Foundation Repair Customer Testimonial from Jerry W. in Ann Arbor, MI

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You quite frankly have a fabulous service team!  
ALL of your guys were incredibly courteous, showed a tremendous attention to detail and were eager to explain anything they were doing.  They obviously were extremely talented as well.  
I managed auto service centers for 38 years and I often tolerated poor "bedside manners" by technicians because quite frankly, the could fix cars!  You, by contrast, have great techs with correspondingly great customer relation skills.  I salute you, that culture is originated from the top down.  Let me give you an example.  I smoke in my home and urged your employees to do so if they felt the need, but all four employees I extended that opportunity refused, stating "that is not how WE do things".  That indicates truly effective management, I envy you. 
I will heartily recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances. 
- Jerry W. of Ann Arbor, MI
Tuesday, March 23rd
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