Bowed and Leaning Foundation Walls

If you’ve experienced that sick feeling upon realizing that your foundation wall is tipping or bowing inward, take heart in knowing that it may not be tens of thousands of dollars to repair it. HomeSpec BasementFix has cost-effective engineered solutions for your foundation repairs.

Many factors cause a foundation wall to lean or bow inward. Most often it is the lateral load from hydrostatic (hydraulic) pressure due to saturated soil around a house. Concrete block, poured concrete and even brick or stone foundations can push inward. This is usually evident by certain crack patterns in the walls and our experienced inspectors are trained to recognize them and offer customized and proven foundation repair methods.

HomeSpec BasementFix has several methods for repairing bowed or leaning walls. Our professional representatives help homeowners determine whether they need to stabilize or straighten the wall.

Stabilize Foundation Walls

To stabilize, we offer Carbon Kevlar grid straps, Kevlar Neck Ties (sill ties), Carbon fiber staples and/or Steel I-Beams. We are your one-stop company that believes one size does not fit all, so we offer numerous options for wall repair.

Straighten Foundation Walls

To straighten or push a basement foundation wall back, we offer options without excavation, such as Steel I-Beams with special brackets (“Stabilizer”) that place pressure on the beam and thus the wall to push the wall back. No one can promise a wall will be perfectly plumb without excavating and removing the load first, but we have had great success in seeing movement back close to plumb without excavation. HomeSpec BasementFix can also install wall anchors (tie-backs) in unique circumstances.

To make sure a basement foundation wall is straight, HomeSpec BasementFix can excavate, remove the load and mechanically push a wall straight, then stabilize it and back-fill properly to prevent further movement of the wall.

Call the Bowed and Leaning Foundation Wall Repair Experts

Basement wall repairs should be repaired by structural professionals who are licensed, insured and maintain a proven reputation: HomeSpec BasementFix. Over 20 years of business and 20,000 customers, we have gained the knowledge and experience to be trusted with your basement wall repairs.

Call HomeSpec BasementFix or complete the online form and one of our friendly staff will quickly provide an inspection time that fits with your schedule.  Our well-trained inspector will come to your house at the appointed time and assess your bowed or leaning basement wall, then provide a written repair plan with an exact price. Don’t wait until the foundation wall caves in—rebuilding a foundation wall will significantly change the scope of work.

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