Foundation Crack Leaks

It is an unpleasant reality that poured concrete foundation walls develop cracks and an even more unpleasant reality that those cracks can leak water into the basement. The water leakage can range from minor annoyances to flooded basements. The older style concrete forms also have rods that hold together the sides of the form, so once the concrete sets up and forms are removed, there are two rows (upper and lower) of perfectly smooth round holes every 18″ in your foundation wall. These can also leak, depending on what the builder used to fill them. Worse yet, if left alone, the cracks and rod holes allow water to soak into the concrete and begin to break it down.

High Pressure Urethane Crack Injection

Traditionally, these cracks were repaired from the exterior by excavating outside to the base of the wall, sealing the crack, covering it with mastic, vapor barrier and foam board, and then backfilling. If not done with the precision that HomeSpec BasementFix is known for, the crack can begin to leak again after the expense of exterior basement waterproofing.

HomeSpec BasementFix offers a much faster, more affordable and more effective solution with high pressure polyurethane crack injections. It has been proven to accomplish two major purposes: one is to stop water leakage permanently, and the other is to maintain or even restore foundation design strength.

Cracks are injected from the interior into the back of the crack where the urethane grout hits the soil, sealing the exterior and then forcing the urethane through the crack.

Epoxy injection resins usually fail in stopping active water leakage because of their slow reaction time and inability to bond to wet surfaces; this failure is resolved with HomeSpec’s High Pressure Injection Polyurethane System. The actively flowing water is stopped by injecting urethane grout which reacts quickly with the water to form an expanding foam. The final product is a semi-rigid or flexible closed-cell and strong bonding seal.

Most basement waterproofing companies do not like this method because they cannot charge much for it and do not make much money from it. At HomeSpec BasementFix, we are thrilled to offer homeowners an affordable and permanent solution to stop leaking cracks. And we are so convinced that this method will last, we offer a fully transferable lifetime warranty for the repair.

HomeSpec BasementFix’s in-house technicians are well-trained in the injection process. We will not inject a structural crack and we know how to tell the difference. Please visit our Foundation Repair page to learn more about options for basement walls with structural cracks.

Contact the Basement Crack Repair Professionals

Since 1994, HomeSpec BasementFix has been the leader in crack injections in the Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Lansing and Toledo, OH areas and everywhere in between. Customers appreciate our willingness to do the “small jobs” that are affordable and provide instant results.

Reputation is everything to us, so we’re proud of our many awards earned within our industry, including an A+ accreditation from the BBB with no complaints filed. Our customer reviews have earned us the Angie’s List “Super Service Award” and “Best of Home Advisor” many years in a row, including currently. We’ve been recognized both nationally and locally, because we provide professional, economical, proven repair solutions for your basement crack repair needs.

Call us or complete the online form and we know you’ll be pleased with our customer service from first contact to final repair.

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