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Sump Pump and Drainage System Waterproofs Basement in Ecorse, MI

Wet basements are not fun for anyone - water can damage furniture and belongings stored downstairs, mold can grow and cause health problems, and homeowners can waste a lot time and money cleaning it up. If water is constantly seeping into a basement, it can eventually flood severely. A homeowner in Ecorse, Michigan dealt with a wet basement for many years, and after a serious flood finally decided to install a full waterproofing system. 

After a thorough inspection and many conversations with the homeowner about his needs, the project manager proposed a solution. That solution included a perimeter drainage system, sump pump, and vapor barrier. 

The drainage system + sump pump is integral to waterproof a basement. They prevent water from flooding into the basement by collecting it first then funneling it away from the home. The vapor barrier prevents moisture and water vapor from entering through the walls, and instead directs it down to the drain. It also covers the unsightly stains on the concrete wall. 

The homeowner is very satisficed with his newly dry basement, and he's thankful he doesn't have to stress about it anymore. 


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