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Sump Pump & French Drain Work to Waterproof East China, MI Basement

To be honest, wet basements are annoying for everyone. Whether your basement is fully finished or simply a storage room - no one wants water seeping in and causing damage. These East China homeowners used their basement for the latter - they stored old furniture and boxes of belongings, and only ventured downstairs to do the laundry once a week. 

For years though, water was seeping into the basement at the joint where the floor and the walls meet. Sometimes they'd even find cardboard boxes sitting in a puddle of water. After years of dealing with this headache, they finally decided to contact HomeSpec to look into their options. 

Our specialist recommended an interior drainage system to waterproof the basement. Since the water was entering around the perimeter of the basement, this system is the best option. It would collect the water before it seeps into the basement and direct it to the sump pump, which would then expel the water away from the home. 

The homeowners are very happy with the results, and reported no leaks even after many heavy rains! 

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