Repairs for Wood Structural Components

The foundation of your home consists of several wood structural components, such as main beams, joists, sill plates and band boards. Because they are under or near the ground, they are subject to excessive moisture. Crawl spaces are especially susceptible to this. Moisture can cause wood to rot, sag, settle and even fail completely. And because they are bearing the load of the structure above, they can sometimes crack or weaken under the pressure. Each of these individual wood components is crucial for the structural integrity of your home. It’s important to have these repaired or replaced quickly to avoid a domino effect, causing other components to weaken, settle, crack or fail.

HomeSpec BasementFix has the knowledge and skill to repair or replace broken or damaged beams, joists and support posts. Our structural repair employees can restore structural strength and safety to your home at affordable prices and with quality materials. Rest assured that our technicians will not cut corners; instead, they are known to go over and above the contracted scope of work at no extra cost to you, the homeowner. Take comfort in knowing that we use only high quality materials, customized for each house we service.

Basement Beam and Joist Repair Experts

Over two decades, HomeSpec BasementFix has restored countless residential homes and commercial buildings to their original structural stability and even greater. That has garnered for us an unsurpassed reputation in the basement and crawl space structural repair industry. We’re proud to know that houses throughout Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio are still standing, keeping families safe, all because we take pride in our work and make sure foundation repairs are done right.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation inspection to determine what repairs are necessary to restore the structural integrity of your home or business. We will actually reply and our trained inspectors will show up on time, give a thorough inspection and provide an economical repair plan.

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We focus on providing low-cost, permanent methods to basement structural problems.

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