block walls were covered in stair-step cracks and the structure was in bad shape. He wanted these repaired, so he called the experts at HomeSpec.

Our foundation specialists took a road trip (and then a ferry) up to Harsens Island to inspect the problem and provide a proposal. They ended up discovering that the cracks were a result of something more serious - foundation sinking. The problem would only get worse, and only fixing the cosmetic issues wouldn't solve anything. 

This happened because the soil under the foundation was too unstable/loose to support it. Helical piers were needed to stabilize the structure. The piers are screwed deep into stronger, more competent soil. They anchor into the ground and the weight of the foundation is transferred to prevent further sinking. They can even lift the foundation to its original position!

Now that the garage is stabilized, the homeowner is excited to continue with his renovations! 

Homeowner Buys Grosse Ile, MI Home With MAJOR Water & Foundation Issues

There is no sugar coating this – this foundation was in BAD shape. The homeowner bought the house in Grosse Ile, Michigan with intentions to fix it up and repair the obvious issues in the basement. First of all, water would seep through the block walls and leak into the basement. The walls were covered in stains making them look very unsightly. The walls were also severely cracked and bowing inward, which is dangerous for the entire structure. 

The homeowner didn't want to cut corners, she wanted everything repaired properly and permanently. After Project Manager Mark Buhr developed a repair plan, Foreman Jerry Blevins and his crew got to work. 

The foundation walls first needed to be excavated and pushed back as into place. Then a Carbon Fiber System was installed to stabilized the walls and prevent them from moving again. To solve the water issues, a WaterGuard Below Floor Drainage System was installed around the perimeter of the basement to prevent water intrusion. Our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier was installed over the walls to prevent moisture and water vapor from entering, but instead directs it down into the drainage system. Lastly, we installed our SilverGlo Insulation to seal the rim joists. 

The homeowner sincerely thanked HomeSpec for making a serious, tiring issue get fixed so smoothly and quickly. 

Bowing Basement Walls in Grosse Ile, MI Repaired & Waterproofed

Ruth in Grosse Ile, Michigan reached out to HomeSpec to repair her damaged foundation walls. The walls were cracked and bowing, allowing water to seep in. Ruth was worried about the large project and didn't know what to do, but HomeSpec reassured her that we would solve her issues permanently before they worsen. 

Our project manager Mark Buhr first conducted the inspection to develop a repair plan. Foreman Ryan Loop and his crew then got to work. They excavated the foundation wall to push the wall back to it's original position, then waterproofed the exterior. Inside, the PowerBrace Wall Repair System and Carbon Fiber Straps were used to stabilize the walls and stop them from moving. They were even able to straighten the bowing wall. Lastly, all cracks were sealed and new glass block windows replaced the old ones. 

Ruth no longer needs to stress about her foundation. The walls are not only stabilized, but waterproofed as well. 

Saint Clair Shores, MI Basement Waterproofed & Bowing Walls Braced

HomeSpec already had to repair damaged walls in this Saint Clair Shores, Michigan basement back in 2020 because they were severely cracked and bowing. Recently though, the homeowner Stephanie and her dad were removing wall panels from another room in the basement and found the same exact issues – bad water damage, bowing walls and large cracks in the blocks. 

Foundation repair expert Ryan Loop and waterproofing foreman Jerry Blevins lead the crew to complete this repair. They stabilized and braced the foundation walls with the PowerBrace Wall Repair System and Carbon Fiber Straps. A WaterGuard Perimeter Drainage System (aka French Drain) was installed to curb the water intrusion. Sections of the walls were covered with our BrightWall Vapor Barrier Panels to insulate and direct water into the drainage system. 

Stephanie and her father were once again very happy with the results of their newly repaired basement! They don't have to worry anymore about losing property value because of the damage or worry about the issues worsening. 

Foundation Stabilized in St. Clair Shores, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec about repairing the failing foundation of their 100-year-old home. 

HomeSpec rebuilt some of the deteriorated blocks, then lifted the foundation and installed helical piers to stabilize the home. 

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