Work began May 2015 only a few days after I saw the salesman. A 2 man crew jack hammered through the interior basement concrete floor at the back foundation wall where the water from a drywell, into which a water softener discharged, was creating seepage through the cement block wall. A drainage trench with piping and stones was installed along with a sump pump system. Concrete was poured and smoothed over the finished system. The related plumbing was installed through the wall into drainage piping which ran underground away from the house. A good benefit is that HS has its own contracted plumbers who detached and reattached the water holding tank; iron filter unit and water softener which had to be moved during the work. The workers were very accommodating for installation suggestions and in answering questions. Work was done in a day. Clean up was good. Pricing was competitive. I would recommend HS for foundation-basement waterproofing.