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Sump Pump & French Drain Work to Waterproof East China, MI Basement

To be honest, wet basements are annoying for everyone. Whether your basement is fully finished or simply a storage room - no one wants water seeping in and causing damage. These East China homeowners used their basement for the latter - they stored old furniture and boxes of belongings, and only ventured downstairs to do the laundry once a week. 

For years though, water was seeping into the basement at the joint where the floor and the walls meet. Sometimes they'd even find cardboard boxes sitting in a puddle of water. After years of dealing with this headache, they finally decided to contact HomeSpec to look into their options. 

Our specialist recommended an interior drainage system to waterproof the basement. Since the water was entering around the perimeter of the basement, this system is the best option. It would collect the water before it seeps into the basement and direct it to the sump pump, which would then expel the water away from the home. 

The homeowners are very happy with the results, and reported no leaks even after many heavy rains! 

Sump Pump and Drainage System Waterproofs Basement in Ecorse, MI

Wet basements are not fun for anyone - water can damage furniture and belongings stored downstairs, mold can grow and cause health problems, and homeowners can waste a lot time and money cleaning it up. If water is constantly seeping into a basement, it can eventually flood severely. A homeowner in Ecorse, Michigan dealt with a wet basement for many years, and after a serious flood finally decided to install a full waterproofing system. 

After a thorough inspection and many conversations with the homeowner about his needs, the project manager proposed a solution. That solution included a perimeter drainage system, sump pump, and vapor barrier. 

The drainage system + sump pump is integral to waterproof a basement. They prevent water from flooding into the basement by collecting it first then funneling it away from the home. The vapor barrier prevents moisture and water vapor from entering through the walls, and instead directs it down to the drain. It also covers the unsightly stains on the concrete wall. 

The homeowner is very satisficed with his newly dry basement, and he's thankful he doesn't have to stress about it anymore. 


Sump Pump Installed in Harrison Township, MI

Our team installed a sump pump and interior drainage system in a home that had water issues. 

Wet, Musty Basement in Detroit, MI Gets Waterproofing Makeover

Adrienne C. in Detroit, Michigan purchased this duplex only one year ago, and with all the rain this summer, realized that water was seeping in through the block walls and at the base of the floor. The walls were very discolored and clearly water damaged. She wanted a permanent solution, so HomeSpec stepped in to help.

Foreman Vernon Bryan and his crew installed 3 products 1) Foamax Wall Panels 2) WaterGuard Drainage System 3) TripleSafe Sump Pump.

The wall panels not only cover the unsightly basement walls, but they insulate the basement and help direct water into the drainage system. The drainage system (also know as French drain) installs around the perimeter of the basement below the floor to capture water before it leaks into the basement. This then deposits the water into the sump pump, where the 3 levels of pumps will funnel any amount of water away from the foundation. 

This system will keep the basement dry while also helping it look great – plus Adrienne was very thankful for the permanent fix!

Basement Professionally Waterproofed in Detroit, MI

These homeowners contacted HomeSpec because they were suffering from a wet basement in their old Detroit home. They had made attempts to fix the drainage, but everything failed. Water was seeping through the block foundation walls after heavy rain, causing the paint on the walls to peel. The floors would also be damp. The basement was in bad shape and the homeowners didn't want to stress about any longer. 

Our team solved this problem by completely waterproofing the basement with an interior drainage system, vapor barrier, dehumidifier, and two new sump pumps. The vapor barrier over the walls will prevent water vapor and moisture from entering the basement and instead direct it down to the drainage system. After the water drains into the drainage system, it'll be directed toward the sump pump and expelled away from the home, preventing water issues. 

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